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  1. January 1, 2006--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Torment in Pickering, ONTARIO: Kayle def "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie, "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn def G-Spot, Terrell def Unknown, Reider, Widow & Fitzy to retain the Lightweight Title..

  2. February 3, 2006--Adrenaline Live Wrestling - Full Force in Collingwood, Ontario: Tyson Dux def Hayden Avery, Cherry Bomb def Tianna Ringer, Xtremo def Otis Idol and Mike Elgin in a 3-WAY to retain the No Limitz title, Andrew Davis def Hornet, Tornado def Crazy Steve, Jake O'Reilly def Shawn Spears to win the Georgian Bay Heavyweight title..

  3. February 4, 2006--Independent Wrestling Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Doubles Fun Club: "Showtime" Robbie Royce def Oz, Bobby Jay & Bobby Driver def Gibby Guerrero & Sugar Shane, Evil Eddie Watts def EZ Ryder (Tournament), Rob Stardom def Gene Swan (Tournament), Zack Mercury def Moses Luke (Tournament), Reggie Gallagher def TJ Bratt (Tournament), Rob Stardom def Evil Eddie Watts (#2), Zack Mercury def Reggie Gallagher (#2), Rob Stardon def Zack Mercury to becaome first ever IWM Heavyweight Champion,

  4. February 4, 2006--Monster Pro Wrestling in Edmonton, Alberta: Camikaze & Eclipse def Brady Roberts & Danny Manners, Chapel def Boris the Bruiser, Nino def Steve Saint, Darren Dalton def Jess Winners, Synn def Johnny Handsome, Knight def Bobby Sharp, Evan Inferno & Winston Flinn def Heavy Metal & Tom MacDonald, Massive Damage def Steve Rivera and Adam Knight and Chi Chi Cruz in a 4-WAY..

  5. February 4, 2006--Canadien Championship Wrestling in St-Damase, Quebec: Dream Star de Shawinigan (King Hammer & Dave the Tiger) def Tornado & Gorgeous Mike, El Vedgio def Funky, Benny le Trackeur def Mason Gray, Thrax def Stryker Jones, Mr Rocco def Nemesis, Kevin H & Yvan Sullivan def The Bank & BMS, John Dundee def Madman..

  6. February 11, 2006--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Rampage in Dildo, NEWFOUNDLAND: Avery def "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie in a opposite finisher match, "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie def Mark Lion to win the World Title, "Mr. CWF" BJ def "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn to retain the Canadian Title in a body slam match..

  7. February 19, 2006--New School Wrestling in Hamilton, Ontario: Toste def Draven, Classified def Matt The Dancing Kid, Justin Sane def The Talent, Adam Reed def Clay Eastwood, Jay Phoenix, & Logan Savage in a 4 Way, Dynamite Dino def PP Smalls, Freestyler def Danny Magnum, Timothy Dalton def James Gracey, Mark Shaw def HHV to keep the Intercities Title, Generation Now def Sean Cassidy & Scotty O'Sea to win the Tag Team Titles, Steve Brown def Stephen Elias to win the JPW Title, Michael Elgin def Brett Scholl, The Prodigy def Rob Garcia to keep the Cruiserweight Title, Timothy Dalton def Adam Reed to win the NSW Heavyweight Title.

  8. February 26, 2006--IPW in Brantford, ONTARIO: Jamie Scott def Danny Magnum, Nick Paradise def Steve McKenzie, Olsen Twins def K.C. Tanks & Chris Laplante, Steve Kruz def Ron Falcon, Rip Impact def Inferno, A-1 def Chuck Simms, Team Tapout DDQ Players Club, Steve Kruz def A-1 to become first IPW Champion..

  9. March 15, 2006--Twin Wrestling Entertainment (debut show) in Toronto, Ontario: Michael Elgin & Tarantula Gomez def Mike Stevens & Angel De Guerra, Bobby Roode was handed the TWE title by the commissioner of TWE, Extremo def Cody 45, Cody Deaner & Tracy Brooks def James Rodgers & Shantelle Taylor, Flesh Gordon def Vlad The Penetrator, James Champagne def Kris Chambers, Magnus def Randy Vahn to win the Hardcore title, Samoa Joe def Bobby Roode to win the TWE title..

  10. March 20, 2006--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Fearless in Charlottetown, PEI: CWF Cup...Blacks vs Whites. "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn def Terrell, "Mr. CWF" BJ def Patrick, Kayle def Dominic, "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie def Punk, Dominic & Terrell def Kayle & "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn, Patrick & Punk def "Mr. CWF" BJ & "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie, Blacks (Terrell, "Mr. CWF" BJ, Dominic & "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie) vs Whites: (Patrick, "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn, Kayle & Punk) Blacks win with Terrell & "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie surviving..

  11. March 26, 2006--New School Wrestling - Secret Wars in Hamilton, ONTARIO: Matt the Dancing Kid def Draven & Toste, Generation Now def HHV & Danny Magnum to keep the NSW Tag Titles, Scotty O'Shea def Devon Parkside, Sean Cassidy, The Talent, Justin Sane, & Kex to become #1 contender for the Cruiserweight title, PP Smalls & Logan Savage def Dynamite Dino & Jay Phoenix, Brett Scholl def Mark Shaw by DQ, Freestyler def Hayato Kanta, Steve Brown def James Gracey to keep the NSW Pure Title, Michael Elgin def Adam Reed, Michael Elgin & Mike Stevens def Generation Now to win the NSW Tag Titles, Justin Sane def Kyle Davenport, Timothy Dalton def Stephen Elias to keep the NSW Title, The Prodigy def Rob Garcia in a 2 out of 3 falls match to keep the NSW Cruiserweight Title.

  12. March 29, 2006--Top Rope Championship Wrestling from Beausejour, Manitoba at the Brokenhead River Rec Center: Honky Tonk Man def TJ Bratt, Oz def Jamshed Ali w/The Crimson Sheik and Reggie Gallager in a 3-WAY, Zack Mercury & Oz def Beautiful Bobby Jay & Heartbreaker Bobby Driver, Mentallo def Ryan Wood, The Lightning Kid def Beautiful Bobby Jay w/Bobby Driver by DQ, Zack Mercury def "The Rising Star" Shimdog, Zack Mercury def Rob Stardom..

  13. March 30, 2006--All Canadian Wrestling in Gimli, Manitoba at the Viking Inn: Zack Mercury def Reggie Gallagher, Cory Diamond def The Masked Avenger, Mike Stone def Cory Kobash, A.J. Sanchez def Joey Blitz, Honky Tonk Man & Gibby Guerrero def T.J. Bratt & Bobby Jay

  14. March 31, 2006--Adrenaline Live Wrestling in Collingwood, Ontario: Angel de Guerra def Kobra Kai, Ruffy Silverstein & Hayden Avery def Michael Elgin & Cutthroat, Xtremo def Otis Idol to retain the ALW No Limitz Title in a 2/3 Falls Match, Cherry Bomb def Danyah, James Champagne & Andrew Gates def Jake O'Reilly & Crazzy Steve, Chris Sabin def Shawn Spears & Cody Deaner in a 3-WAY elimination match

  15. March 31, 2006--LPW in Morris, Manitoba before 162 fans: Adam Knight def Buddy Weiser and El Bano in a Gauntlet match, Zack Mercury def Bobby Jay, Kevy Chevy def "The Punisher" Rob James, Jon Cutler def Spyder, Mentallo def Ben Sailer, "Redhot" Ryan Wood def Darren "THE BOMB" Dalton with the help from Spyder, Ben Sailer and Rob James .

  16. March 31, 2006--Ring Masters Entertainment in LaBroquerie, Manitoba before 195 fans: Bobby Jay def Curtis Knievel, T.J. Bratt def Lucky O'Shea, Gene Swan def Big Daddy Kash, Bobby Collins def Plum Loco, Honky Tonk Man NC E.Z. Ryder

  17. April 1, 2006--Independent Wrestling Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba before 317 fans: Honky Tonk Man (w/Tony Condello) def "Beautiful" Bobby Jay (w/Bobby Driver), Donnie DiCaprio (headed to Pancrase) def Big Daddy Cash, Robby Royce def Plum Loco, Cory Kobash won Battle Royal, Mentallo def Curtis Knievel, Zack Mercury & Johnny Devine vs T.J. Bratt & Rob Stardom ended in a No Contest, Rob Stardom def Cory Kobash to retain the IWM title..

  18. April 2, 2006--ICW in Cloverdale, British Columbia: Sex Ed vs Prince Nahal ended in a No Contest, Avalanche def Chunk, T. Kasaki def Jason Jackson, Sonny O'Mara & Rad def Marvelous Matt & Mike Santiago, Kurt Sterling def Sloth, Seth Knight def Chef, Kwik Kick Kirk & Tim Flowers def Mr. Go & Mike Rizzo

  19. April 9, 2006--Independent Pro Wrestling in Brantford, ONTARIO: Jason Cage def C.J. Felony, Steve McKenzie def Jamie Scott, Rip Impact NC Inferno, Willy Allen def Danny Magnum, Bobby Shields def Frank the Tank, Olsen Twins def Chris Laplante & Madman Derek C, Kwan Chang def Rik Matrix-DQ, A-1 & Ron Falcon def Troy Buchanan & Brodie Lee, Steve Kruz def Nick Paradise.

  20. April 15, 2006--New School Wrestling - Kingdom Come in Hamilton, ONTARIO: Jay Phoenix def The Talent, Kris Law def PD Flexx & Logan Savage to become the #1 contender for the Intercities Title, Kwan Chang def Brett Scholl, Mark Shaw def Devon Parkside to keep the NSW Intercities Title, PP Smalls def Dynamite Dino in a no DQ match, Beauty and the Beast def Disco Dudes, The Unholy Cult, & Celtic Connection to become the #1 contenders for the Tag Titles, Michael Elgin & Mike Stevens def Generation Now to keep the NSW Tag Titles, Timothy Dalton def Kex to keep the NSW Title, The Prodigy def Scotty O'Shea to keep the NSW Cruiserweight Title, James Gracey, Stephen Elias, & Scotty O'Shea def Adam Reed, Timothy Dalton, & Steve Brown.

  21. April 18, 2004--All Star Wrestling in London, Ontario: Phil Atlas def Andrew Davis, Derek Wylde def TJ Harley in a semi-finals title tournament match, Tyson Dux def Hayden Avery in a semi-finals title tournament match, Flexx Falcone & ??? def The Hornet & Crazzy Steve, Jake O'Reilly def Michael Elgin, Cody Deaner def Johnny Devine and Eddie Osbourne and Kris Chambers in a 4-WAY, Tyson Dux def Derek Wylde in the finals of the title tournament to win the ASW Canadian title.

  22. April 27, 2006--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Permanent Punishment in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Terrell def Bryan to retain the Lightweight Title in a UFC style match, "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn def Avery in a submission match, "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie def "Mr. CWF" BJ to retain the World Title in a two out of three falls match..

  23. April 29, 2006--Springfield Championship Wrestling in Anola, Manitoba: The Big Sexy Beasts (Sanchez & Chevy) def Kory Kincade & Ryan Wood, TJ Bratt def Zack Mercury, Gord Solie Jr. def "Beautiful" Bobby Jay, Adam Knight vs Jon Cutlers ended in a No Contest, Rawskillz def Mentallo by DQ, Adam Knight & TJ Bratt def Darren Dalton & Jon Cutler, Darren Dalton won a Battle Royal..

  24. April 29, 2006--CIWA in Newmarket, ONTARIO: Matt Burns def Johnny Fonzarelli, "MVP" Michael Von Payton def Joey Valentine in a short match, Jake O'Reilly & Eddie Ozbourne def T. J. Harley & Andrew Davis, Cody Deaner def Lord Cutthroat by DQ when Crazzy Steve & Asylum attacked Scott Chase and then Cowboy Curtis made the save, Asylum & Crazzy Steve def Cowboy Curtis & Outlaw Scott, Shawn Spears def Ruffy Silverstein in a Non title match with help from MVP, Johnny Devine & Ruffy Silverstein def Shawn Spears & Michael Von Payton by double Camel Clutch submission..

  25. May 6, 2006--CIWA in Peterborough, ONTARIO before 125 fans: Quinson Valentino def Tarvers, Johnny Fonzarelli def Five Captain Burns, Southside Stranglers def T.J. Harley & Chris ?, Reggie Marley def Great master, Hideous Blob def Eddie Osborne, Ruffy Silverstein def G.T. Dynamite ...

  26. May 6, 2006--River City Wrestling in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Ellice Theatre | Attendence: 139: Paul Arcini & Bradley Scott def Johnny Haze & Justin Tyme, The Prototype (accompanied to the ring by P'Lo) def Scottie D. (Prototype unmasked to reveal himself as GENE SWAN!!), Vinnie Valiant def Kevy Chevy by DQ, Pepito def Beautiful Bobby Jay, Danny Duggan & JC Derkson def Joey Blitz & Johnny Haze (subbing for Cory Diamond) to win the RCW Tag Team Titles, Big Papa Corelone vs Buddy Wiser ended in a No Contest..\

  27. May 13, 2006--CPW - Night of Champions 2 in Hull, Quebec: Rahim Ali def Player Uno and Stupefied and Kid Supreme in a 4-WAY, Tray Hugh Mongus def Michael Von Payton, Misty Haven & Portia Perez def LuFisto & Moonlight, Velvet Jones def Zakk Manson to win the Cruiserwieght title, The Twin Terros def Drake Styles & Adib Mansour to win the Tag Team titles, Wild Dangerous Dan def Guy Sauriol in a Steel Cage match, Thunder def Jake Matthews in a Barb Wire Steel Cage match to retain the CPW title..

  28. May 13, 2006--New School Wrestling - End Of Days in Mississauga, Ontario: Rob Garcia def Steve Brown to win the Pure title, Brett Scholl def Jay Fenix, Devon Parkside def Alex York, Kris Law def Mark Shaw to win the Intercities title, Cody Shore def Spike Hammer, Mike Stevens & Michael Elgin def HHV & Danny Magnum to retain the Tag Team titles, The Prodigy def Devon Parkside and Snapdragon and Matt Bison in a 4-WAY to retain the Cruiserweight title, Timothy Dalton def Adam Reed and James Gracey and Stephen Elias in a 4-WAY to retain the World title.

  29. May 26, 2006--All Canadian Wrestling - 8-Man ACW Title Tournament in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Alfie's Restaurant & Lounge: Mike Stone had to relinquish the title for personal reasons --- Beautiful Bobby Jay def Kevy Chevy (1st Round), Gibby Guererro def the Red River Mauler (1st Round), TJ Bratt def Bobby Driver by forfeit (1st Round), Bradley Scott def EX Ryder by DQ (1st Round), Gibby Guererro def Bobby Jay (2nd Round), TJ Bratt def Bradley Scott by Submission (2nd Round), TJ Bratt def Gibby Guererro by Submission to win the Tournament and the ACW Heavyweight title..

  30. May 27, 2006--Universal Wrestling Alliance in Brockville, ONTARIO before 300 fans: Colin Oliver Carnage III def Taylor, Deeno w/Caster McFear def Cheeky w/Portia Perez, Ryan Rush def Jason Cage, Bolen & Dave Titan def Aftershock to advance to the finals of the Tag Team Tournament, Virus def Jon Rennalls and Matt Gray and Chris Rage and Shawn MacMillan in a 5-WAY Street Fight to retain the Cruiserweight title; Zack Storm def Portia Perez & Caster McFear (w/Deeno & Cheeky), Jake "The Snake" Roberts def Original Sinn

  31. May 27, 2006--SCW - Galas D'Ouverture in Sherbrooke, Quebec Chopper def Scott Mitchell, Le Patriote Seguin def Ron Mitchell, Michael Knox def Desperado, The Plague & Miss Mary def Tombstone & his Acolytes in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match, Spark def Random and Psyco Pat in a 3-WAY Hardcore Match, Blaze Phoenix def Crack Phoenix

  32. June 2, 2006--Wrestling With Reality - Maritime Cup 3 (Respect The Past, Face The Future) in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Marko Estrada def Sidewinder (1st Round), Lincoln Steen def Jason Holiday (1st Round), "Mr. Suave" Joshua Aero def Zero (1st Round), Tony Armstrong def Tommy Osbourne (1st Round), Julien Young def Vinny Glyde (1st Round), Titus def Chris Madison (1st Round), Tony Armstrong def Mr. Suave by Submission (2nd Round), Titus def Julien Young (2nd Round), Marko Estrada def Lincoln Steen (2nd Round),Titus def Marko Estrada and Tony Armstrong in a 3-WAY Final to win the Maritime Cup! -- Gary Williams & Bobby Roode def Trash Canyon & Duke MacIsaac, Gary Williams def Bobby Roode to become the 1st ever Wrestling With Reality Heavyweight Champion.

  33. June 2, 2006--River City Wrestling in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Beautiful Bobby Jay def Billy Blaze, Antonio Scorpio Jr. def Lamar "mini-Cena" Cunningham, AJ Sanchez def Bradley Scott and Pepito in a 3-WAY, Big Poppa Corleone def Don Douglas to retain the River City Wrestling title, Kevy Chevy & Gene Swan def Buddy Wiser & Vinnie Valient, Paul Arcidi w/Laurence Fozzworth def Jon Cutler, Danny Duggan & J.C. Derksen def Full Force (Joey Blitz & Johnny Haze) to retain the Tag Team titles..

  34. June 3, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling - 50th Anniversary Tour in Berwick, Nova Scotia at The Barn (Berwick Arena) to a packed house! (doubled attendance from other promotions in recent years): Jeff Dupre def Chad Dick, Spider-Man def Cuban Assassin (Richie Acevedo, son of the original) by DQ, ????? def The Rebel, Krysta Kinisky def She-Nay-Nay in a Women's match, Farmer Pete def Frenchy Rider (aka Frenchy Lamont), Jeff Dupre & Spider-Man def Chad Dick & Cuban Assassin -- Notes: Legends awards were presented to Emile Dupre, the 80s referee (didn't catch his name), and Cuban Assassin. Emile Dupre said he was in the first wrestling match ever in the Berwick Arena 50 years ago and said it was one of his favorite buildings to work in.

  35. June 3, 2006--Independent Wrestling Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Rex Roberts def Jon Cutler, Daren "The Bomb" Dalton def Gibby "The Iranian Madman" Ali, Nikki Mathews def Veronika Vice, Plum Loco def Moses "The German Juggernaut" Luke, "Showtime" Robby Royce def Big Daddy Cash, Zach Mercury def Rob Stardom & T.J. Bratt in a Handicap match.

  36. June 3, 2006--New School Wrestling in Burlington, Ontario: Bob Woods def "Showtime" Brett Scholl, James Gracey vs Adam Reed ended in a time limit draw (referee asked the fans who won and they voted for Gracey), Mark Shaw def Scotty O'Shea and Dan Morris and Logan Savage and St Stephen Elias and Justin Sane in a 6-MAN Scramble, HHV def Cody Shore, Jay Phoenix def Steve Brown in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, Prodigy (Cruiserweight Champion) vs Snap Dragon ended in a No Contest, Deanna Conda def Brett Scholl in a Loser Eats 12 Donuts match, the show then ended due to rainfall --- Timothy Dalton def Kris Law to retain the NSW title (Held in empty NSW Hall of Justice Arena after Kris Law stole belt and Champ Timothy Dalton chased him to Hamilton)

  37. June 13, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling - 50th Anniversary Tour in St. John, New Brunswick: Spiderman def Cuban Assassin (Richie Acevedo, son of Angel) by Disqualification, Jeff Dupre def Chad Dick, Krysta Kinisky def She-Nay-Nay, Farmer Pete def Frenchy Lamont (aka Frenchy Lamont), Rene Dupre & Jeff Dupre def Chad Dick & Cuban Assassin.

  38. June 14, 2006--Twin Wrestling Entertainment - Nacho Meltdown in Thornhill, Ontario at the Meron Banquet Hall: The character from Nacho Libre was part of the show, Extremeo def Cody 45, The Big Deel def Josh Harmer & The Brown Hornet in a Handicap match, Bobby Roode def The Big Deel after Deel issued an open challenge, Flesh Gordon def Jay Houston by DQ, Celine Jian (w/The Coach, Jerry the Giand & Dionne Dion) vs Adam Slapowitz ended in a No Contest (Flesh Gorden and THE MISSING Link both hit the ring and a huge brawl took place), Vlad & Mike Elgin def Quinson Valentino & Randy Vaughan, Zach Gowan def Tyson Dux and Angel de Guerra and Cody Deaner and Brown Hornet and Jimmy Jacobs in a 6-WAY to win the Nacho Cup..

  39. June 16, 2006--Motor City Wrestling in Oshawa, Ontario at CAW Hall: Angel De Guerra def T. Gomez; PD Flex & Lord Cutthroutus def Adam Reed & Steve Brown; Hornet def Timothy Dalton and Kaos and Crazzy Steve in a 4-WAY; Hammer challenged Notorious TID (with Bloody Bill Skullion). Match will take place July 28, 2006 in Oshawa.; Xtremo def Rip Impact and Jake O'Reilly and Andrew Davis and Ash and Corey Mason in a 6-WAY; Kris Chambers def Phil Latio; Tiana Ringer & Cherry Bomb def Danyah & Jamie D; Cody Deaner def Hayden Avery; Textbook Tyson Dux def Ruffy Silverstein to win the MCW title..

  40. June 16, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling - 50th Anniversary Tour in St. George, New Brunswick: Spiderman def The Cuban Assassin (Ritchie Acevedo) by DQ, Jeff Dupre def Chad Dick (Cuban Assassin attacked Dupre after the match, only to have WWE's Rene Dupre make the save!), Krysta Kinisky def She-Nay-Nay in a Ladies match, Farmer Pete def Frenchy Rider (aka Frenchy Lamont) in a Midgets match, Krysta Kinisky & Farmer Pete def Frenchy Lamont & She-Nay-Nay in a Mixed Tag, Jeff Dupre & Rene Dupre def Chad Dick & Cuban Assassin (Chad Dick tried to use a chair but accidentally took out his partner! Chad Dick also suffered a cut under his eye in the match)..

  41. June 17, 2006--Top Rope Championship Wrestling in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Little Mountain Sportsplex before 700 fans: Zack Mercury & Jon Cutler def The Big Sexy Beasts (AJ Sanchez & Kevy Chevy), Gibby Guerrero def Ryan Wood in a Loser Leave Town Match, Gord Solie Jr. (17 year old rookie) def Darren Dalton by DQ, Brian Jewel vs Darren Dalton ended in a No Contest, Axe def Moses Luke in a SuperHeavyweight match, Beautiful Bobby Jay def T.J. Bratt in a No-DQ match when Honky Tonk Man smashed a guitar over Bratt's head..

  42. June 20, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling - 50th Anniversary Tour in O'Leary, Prince Edward Island: Spider-Man def Iron Mike, Shae Nay Nay def Krysta Kinisky, Frenchie Rider (aka Lamont) def Farmer Pete in a Midget match, Cuban Assassian def Ryan ???, Krysta Kinisky& Farmer Pete def She Nay Nay & Frenchie Rider (aka Frenchy Lamont) in a Mixed Tag, Rene Dupree & Jeff Dupree & Spider-Man def Chad Dick & Iron Mike & Cuban Assasian --- NOTES: Right before the main event, I was sitting ring side and had a sign that said "Rene, Bob Holly called and he said he's not done kicking your ass". Rene read my sign, smiled, and said "Yeah well he's almost dead". Right before the match we started chanting "Hardcore Holly" and Spider-Man asked us who we were talking about and Rene said "Oh just some Jobber".

  43. June 22, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling - 50th Anniversary Tour in Halifax, Nova Scotia before 75-100 fans: Jeff Dupree def Cuban Assassin, Spider Man def Tommy Osbourne, Super Bee def The Rebel, Krysta Kinisky def She Nay Nay, Farmer Pete def Frenchy Rider (aka Frenchy Lamont), Jeff Dupree & Spider Man def Cuban Assassin & Tommy Osbourne, Rene Dupree def Chad Dick..

  44. June 24, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling - 50th Anniversary Tour in Berwick, Nova Scotia before a full house: Jeff Dupree def Cuban Assassin, Chad Dick def Iron Mike?, Tommy Osbourne def Zero, Super Bee def The Rebel, She Nay Nay def Krysta Kinisky with help from Frenchy Rider (These two girls have improved A LOT since I first saw them 3 weeks ago!), Krysta Kinisky & Farmer Pete def She Nay Nay & Frenchy Biker in a Mixed Tag, Jeff Dupree & Spider Man & Super Bee def Chad Dick & Cuban Assassin & The Rebel in a 6-Man Tag -- NOTES: Rene Dupree was advertised but did not appear!

  45. June 24, 2006--New School Wrestling - History in the Making II in Mississauga, Ontario: Gilts & Glamour def Kex & Draven, Cody Shore & Snapdragon def Devon Parkside & Danny Magnum, Adam Reed def Jay Fenix, Matt The Dancing Kid def PP Smalls, Mark Shaw vs Kris Law vs Brett Scholl went was a no contest, The Prodigy def Alex York to keep the Cruiserweight title, Mike Stevens def Ash and Josh Taylor in a 3-WAY, Steve Brown & Adam Reed def Mike Stevens to win the Tag Team titles, James Gracey def PP Smalls by DQ, Stephen Elias def Logan Savage, Rob Garcia def T-Gomez to retain the Pure title, Matt Bison def Rip Impact, Asylum def King Sphinx, Timothy Dalton def Michael Elgin to retain the World title.

  46. June 29, 2006--Universal Wrestling Alliance - Battle in the Capital in Ottawa, Ontario at Capital City Music Hall: Aftershock def Walker & Kid Nichols, The Hickster def "The Daytona Beach BadBoy" Jason Cage, Virus def Matt Gray and J. Runnals and Shawn MacMillan and Chris Rage in a 5-WAY Elimination match to retain the Cruiserweight title, Zack Storm & She Nay Nay def Caster McFear & Portia Perez, The Hollywood Hunks def Jon Bolen & Dave Titan to win the Tag Team titles, Ryan Rush def Colin Oliver Carnage III, "The Original" Sinn def Bobby Roode in a No Holds Barred Street Fight to win the Heavyweight Title, Samoa Joe def A.J. Styles

  47. July 14, 2006--ALW in Collingwood, Ontario: Tornado def El Sombra to retain the Georgian Bay title (After the match, Jake O'Reilly came out to save El Sombra from Tornado & Jessy Jones), Danyah & Michael Elgin def Cherry Bomb & Angel De Guerra, Hayden Avery def Lord Cutthroutus, Cody Deaner vs Crazzy Steve ended in a No Contest (Deaner tied Steve to the ring post and knocked him out with brass knuckles), Ruffy Silverstein & Jake O'Reilly def Tornado & Andrew Gates w/Jessy Jones, Extremo def Otis Idol in a TLC match to retain the No Limits title..

  48. July 15, 2006--Living Legends Wrestling - LLW Championship Tournament (1st Round Matches) in Hamilton, Ontario: Rip Impact def Prodigy in the 1st Round, Club Sex (HHV & Josh Taylor & Dan Morris) def Snap Dragon & Michael Elgin & Logan Savage, "Showtime" Brett Scholl introduced his new manager Saphire and then slapped her and gave her a stunner!, Kwan Chang def Reggie Marley in the 1st Round, Devon Parkside def Jay Fenix in the 1st Round, The Suicide Kidz (Xtremo & Cody 45) vs Matt Bison & Spike Hammer ended with a double pinfall, Cody Shore def Steve Brown by DQ in the 1st Round, Jeff Flury def Rob Garcia in the 1st Round, Notorious TID won a Hardcore Royal Rumble, James Gracey def Danny Magnum in the 1st Round..

  49. July 16, 2006--Canadian Independent Wrestling Association - Turmoil in Tweed in Tweed, Ontario: TJ Harley def Johnny Fonzarelli, Prince Rashad Alim def Dave Titan, The Masked Hideous Blob def Eddie Osbourne w/J. Jody Jenkins, The SouthSide Stranglers def The Italianos to retain the Tag Team titles, Misty Haven w/Prince def 21st Century Fox after faking a back injury, Hornet def Matt Burns, Ruffy Silverstein def MVP to retain the CIWA Heavyweight title..

  50. July 22, 2006--New School Wrestling - Extreme Warfare in Mississauga, Ontario: Jay Fenix d Rip Impact, Jake O'Reilly, Ash, Josh Taylor, & Scotty O'Shea, Kris Law def Brett Scholl, Michael Elgin def Mike Stevens, Christopher Bishop & Lionel Knight won a 8 Team Gauntlet, Player Uno def The Amazing Darkstone to retain the IWS Canadian title, Logan Savage def Stephen Elias, Rob Gracia def PP Smalls and James Gracey in a 3-WAY to retain the Pure title, Beef Wellington def Steve Brown, The Prodigy def Matt Bison to retain the Cruiserweight title, Timothy Dalton def BJ Whitmer and Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin in a 4-WAY to retain the World title, Matt Sydal def Adam Reed.

  51. July 28, 2006--Motor City Wrestling in Oshawa, Ontario at CAW Hall: Textbook Tyson Dux was presented with the MCW title which he won by def eating Ruffy Silverstein on the last show, Angel DeGuerrera def Timothy Dalton, Michael Elgin & Clayton Sincade def Jay Fenix & Alex York, Crazy Steve def Cody Deaner by using a set of brass knux with Hayden Avery as special guest referee, Phil Latio (a guy) def Dayna and Cherry Bomb and Tiana Ringer in a 4-WAY Elimination match to retain the Ladies title (Dayna pinned Bomb. Ringer pinned Dayna. Latio pinned Ringer), Ash & Corey Mason def Steve Brown & Adam Reed and P.D. Flex & Cutthroat and Tarantula Gomez & Rob Garcia in a 4-WAY to win the Tag Team titles, Andrew Davis & T.J. Harley vs Jake O’Reilly & Chris Chambers, The Hammer def Notorious T.I.D. in a Hardcore match, Hornet def Extremo in a Ladder match to retain the Light Heavyweight title, “Textbook” Tyson Dux def “Hotshot” Johnny Devine to retain the MCW Heavyweight title..

  52. August 5, 2006--Sherbrooke Championship Wrestling - La Conquête du Couronnement in Sherbrooke, Quebec: Random def Psyco Pat in a Hardcore Match, Michael Knox def Spark and Blaze Phoenix and Le Patriote Séguin and Chopper in a 5-MAN Battle Royal, Pyro & Desperado def The Mitchell Brothers, Benny Le Traqueur vs Tombstone ended in a Double DQ after Barbwire & Vicious interfered, Miss Scary & Mary Lollipop def Charlotte LaMothe & Nikky, Dave Le Justicier def The Giant Tomassino by DQ, Chopper def La Patriote Séguin in a #1 Contenders match, Blaze Phoenix def Spark in another $1 Contenders match (Chopper & Blaze Phoenix will challenge for the SCW title in a 3-WAY at Judgement Night)..

  53. August 12, 2006--New School Wrestling - Blackdawn in Mississauga, Ontario: Devon Parkside def PD Flex and Danny Magnum and Sean Cassidy in a 4-WAY to win the Intercities title, Corey Mason & Matt The Dancing Kid def Glits & Glamour, Justin Sane def Mark Shaw, Timothy Dalton def Rip Impact to retain the World title, BJ Stardom def Paul Wright, Stephen Elias & Deanna Conda def Logan Savage & Mercy, Steve Brown def Adam Reed to win the Tag Team titles (After the match, Brown named Jay Fenix as his new tag partner), Blue Steel def The Gym Rats.

  54. August 12, 2006--Living Legends Wrestling Association - Exhibition Show in Hamilton, Ontario: Scotty O'Shea def Justin Sane in the 2nd Round of the LLWA Title Tournament, World Renowned (Steve Brown & Mercy) def The Talent (Dan Morris & Saphire) in an Intergender match, Sean Inferno def Homeless Bob in a No Time Limit Grudge match, "Awesome" Adam Reed def Jay Fenix, Club Sex (HHV & Dan Morris) def Paul Wright & Chet Rockwell and Wraith & Mark Shaw w/Dr. Freak and Kex & Matt the Dancing Kid w/Sapphire in a 4-WAY Elimination #1 Contenders Tag match, St Stephen Elias def Big Smoke by Submission. (Just for the record... Elias was 'over' with the fans in attendance.),Hustle & Flo (Alex York & Sean Cassidy) def Danny Magnum & Logan Savage to retain the Tag Team titles, Scotty O'Shea def Corey Mason in the Finals of the Tournament to win the LLWA Title (Mason received a bye into the finals when his scheduled opponent, Kris Law, no-showed the event due to injury.)

  55. August 18, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling in Kensington, Prince Edward Island: Chad Dick def Brock Evans, Jeff Dupree def Butcher Vachon [not the original], Spider-Man def Tony Osbourne, Krysta Kinisky def She Nay Nay with Frenchie Lamont as the referee, She Nay Nay def Frenchie Lamont, Jeff Dupree won a Battle Royal (Included: Chad Dick, Brock Evans, Butcher Vachon, Devasting Dick, ????, Jack Steel, Spider-Man, and Tony Osbourne).

  56. August 19, 2006--Canadian Independent Wrestling Alliance in Bradford, Ontario: The Italianos def Owne Sound & Perry Sound, Cowboy Curits def Eddie Osbourne, Pantalone & Masked Hideous Blob def Adam Reed & Steve Brown, Hornet & Cherry Bomb def Aurora & Joey Valentyne, RJ City def Mike Stevens and Prince of Persia in a 3-WAY, Asylum drew James Wine, Asylum & Cutthroat def Michael Elgin & James Wine, Phil Latio def Ruffy Silverstein, TJ Harley def Michael Von Payton to retain the CIWA title.

  57. August 20, 2006--Sin City Wrestling (in association with Border City Wrestling) in Windsor, Ontario: Cody Deaner def Jake O'Reilly, John E Bravo def Jason Temple, The Scarbonie def Alin the Unruly & Tim Titan, Phil Atlas def Michael Elgin and Ash and Platinum in a 4-WAY, A-1 & Joe Doring & Sirelda def N8 Mattson & Conrad Kennedy III & Eddie Venom, Haylie Rogers def Cherry Bomb, Tyson Dux def Gutter (Tyson was attacked by Johnny Devine who was in a beaver suit after the match)

  58. August 24, 2006--Stranglehold Wrestling in Toronto, Ontario at Dufferin Grove Park: "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde def Josh Ambercrombie, Ruffy Silverstein def Matt Burns, Aurora def Phil Latio with special guest refree Farmer Pete [Midget], Jake O'Reilly def Notorious TID in a Taped Fist match (Jake O'Reilly hit TID with TID's brass knuckles and TID couldn't answer the 10-Count), Reggie Marley & ODB def The Sound Brothers and The Italionos in a 3-WAY Tag Team Tables match, Gutter def N8 Mattson, Johnny Devine def Hornet in a 2/3 Falls match (Match of the Night), Bloody Bill Skullion def "The Peoples Choice" Ricky Johnson in a brutal and bloody Steel Cage match (Included tables, thumbtacks and light tubes to name a few of the brutal weapons used)..

  59. August 25, 2006--Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling in Kensington, Prince Edward Island: Jeff Dupre def Spoiler, Ryan Storm def Butcher Vachon by reverse decision, Chad Dick def Butcher Vachon by reverse decision, Spider-Man (Ryan Storm) & Krysta Kinisky def Tommy Osbourne & She Nay Nay, Jeff Dupree won a $10,000 Battle Royal. (Included: Chad Dick, Butcher Vachon, Spoiler, Spider-Man (Bryan McCabe), and Cody ???? [debut match])

  60. August 26, 2006--Rough Wrestling International in Bob Caygeon, ONTARIO: Eric Losier def Santino with help from Jay Fenix, Jay Fenix def The Prodigy with help from Eric Losier, Santino & The Prodigy def Eric Losier & Jay Fenix, Chuck "The Butcher" Simpson was viciously attacked by Kwan Chang with repeated Kendo Stick shots to the head, "The Asian Nightmare" Kwan Chang def Chuck The Butcher by Submission in a Falls Count Anywhere match, The Quebec Mauler def "Go Time" Chris LaPlante to retain the RWI Heavyweight title..

  61. September 9, 2006--New School Wrestling: Hush in Waterdown, Ontario: Matt Bison def Rob Garcia to win the Pure Title, Kwan Chang def BJ Stardom, Devon Parkside def Danny Magnum and Sean Cassidy and PD Flex in a 4-WAY to retain the Intercities Title, Asylum vs MVP ended in a No Contest, Darth Cutthroat won a 13 man battle royal to become the #1 contender for the Intercities Title, Steve Brown & Jay Fenix def The Gym Rats to retain the Tag Team titles, The Prodigy def Dan Paysan to retain the Cruiserweight title, Michael Elgin def Adam Reed and Jay Fenix and Mike Stevens in a 4-WAY #1 Contenders match, Timothy Dalton def The Amazing Darkstone to retain the World Title..

  62. September 12, 2006--Independent Wrestling Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the University of Manitoba Campus: Jon Cutler def Kevin Chevy, "Beautiful" Bobby Jay def Chris Raine, T.J. Bratt def Gibby G, Wavell Starr vs Zach Mercury ended in a No Contest, Moses Luke def Justin Tyme and Cory Diamond in a 3-WAY, Jon Cutler & Zack Mercury def Wavell Starr & Kevin Chevy

  63. September 16, 2006--Renegade Wrestling in Lebret, Saskatchewan @ White Calf Gym: Plum Loco def Rex Roberts, Jumpin' Joe def The Party Ninja, Wavell Starr def Eddie Watts, Billy Bones def Todd Myers, Wavell Starr & Plum Loco def Principal Pound & Eddie Watts

  64. September 23, 2006--Canadian Independent Wrestling Alliance in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario: Misty Haven vs Portia Perez ended in a No Contest, Fire Captain Burns def Eddie Osbourne, Geza Kalman (former UFC fighter) def Reggie Marley, Dustin Rhodes def The MVP, The Italianos def The South Side Stranglers to win the Tag Team titles, The Masked Hideous Blob def Fake Rhino, Johnny Fonzarelli def T.J. Harley to win the CIWA Canadian title..

  65. September 23, 2006--LLW in Hamilton, ONTARIO: Matt Bison def Corey Mason, Club SexXx def Zack Storm and Paul Wright and Sombra in a 4-WAY, Timothy Dalton def Kris Law, Steve Brown & Jay Fenix & The Prodigy def Hustle n Flow & JC Owens, Adam Reed def Mark Shaw, St Stephan Elias & Sean Inferno & Justin Sane def Notorious T.I.D & Dan Magnum & Kwan Chang by DQ, Spike Hammar def Lt Logan Savage, Devon Parkside & Cody Shore vs Jeff Flurry & Warhed ended in a No Contest, Michael Elgin def Scotty O'Shea, Xtremo & Cody 45 & Rip Impact def Ash & Mike Stevens & Rob Garcia..

  66. October 7, 2006--Sherbrooke Championship Wrestling - Judgment Night in Sherbrooke, Quebec: Ron Mitchell def Desperado (Tournament), Random def Pyro (Tournament), Spark def Crack Phoenix (Tournament), Psyco Pat def Barbwire in a Hardcore match (Tournament), John Le Prédateur Dundee & Van Hawk def Damnation & Black Warrior, Vicious def Tombstone (Tournament), Scott Mitchell def Le Patriote Séguin (Tournament), Blaze Phoenix def Michael Knox and Chopper in a 3-WAY to become the First Ever SCW Heavyweight Champion

  67. October 8, 2006--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Hardcore Hallowe'en in Papineauville, Quebec: "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn def Terrell, "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie def "Mr. CWF" BJ, BJ def Terrell, Henry Dunn & Petrie in an elimination match

  68. October 12, 2006--RCW Wrestling in Winnipeg, Manitoba before 70 fans: Billy Blaze def Rico Suave, Joe Thunder & Sugar Shane def Stallion & David Drako, Ryan Wood def David Drako & Stallion, Rico Suave won Battle Royal

  69. October 14, 2006--New School Wrestling in Hamilton, Ontario: The Davis Brothers def "Precise" Paul Wright & PD Flex, "Awesome" Adam Reed vs Mike Stevens ended in a Double Countout, Eddie Osbourne def Amazing Darkstone and Matt the Dancing Kid and PP Smalls in a 4-WAY, Bad Boys Inc (Josh Taylor & Ash) def Glitz & Glamor (HHV & Dan Morris w/Jules), "The Maniac" Logan Savage def Devon Parkside (Intercities Champion) and Matt Bison (Pure Champion) and Rip Impact and St Stephen Elias w/Deanna Conda and Danny Magnum in a 6-WAY Elimination match to win the Unified Intercities Champioship & Pure Wrestling title, Steve Brown & Jay Fenix vs The Gym Rats (Alex York & Scotty O'Shea) in a Tables Match ended in a draw, Deanna Conda w/Stephen Elias vs Sapphire vs Mercy (w/Logan Savage & Pandora) ended in a No Contest, Michael Elgin def Timothy Dalton in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match to win the NSW World title (7 falls to 6).

  70. October 17, 2006--Twins Wrestling Entertainment in Toronto, Ontario at Humber College: Cody Deaner def Kobra Kai, X-Tremo & Cody 45 & Angel de Guerra def Hornet & Kris Chambers & Michael Elgin, Zach Gowen def Phil Atlas, Celine Jian def Adam Slapowoitz and Mini Brown Me in a 3-WAY, Flash def Vlad the Penetrator and Vain in a 3-WAY, Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) def Sinn..

  71. October 21, 2006--New School Wrestling in Hamilton, ONTARIO before 50 fans: Rip Impact def Devon Parkside, Logan Savage def Matt Bison, Amazing Darkstone def Danny Magnum, Mike Stevens vs Adam Reid ended in a No Contest, Jake O'Reilly & Crazy Steve won four-way tag match, Rob Garcia def Matt the Dancing Kid, PP Smalls def Dan Morris, Michael Elgin def Jimmy Rave and Timothy Dalton and Prodigy in a 4-WAY, Alex York & Scotty O'Shea def Steve Brown & Jay Fenix.

  72. October 29, 2006--Stranglehold Wrestling - King of the Death Match Tournament in Toronto, ONTARIO before 175 fans: Asylum def B.J. Stardom, Notorious TID def Hammer, Hornet def Beef Wellington and Aurora in a 3-WAY, Necro Butcher def Viking, LuFisto def Juggernaut, Mad Man Pondo def Sexxxy Eddy, "Bloody" Bill Skullion def Independent Soldier, Necro Butcher def Mad Man Pondo, LuFisto def "Bloody" Bill Skullion, Lufisto def Mad Man Pondo to win the King of the Death Match tournament

  73. October 29, 2006--Sin City Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario: Danny Duggan def Andrew Davis, John E. Bravo def Tim Draco, Jaime D. def Conrad Kennedy III in a "Loser Wears a Dress" match, The Scarbonies w/Roxxxie Moron def A-1 & Joe Doring and Feenix & Prodigy and Lionel Knight & Christopher Bishop in a #1 Contenders 4-WAY, Mike Elgin def Cody Deaner and Phil Atlas in a Sinister 3-WAY, Alin the Unruly def Rip Impact, N8 Mattson def Derek Wylde to retain the Television title, Gutter def The Original Sinn (Tyson Dux's hand-picked opponent)..

  74. November 4, 2006--EWA in Edmonton, Alberta: Marky Mark def Dusty Adonis, Tiger Raj Singh def Bill Yates, Michael Avery & Randy Myers def Brady Roberts & Danny Manners, Red Thunder def Lucas Drago, Juggernaut def Tex Gaines in a Dog Collar match, Chris Steele def Marky Mark and Tiger Raj Singh and Michael Avery and Randy Myers and Red Thunder in a 6-WAY..

  75. November 25, 2006--Independent Wrestling Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Antonio Scorpio Jr. def Plum Loco, Bobby Collins def Drako, Moses Luke def Adam Knight, Robby Royce & Jon Cutler def T.J. Bratt & Big Daddy Cash, Mentallo def Rob Stardom, Short Sleeve Sampson def Joey Royal in a minis match.

  76. November 25, 2006--Rough Wrestling International in Welland, ONTARIO: Inferno def Rip Impact, Michael Elgin & Jay Fenix def Sexxy Eddy & Bruno Davis, Brodie Lee & Jimmy Olsen vs Elgin & Fenix ended in a Double Countout, Flesh def Sniper, The Texas Outlaws def Chris LaPlante & Santino, Quinson Valentino def Quebec Mauler by DQ

  77. November 25, 2006--New School Wrestling in Hamilton, ONTARIO: Rip Impact & Matt The Dancing Kid & Devon Parkside def Rob Garcia & Sebastian Swave & Stephan Elias, Sexxy Eddy def Tim Dalton, Glitz & Glamour def The Davis Brothers and Bad Boy Inc. in a 3-WAY, Logan Savage def Steve Brown and Danny Magnum and Mark Shaw in a 4-WAY, Jay Fenix def Michael Elgin by DQ, Cody Deaner def Darth Cutthroat, The Gym Rats vs Blind Rage ended in a draw, Snapdragon def Jeff Flurry and Spike Hammar and Matt Bison in a 4-WAY, Julian Logan def The Prodigy by DQ, Adam Reed def Mike Stevens in a Last Man Standing match

  78. November 25, 2006--Sherbrooke Championship Wrestling - L'Ère de Glace in Sherbrooke, Quebec: Ron Mitchell def Scott Mitchell (Tournament), Desperado def Barbwire, Psyco Pat vs Vicious ended in a 15-minute DRAW (Tournament), Tombstone def Le Patriote Séguin, Spark def Random in a "Mask vs I Quit" match (Tournament -- Random has to Quit SCW), #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match (Chopper def Pyro - Crack Phoenix def Chopper), Blaze Phoenix def Michael Knox to retain the SCW Heavyweight title

  79. December 17, 2006--Innovated Hyrib Wrestling in Irishtown, New Brunswick: Team America def The Party Boys (Jamie Hamilton & Sexton Phoenix) and Team Quebec (Razen & ???) and Ryan Storm (partnerless) in a 4-WAY Elimnation Tag match to retain the AWA North Atlantic Tag Team Title, "Big Time" Chris Carter def Chris Tough, BT Bobby Man def Johnny Richards in a Street Fight, Marko Etrada def Mr. Suave to retain the PWA title (Match of the year chants followed the match), Tommy Osbourne def Chris Madison, Julien Young vs Titus ended in a No Contest (Young was pinned as Titus submitted at the same time -- Young loses the IHW Heavyweight title as result)..