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  1. January 29, 2005--TKO Promotions in Montreal, Canada: Martin Grandmont def Eric Lacelle, Thierry Quenville def Alex Gasson, Dave Goulet def John Fraser, Sam Stout def Joey Brown, Mark Hominick def Shane Rice, Patrick Cote def Ricardeau Francois via split decision, George St. Pierre def Dave Strasser in the first round via Kimura..

  2. February 4, 2005--AWA/River City Wrestling in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Zack Mercury (RCW debut) def Kid Chance, TJ Bratt & "Red Hot" Ryan Wood def Bobby Jay & The Lightning Kid (father & son team -- Bobby Jay punished his (13 year old) son before the match and abandoned him during the match and set up a father vs son match), Ox Anderson w/Lynn Adams def Gay Barber w/Devon, Pepito def Gibby Guerrero to win the RCW Commonwealth Title, AJ Sanchez def Vinny Valiant, Joey Blitz & Marius wrestled to a 15:00 draw, Cory Diamond def Spanky, Jerin Rose w/Dawn def "Sugar" Shane w/Shadow Chaser by DQ, Billy Blaze def Kory Kobash and Reggie Gallagher in a 3-WAY to retain the AWA/RCW Heavyweight Title..

  3. February 13, 2005--Unified Wrestling Force in Chatham, ONTARIO before 115 fans: Danger Boy def Inferno, Warhead def Eddie Osbourne, Devon Parkside & Jeff Flurry def Rip Impact & Brett Scholl, Menace def Reggie Marley, Steve Kruz def Scott Chase, Kid Kopeland def Chris Pillon, Geza Kalman Jr. (former UFC guy) def Randy Idol, Shaun Brown & Mike Allbright def Troy Buchanan & Brodie Lee, Kopeland def Kruz..

  4. February 18, 2005--AWA/River City Wrestling in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre: Gibby Guererro def Papito and Vinnie Valiant in a 3-WAY, Hulk Hollywood def Reggie Gallagher in a posedown, ZacK Mercury def Kid Chance, The Lightning Kid (13 years old) def Bobby Jay (his father) after a shooting star press (the father & son team reconsiled after the match), The Big Sexy Beasts (Kevy Chevy & Billy Blaze) def Jean Marious & Ox Anderson to win the vacant Tag Team titles, Sugar Shane def Jerrin Rose, Billy Blaze vs Reggie Gallagher ended in a NO CONTEST when Sugar Shane attacked Blaze --- Hulk Hollywood made the save!

  5. March 5, 2005--CPW - March Mayhem in Hull, Quebec: Zakk "The Freak" Manson vs Max Alexander ended in a draw; Thunder def Taurus; The Twin Terrors def Pistola & Psycho; Jaguar def Frank "The Beast" Bradley; Steve Stinger & Roy Stevens & Damian Styles def Michael Von Payton & Dave Titan & Drake Styles; "Paranoid" Jake Matthews def Tray Hugh Mongus to win the Heavyweight title..

  6. March 19, 2005--Northern Championship Wrestling in Montreal, Quebec: Adrenaline Rush def Carl Briscoe & Busty Love, Alex Price def Adryan Oryan to retain the Cruiserweight title, Gorgeous Mike & Julie the Red Fuxxx def Nick Blade & Mark Andrews, 2 Phat And Furious def Stalker & Domino Jonathan & Pierre, Binovich Fouranov def Nova Cain in a Russian Chain Match to wins the Inter-Cities title, Kobra kai & Cody 45 def The Kravens, The Mansours def 2.0 & Fresh Factor to retain the Tag Team titles, Team Chakal (Chakal, Chris Stevens, Franky the Mobster & Bishop) def Team Vegas (Manuel Vegas, Don Paysan, Chris Champagne & SINN) in a Death Row Cage Match..

  7. March 26, 2005--AWA/River City Wrestling in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Gibby Guererro def Cory Kobash, The Axe def Spanky, Jerrin Rose def Donny DiCaprio by DQ, TJ Bratt def Sugar Shane, Hulk Hollywood def TJ Bratt in an Arm Wrestling Match, AJ Sanchez & Kevy Chevy def Joey Blitz & Jean Marius, Robby Stardom def Fugi Wugi Mark II, Zach Mercury def Danny Duggan, "Beautiful" Bobby Jay won a 25 man battle royal to win the right to face THE greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time, The Honky Tonk Man April 30th at Doubles..

  8. March 26, 2005--NSP in Niagara Falls, ONTARIO before 300 fans: Jake O'Reilly def Mike Stevens, T.J. Harley def Unknown Bastard, Otis Idol def C.J. O'Doyle, J.T. Playa & Sean Spears won five-way tag team ladder match, Crazy Steve def Eric Everlast, Notorious TID def Original Sinn, Derek Wylde def Cody Steele..

  9. April 2, 2005--Northern Championship Wrestling in Montreal, Quebec: Fresh Factor def Otis & Cody 45 and Mark Andrews & Stalker in a 3-WAY, Georgeous Mike def Domino Jonathan, Shantelle def Tiana, Adrenaline Rush (Jimmy Stone & Samson) def Phat & Furious (Madd Dog Reaper & Jayzon Reaper), Bishop def Kobra Kai, Manuel Vegas def Chris Stevens, James Champaigne def Raid, Adrian Oryan & Nick Blade & James Kraven def Alex Price & Julie the Red Fuxxx & Ash, 2.0 (Shane Matthews & Jagged) def The Mansours (Adib & Sidi Mansour) to win the Tag Team titles, Chakal def The Original Sinn..

  10. April 9, 2005--EWR in Quebec City, Quebec: Reality Check def Los Tabarnacos, Kona def Fred La Merveille, Damian Steel def Jack a Lidster, Academic de Lutte def 2.0, Kevin Steen def Hell Storm, Damian def Pee Wee, Frank the Mobster def Homicide, Excess won four way over Dave Silva, Arsenal and Jake Matthews..

  11. April 15, 2005--Northern Championship Wrestling in Montreal, Quebec: James Champaigne def Chakal to become new quebec champion, James Kraven & Adryan o'Ryan & Loutoboy def Otis & Cody 45 & El Bigote Dos, Nick Blade def Julie the Red Fuxxx, Bishop def Alex Price, Chakal regained his title by saying that the bell never rung, therefore there was never any match, 2.0 vs Adrenaline Rush finished in a time limit draw, The Mansours vs Fresh Factor finished in a double DQ due to the interference of both 2.0 and A.R., Stalker & Don Paysan & Domino Jonathan & Pierre Khoury def 2 Phat & Furious & Mark Andrews, Binovich Fouranov def Gorgeous Mike to retain the Inter-City title, Manuel Vegas def Franky the Mobster..

  12. April 16, 2005--Ring Wars in Orangeville, ONTARIO: Johnny Geobasco def Jesse Jones, Eddie Osbourne won Battle Royal, Wraith def Chris Drury, Mikey Madrox def Pimp Daddy Flex in a tables match, Matt Burns def Eddie Osbourne..

  13. April 17, 2005--CIWA in Peterborough, ONTARIO before 200 fans: Reggie Marley def Eddie Osbourne, South Side Strangler def Jake O'Reilly, Gorilla Barone def Mike Stevens, Derek Wylde def Robbie McAllister-DQ, T.J. Harley def Jessie Jones, Asylum def Crazzy Steve, Shawn Spears def Ruffy Silverstein to win title..

  14. April 22, 2005--RCW Total Destruction Tour in Leduc, Alberta: Ethan Ryder def Chris Vinyard, Brothers in Blood def Mauler & Pyro, Bill Yates def Chris Klassic, Adrian Walls def Chris Raine, Vulture def Danny Manners in a "Loser Wears a Dress" match to retain the Canadian title, Vulture won an 12-Man Battle Royal last eliminating Adrian Walls..

  15. April 30, 2005--Independent Wrestling Mantoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Doubles Fun Club: Kevy Chevy & AJ Sanchez def Jean Marios & Joey Blitz, Zach Mercury def Reggie Gallager & Sugar Shane, TJ Bratt def Jon Cutler, The Axe def Cory Kobash, Rob Stardom def Vance Nevada, Gibby Guerero def Shane Madison, The Honky Tonk Man def Beautiful Bobby Jay..

  16. April 30, 2005--Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling in Niagara Falls, ONTARIO: Cody 45 & X-Tremo def Italianos, Andrew Davis & Danny Mastiff and Ash & Cade Cassidy in four-way, Crazy Steve def Randy Walker, Eric Everlast def Mike Stevens, Hayden Avery & Ruffy Silverstein def Kris Chambers & Sean Spears, Notorious TID def Hornet, Jake O'Reilly def Cody Steele, Derek Wylde def T.J. Harley-COR..

  17. April 30, 2005--Northern Championship Wrestling in Montreal, Quebec: Chakal & Bishop & Franky The Mobster def Manuel Vegas & James Champagne & Kobra Kaï, Jay Phenomenom vs Sidi Mansour ended in a NO CONTEST due to interference by Fresh Factor and The Mansours and 2.0 and Adrenaline Rush, Samson def Shane Matthews by Submission, Nova Cain & Gorgeous Mike def Binovich Fouranov & Anna Minoushka, Phat & Furious (Jayzon Reaper & Mad Dog) def Stalker & Domino Jonathan, Alex Price & Julie The Red Fuxxx def James Kraven & Adrian O’Ryan & Nick Blade, Raid def Pierre, Vanessa Kraven & El Piscotte def El Vigote & Bunkhouse Balls, Jagged def Jimmy Stone, Professor Adib Mansour def Diablero..

  18. May 7, 2005--EMG Productions in Okotoks, Alberta: Crazy Dean def Tiger Raj Singh, Pete Wilson def Dandy Myers, Kid Nichols def Eddie Mustang, Nattie Neidhart def Anna, Dusty Adonis def Phoenix Taylor, Harry Smith & T.J. Wilson (Stampede Kid in New Japan) def Duke Durrango & Matt Richards..

  19. May 7, 2005--East Coast Pro Wrestling in Eskasoni, Nova Scotia: Zero def Jason Paradise, Trash Canyon def Cinder, Gary Williams def Tony Armstrong, Scott Savage won three-way over Lincoln Steen and Vinny Glyde, Duke McIsaac won Royal Rumble, Duke McIsaac def Kingman-DQ..

  20. May 8, 2005--East Coast Pro Wrestling in North Sydney, Nova Scotia: Zero def Lincoln Steen, Trash Canyon def Jason Paradise, Cinder def Vinny Glyde, Gary Williams def Scott Savage, Scott Savage won Royal Rumble, Duke McIsaac def Kingman to win the Heavyweight title..

  21. May 14, 2005--Squared Circle Wrestling in Concord, ONTARIO before 350 fans: Sinn def James Champagne, El Fuego & Cody 45 def Kobra Kai & Otis Idol, Vigote Dos & Vladmir Urkov def Jake O'Reilly & Pierre, Tyson Dux def Crazy Steve, X-Tremo won six-way over Hornet, Ash, El Sombra, Tarantula Gomez and Anton Arakis, Shantelle def Tianna, Joe E. Legend def Tornado, Super Parka def Super Astro, Amazing Red def Chris Sabin..

  22. May 15, 2005--Squared Circle Wrestling in Oshawa, ONTARIO before 250 fans: Ash def JP Tartuglia, Hornet & Jake O'Reilly & Sombre def Urkov & Anton Arakis & Tarantula Gomez, Otis Idol def Pierre, Frankie da Mobster & Bishop def Randy Vaughn & Don Paysan, Tianna & Danhya def Shantelle & ?, Tornado & Tyson Dux def Sinn & Crazy Steve, Super Parka & Kobra Kai def Super Astro & Cody 45-DQ, Amazing Red & X-Tremo def Joe E. Legend & James Champagne..

  23. May 15, 2005--CIWA in Peterborough, ONTARIO before 175 fans: Reggie Marley def Asylum, South Side Stranglers def Robbie McAllister & Eric Dawson, Jesse Jones def a plant from the crowd doing a challenge deal, Cody Steele def Derek Wylde, T.J. Harley & Kris Chambers def Smokey Fonzarelli & ?, Jake O'Reilly def Eddie Osbourne, Shawn Spears def Ruffy Silverstein by DQ..

  24. June 18, 2005--Ring Wars in Cambridge, ONTARIO before 50 fans: Reggie Marley def Jessy Jones, Wraith def Virgil Mac, Mike Fortune def Danny Legacy, George Dynamite def Anarchy, Reggie Marley def Wraith, George Dynamite def Mike Fortune, Jessy Jones def Pimp Master Flex, George Dynamite won three-way over Jessy Jones and Reggie Marley to win tournament, Matt Burns def George Dynamite to keep Canadian national title. Dick Beyer came with his family to the show, but Billy Red Lyons was announced as very ill and unable to appear..

  25. June 18, 2005--Neo Spirit Wrestling in Napanee, ONTARIO before 700 fans: Tarantula Gomez & Tiana def Kobra Kai & Cherry Bomb, Ruffy Silverstein def Kris Chambers, Robbie McAllister def Cutthroat, J.T. Playa & Hayden Avery def Cody 45 & X-Tremo and Italianos, Cody Steele def James Champagne, Derek Wylde won three-way TLC match over T.J. Harley and Sean Spears, Honky Tonk Man & Jason Cage def Notorious TID & Phil Latio..

  26. June 18, 2005--Unified Wrestling Force in Chatham, ONTARIO before 250 fans: Chase def Warhed, Oraku Ghemma won three-way over Matrox and Rip Impact, Chris Laplante & Derek C def 2 Sweet Pistol & Martin Burris, Menace def Agent Orange, Kid Kopeland won three-way over Danger Boy and Oraku Ghemma, Shawn Brown & Mike Albright def Eddie Osbourne & Jeff Black, Kid Kopeland won Battle Royal..

  27. June 19, 2005--CIWA in Peterborough, ONTARIO: Johnny Fonzarelli def ?, Robbie McAllister def Reggie Marley, T.J. Harley & Kris Chambers def Southside Stranglers, ? def Jessy Jones, Geza Kalman (former UFC fighter) def Eddie Osbourne, Carmen def 20th Century Fox, Ruffy silverstein def Shawn Spears..

  28. June 25, 2005--CIWA in Peterborough, ONTARIO as part of a Cops For Cancer fund raiser: T.J. Harley & Kris Chambers def The Italianos, Southside Strangler #2 def Reggie Marley, Jake O'Reilly def Chad Powers, Ruffy Silverstein def Cody Steele..

  29. June 26, 2005--Warrior 1 Wrestling in Oshawa, ONTARIO: Jack Pallier & Uma def Tornado & Tyson Dux, Ash & Jacobs & Samba def ? & Idol & Dante, Holy Steel def Danger Boy, Tarantula Gomez & Gail Kim def Shantelle Stevens & ?, The Highlanders def Kamala & Crazy Steve, Chris Sabin def Cody 45, Sinn & Slash def Bobby Rude & Petey Williams, Big Deal won gauntlet match, American Dragon def Extremo and Kid Kash in a 3-WAY when Kash was DQ'd for pushing the referee, Raven def Samoa Joe (heel, managed by Jimmy Hart) when Mick Foley used the claw on Samoa Joe and Jimmy Hart and Raven DDT'd Samoa Joe for the win)..

  30. July 1, 2005--Rough House Rasslin in Winnipeg, Manitoba for Canada Day: La Sombra def Tom McDonald, J.C. Derksen def Heavy Metal (presumably not the luchador), Justin Tyme def Bobby Sharpe, Dead Ringers def David Dixon & Moses Luke, Bruiser Bastien won dogfight. Promoters Tony Condello, Walter Shefchyk and Frenchie Rheault were inducted into the Western Canada Hall of Fame. The evening show saw Tom McDonald def Bobby Sharpe, Moses Luke def Kris Knight, Bruiser Bastien def Heavy Metal, Dead Ringers def La Sombra & Donnie Douglas, Chi Chi Cruz def Massive Damage to win Western Canadian title

  31. July 2, 2005--Rough House Rasslin (Noon) in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Tom McDonald def Eclipse, Moses Luke def Crazy Core, Sexy Samantha def Heavy Metal, Dead Ringers def Bobby Sharpe & Kris Knight, Brian Jewel won a Junkyard Dogfight..

  32. July 2, 2005--Rough House Rasslin (Evening) in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Bobby Sharpe def Justin Tyme, Tom McDonald def Kris Knight, Moses Luke def Heavy Metal, Brian Jewel def Bruiser Bastien by DQ (Bastien refused to break a headlock on the ropes), Chi Chi Cruz (managed by a guy called Hulk Hollywood, the Hogan impersonator) & Massive Damage def Chase & Chapel..

  33. July 2, 2005--Mid-Summer Madness in Montreal, QUEBEC before 175 fans: 2.0 def Chakal & Guil Reno, SLI def Shayne Hawke & Nick Blade, Jake Matthews & Damian Steele def Tank & Niko, Flying Hurricanes def DGenerate & Shogun, Colt Cabana d Beef Wellington, Damian won three-way over Kid Kamikaze & James Kraven, Sexxxy Eddy won four-way over B-Boy, Alex Price and Cody 45, Kobra Kai def James Champagne, Chris Sabin won three-way over El Generico and Don Paysan, Samoa Joe & Colt Cabana def Kevin Steen & Franky the Mobster...

  34. July 2, 2005--Living Legend Wrestling in Stoney Creek, Ontario: Lt. Logan Savage won a battle royal (Included: Sean Inferno, Danny Magninni, Justin Sane, Alex York, Jeremy King, Spiral, Kris Law, Kexx, Sean Cassidy, Lance Sinclair, Talent Dan Morris, & Kyle Davenport), Rees Rockafeller def Corey Mason, Oroku Ghemma & Justin Sane w/Kyle Davenport def Mark Shaw & Talent Dan Morris, Danny Magninni def Paul Meadow when Meadow was legitimately injured, Matt Bison vs Snapdragon ended in a double countout, Spike Hammar def Rip Impact and Hoijt Hans Van Klinnkin in a 3-WAY to become #1 contender for the LLWA title, Devon Parkside def Cody Shore to retain the LLWA title..

  35. July 16, 2005--Northern Championship Wrestling - DreamSlam in Montreal. Quebec: Stalker & Mark Andrews def Loutoboy & Carlos Briscoe, Adrian O'Ryan def Domino Jonathan, Franky The Mobster def Don Paysan, Pierre Khoury def Chris Stevens, Julie The Red Fuxx def Busty Love, Nick Blade def James Kraven to retain the Cruiserweight title, Adrenaline Rush def Jayzon Reaper & Diablero to retain the Tag Team titles, Gorgeous Mike def Binovitch Fouranov to retain the Inter-City title, Elvis Osbourne & Sinn def Manuel Vegas & James Champagne by Count Out, The Mansour Brothers def Bishop & Chakal..

  36. July 31, 2005--Unified Wrestling Force in Chatham, ONTARIO: Rip Impact def Oraku Ghemma, Menace def Draven Strider, Matrox def Kid Statis, Jamie Jurak def Kid Kopeland, Shawn Brown & Mike Allbright def Steve Brown & Adam Reed, Allbright def Scott Chase..

  37. August 6, 2005--Living Legends Wrestling in Hamilton, Ontario before 130 fans: Talent Dan Morris def Justinsane, Danny Magninni def Spiral, Hustle n Flow (York/Cassidy) def Mark Shaw and Sean Inferno, Kexx and Jeremy King def Lt. Logan Savage, James Gracey def Accountant Kris Law, Cody Shore def Rees Rockafeller, Matt Bison vs Snap Dragon ended in a draw, Corey Mason def Hoijt Hans Van Klinnkin to become the #1 Contender for the LLWA Championship, Spike Hammar def Devon Parkside via DQ, Parkside retains the LLWA Title...

  38. August 25, 2005--UWA in Ottawa, Ontario before 250 fans: Rhino was a no-show claiming family emergency. Deeno & Cheeky & Castor McFrear def Chris Cage (not the OVW guy I'd presume) & Jason Cage & Ryan Rush, Colin Over Carnage III won gauntlet, A-1 (TNA) def Bolen, Bobby Roode & Petey Williams def Shawn McMillan & Virus-DQ, She Nay Nay def Yce, Sabu def Abyss in a 5:00 match with two botched table spots. Sabu looked hurt at the end..

  39. September 10, 2005--Living Legends Wrestling in Hamilton, Ontario: Hustle n Flow(York/Cassidy) def Accountant Kris Law and Talent Dan Morris, Scotty O'Shea won the Brett Scholl Invitational involving Brett, Kris Law, and Rudy Ripkin, Prodigy Rees Rockafeller def Justinsane, Paul Meadow vs Danny Magnum ended in a no contest, James Gracey and Kexx def Kwan Chang and Sean Inferno, Mark Shaw def Oroku Ghemma, Cody Shore def Spike Hammar, Rip Impact def Hoijt Hans Van Klinnkin, Snapdragon def Matt Bison, Devon Parkside def Corey Mason to retain the LLWA Championship...

  40. September 22, 2005--Independent Wrestling Manitoba in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba: Zach Mercury def Kevin Cheverolet, Cory Kobash def Gibby Guererro, Jon Cutler vs Shane Madison ended in a no contest, Danny Duggan def Beautiful Bobby Jay, Jim Neidhart & Jon Cutler def Shane Madison & TJ Bratt..

  41. September 23, 2005--Main Stream Wrestling in Berwick, Nova Scotia at The Barn: Trash Canyon def Scott Savage, Julian Spades def The Maritime Menace (worst gimmick EVER, but got most heat) by DQ, X-Ray Kyle Kruz def The Cuban Casanova (okay THIS was the worst gimmick ever), Scott Savage & Julian Spades def Trash Canyon & Maritime Menace, Honky Tonk Man (who still uses WWF music so he hasn't gotten his letter from Vince yet) def The Dice -- they had a female referee named Samantha Swallows (classy) who served more as a distraction but to her credit she did a good job refereeing..

  42. September 23, 2005--SuperGirls in Surrey, British Columbia before 150 fans: Belle Lovitz def Tiffany, LuFisto def Pyro, Samantha Slides def Madison, Nattie Neidhart def Melissa, Madison & Freddy Funk def Samantha Slides & Ladies Choice, Rebecca Knox def LuFisto to win Supergirls championship after Scotty Mac power bombed LuFisto through a table, Melissa & Tiffany def Nattie Neidhart & Belle Lovitz..

  43. September 24, 2005--Independent Wrestling Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Doubles Fun Club: Cory Kobash (w/Mandy) def Beautiful Bobby Jay, The Axe came in and detroyed Kobash, Zack Mercury def AJ Sanchez, Brian Jewel & Moses Luke def EZ Ryder & Damon Marx, TJ Bratt def Gibby Guererro, Robby Royce def Rawskillz and Ryan Wood in a 3-WAY to retain the IWM title, Jim Neidhart def Rob Stardom..

  44. September 30, 2005--TKO Promotions in Montreal, Quebec before 1,400 fans: Martin Desillets def Lance Evans, Samuel Guillet def Tyler Jackson, Dave Parizeau def Mike Turner, Chris Horodecki def Stephane Lailberte, Thierry Quenneville def Max marin, Marvin Eastman def Yan Pellerin, Mark Hominick def Ryan Diaz, Steve Vigneault def Jason St. Louis..

  45. October 15, 2005--Women's Elite 8 Tournament in Cambridge, ONTARIO before 50-75 fans: 21st Century Fox def Luscious Lilly, Danyah def Cherry Bomb, Misty Haven def Krystal Banks, Shantelle Taylor def Tiana Ringer, 21st Century Fox def Danyah, Misty Haven def Shantelle Taylor, Tiana Ringer & Luscious Lily def Krytal Banks & Cherry Bomb, Misty Haven def 21st Century Fox..

  46. October 22, 2005--Real Canadian Wrestling in Red Deer, Alberta before 95 fans: Pyro def Slammer, Damion def Steen hawkes, Adrian Walls def Patrick Myers, Team E.D. def Brothers in Blood, Vulture def Mauler-DQ...

  47. November 5, 2005--EWR Elite 8 (EWR's Final Show) in Quebec City, Quebec before 200 fans: Excess def Damian Steele, Petey Williams def Excess, Kevin Steen def Kenny the Bastard, El Generico def Jack-a-Lidster, Don Paysan def Alex Price, Williams def Generico, Steen def Paysan, Steen def Williams to win tournament, Shogun def Viking & Xander, Lufisto & Marko Estrada def Giovanni & Kacey Diamond..

  48. November 5, 2005--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Hardcore Hallowe'en in Pickering, ONTARIO: Kayle def Terrell, BJ def Petrie to retain Canadian Title, X-Con def Avery, Henry Dunn def Widow, Mark Lion def Captain Canuck to retain World Title, Widow def Reider in a ladder match..

  49. November 10, 2005--Top Rope Championship Wrestling in St. Claude, Manitoba: TJ Bratt def Chris Dion, Mentallo def Gibby Guerrero, Oz def Beautiful Bobby Jay, EZ Ryder def Zach Mercury, Johnny Haze def TJ Bratt..

  50. November 12, 2005--Living Legends Wrestling (Academy Show) in Hamilton, Ontario: HHV def Justinsane, Kex def Jalen Batez, Corey Mason and Paul Meadow def Kwan Chang and Danny Magnum, Mark Shaw def Oroku Ghemma, Logan Savage def Spike Hammar, The Prodigy (Rees Rockafeller) and The Toaster (David Logan) def Hustle n Flow, Rip Impact def Accountant Kris Law, James Gracey def Talent Dan Morris, Sean Inferno def Cody Shore, Matt Bison def Snapdragon, Devon Parkside def Scotty O'Shea to retain the LLWA Championship..

  51. November 18, 2005--All Canadian Wrestling in Gimli, Manitoba: Sunshine Boys vs The Bad Apples was a No Contest when Zero Tolerence interrupted, "Hugarian Hammer" Cory Kobash def Reggie Gallagher, Zack Mercury def Chris Dion, "Bad Boy" Brian Jewel def Gibby Guerrero, "Beautiful" Bobby Jay def EZ Ryder, Mike Stone & Kamala def T.J Bratt & Rob Stardom (Stone pinned Stardom to win the ACW title)..

  52. November 19, 2005--Canadian Wrestling Federation in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Sugar Shane def JC Derksen, Mike Hammer def "Beautiful" Bobby Jay, The Executioner def Roadblock Jones, "Standing Thunder" Wavell Starr def Kerry "Pitbull" Brown to retain the Heavyweight title after interference by The Executioner, Wavell Starr & Sugar Shane def Kerry Brown & The Executioner..

  53. November 19, 2005--Independent Wrestling Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba before 236 fans: Reggie Gallagher vs Cory Kobash ended in a No Contest, The Milf Hunters (Bobby Jay & Chris Dion) def Big Daddy Cash & Officer Dave Dixon, Mentallo def Rawskillz and Plum Loco in a 3-WAY, T.J. Bratt def Rob Stardom in a Bar Room Brawl, Zach Mercury def Rex Roberts, Gibby Guerrero def Moses Luke, "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala def The Axe..

  54. November 26, 2005--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Aftershock in Pickering, Ontario: Widow def "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn, Reider def Killer, "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn & Killer def Reider & Widow..

  55. November 26, 2005--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show in Pickering, Ontario: Widow def "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn, Reider def Killer, "Mr. Outlandish" & Killer def Widow & Reider...

  56. November 29, 2005--Twin Wrestling Entertainment in Ontario from Humber College before 300 fans on Tuesday night: Flesh def Primo Scordino, Chris Chamber def Cody 45, Champagne def Extreme, Cobra Kai def Vlad, Celine Jian & Jerry the Giant & Coach & Taliban def Hollywood Lippo, Honky Tonk Man def Dave Mason..

  57. December 10, 2005--Carnage Wrestling Federation - Aftershock in Pickering, Ontario: X-Con def Dominic, "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn was the soul survivour after teaming with "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie def Widow, Unknown & Reider in a handicap elimination match..

  58. December 17, 2005--LLWA (Academy Show) in Hamilton, ONTARIO:  Brett Scholl def Scotty O'Shea in a "Loser Gives Services to Opponent" match, Dan Morris w/Vanessa def Justinsane and Jalen Batez and Kex in a 4-WAY,  Danny Magnum def Paul Meadow, Logan Savage def Wraith, Mark Shaw def Oroku Ghemma w/Kyle Davenport to retain the JPW Title in a Loser Leaves LLWA match.  Corey Mason & Jay Pheonix def Kris Law & Stephen Elias and Steve Brown & Adam Reid and Rudy Ripkin & Sean Inferno in a 4-WAY to become one half of the #1 Contenders for the LLWA Tag titles, Spike Hammar def Cody Shore, James Gracey & Alex York & Sean Cassidy def Devon Parkside & The Prodigy & The Toster.  Matt Bison def Snapdragon in the 3rd match of the Best 2/3 Series...

  59. December 18, 2005--New School Wrestling in Hamilton, ONTARIO: Jeff Flury def Alex York, Toste def Logan Savage w/Timothy Dalton, The Prodigy def Devon Parkside and Rip Impact and Apoc in a 4-WAY to retain the NSW Cruiserweight title,  Asylum def Tony Mack, Kris Law vs Brett Scholl went to a no contest, Brandon Rage def Steve Brown by DQ,  Timothy Dalton def Scotty O'Shea,  Stephen Elias vs Mark Shaw vs Adam Reid for the JPW and NSW Intercities titles (Stephen Elias won the JPW Title, Mark Shaw won the NSW Intercities). Asylum won a 15 man Battle Royal to become the new NSW Heavyweight Champion.   

  60. December 31, 2005--Carnage Wrestling Federation - X-Mas Rumble in Pickering, ONTARIO: Terrell def Patrick and Dominic to retain Lightweight Title, "Mr. Outlandish" Henry Dunn def Kayle, G-Spot def "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie, Brian def X-Con, Fitzy def Unknown, BJ def Widow to retain Canadian Title, "Ghetto Thunder" Petrie wins the x-mas rumble..