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  1. May 2001--Universal Wrestling Alliance - Showdown In Shawville in Shawville, ???: Michael Von Payton def Sean Demers to win the UWA North American title, Tim Jim Jimbob def Wild Ace, The Crow & Mr. Showtime def The Frat Boys (Fratboy Knight & Fratboy Hamilton), Jacob Cain def Dick Swagger, Dangerous Dan def Terry Country, DC Dalton def Sean Demers (a fake Jim Neidhart), Jim Neidhart def DC Dalton to win the UWA Heavyweight title..

  2. September 22, 2001--Universal Wrestling Alliance - Fight in Fort Coulonge in ?????: Mr. Showtime def Fratboy Knight following botched interference by Fratboy Hamilton, Sean Demers def Tim Jim Jimbob, Jacob Cain def Fratboy Hamilton, Dane def Dick Swagger by Disqualification, Michael Von Payton def Max Alexander to retain the UWA North American title, Sean Demers def Michael Von Payton to win the UWA North American title, Jacob Cain & Jim Neidhart def DC Dalton & Dangerous Dan..