AWA Pinnacle

  • October 29, 2005--AWA Pinnacle Wrestling in Pinnacle, Washington: Laramie Lexow def Aaron Bolo, Christopher Ryseck & The Ideal Protection def Cadillac Callis & Wild Card, Davey Richards def Seth Knight, George Michael def Caden Mathews, Juggernaut & Nelson Creed def Diafullah the Butcher & Marion Gein, Disco Fury def Twist, Hoss Tull won over Stryker and Draven Vargas

  • January 21, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - House Call in Pacific, Washington with a sellout crowd that included Pride's Josh Barnett & Akira Shoji & Yosuke Nishijima: Hoss Tull won a 15-Man Battle Royal including Pennacle Graduates, Rollin' 2 Deep (WildCard & Cadillac Calli$$) def Twist & Blitzkrieg II, Dave Hollenbeck def Nick Sully to retain the AWA Pinnacle title, Nelson Creed & Laramie Lexow & Scotty McKeever def The Stampede Bulldogs (Harry Smith & T.J. Wilson), Christopher Ryseck def Caden Matthews when guest referee Rebecca Knox whacked Matthews with a chair!, Tom Prichard & Twist & Dave Hollenbeck & Harry Smith & T.J. Wilson def WildCard & Cadillac Calli$$ & Hoss Tull & Jack Evans & Beau James in a 10-Man Elimination Match (Harry Smith was the sole survivor)..

  • February 25, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - Ascension in Pacific, Washington: Canadian Coogar def Dash Venture, Rollin' 2 Deep (Cadillac Callis & WildCard) def Laden O'Shea & Nick Sully and Daifullah the Butcher & Hoss Tull in a 3-WAY No-DQ match, Caden Matthews def Christopher Ryseck & Rebecca Knox in a Handicap match, Tony Kozina def Twist and Disco Fury and Cedric and Azul Angel and Breakneck in a 6-WAY to become the 1st Pinnacle Light Heavyweight Champion, Azul Angel & Breakneck def Beau James by DQ in a Handicap match, Davey Richards def Laramie Lexow in a #1 Contenders match, Harry Smith def Seth Knight and Nelson Creed and Dave Hellenbeck in a 4-WAY to win the Pinnacle title..

  • March 26, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - Cutthroat in Pacific, Washington: Rollin’ 2 Deep (WildCard and Cadillac Calli$$) def Azul Angel & Breakneck and Christopher Ryseck & Caden Mathews and Dash Venture & Nolan Phillips in a 4-WAY, Aaron Bolo & Larken O'Shea def Seth Knight & Dash Venture, Twist & Dave Hollenbeck & Nick Sully def Exile & Laramie Lexow & Skag Rollins, Rollin’ 2 Deep (WildCard and Cadillac Calli$$) def Aaron Bolo & Larken O'Shea to win the Tournament and become the 1st Tag Team Champions, Harry Smith def Davey Richards to retain the Pinnacle title..

  • April 22, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - Everett Eruption in Everett, Washington at the Everett National Guard Armory:

  • May 20, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - SpringClash in Auburn, Washington: Dave Hollenbeck & Nick Sully & Twist def Seth Knight & Nelson Creed & Disco Fury, Aaron Bolo won Battle Royal, T.J. Wilson def Dash Venture and Laramie Lexow in a 3-WAY, Lisa Moretti & Caden Matthews def Christopher Ryseck & Nikki Matthews & Veronika Vice, Wildcard & Cadillac Callis def Exhile & Sumito, Harry "Bulldog" Smith def Skag Rollins, T.J. Wilson def Harry "Bulldog" Smith to win the Pinnacle title

  • June 25, 2006--AWA Pinnacle in Auburn, Washington: Nelson Creed def Aaron Bolo, Cadillac Callis & Diafullah the Butcher & Hoss Tull & WildCard def Breakneck & Jimmy Flame & J.D. Mason & Larkin O'Shea, Veronika Vice vs Nikki Matthews ended in a No Contest, Tony Kozina def Twist, Sumito def Seth Knight, Dash Ventura & Laramie Lexow & Christopher Ryseck def Azul Angel & Caden Matthews & Nick Sully, T.J. Wilson def Davey Richards.

  • July 22, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - SummerShock in Auburn, Washington: Laramie Lexow def Aaron Bolo, Astro Imperial & Azul Angel & Breakneck def Wrestlers of Mass Destruction, Dash Venture def Kidd America, Lisa "Ivory" Moretti def Nikki Matthews and Vernoika, Rollin 2 Deep def Nolan Phillips & RJ The Mall Security Guard, Rollin 2 Deep def J.D. Mason & Larkin O'Shea, Evil & ????? def Rollin 2 Deep by DQ, The Xploders def Skag Rollins & Seth Knight & Nelson Creed, Christopher Ryseck def Caden Matthews

  • August 26, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - Ring Games in Auburn, Washington: Christopher Ryseck & Dash Venture def J.D. Mason & Kidd America, Volcano & Phantasmo def Breakneck & Abhul Angel, Aaron Bolo def Ronnie Angel, Cadillac Callis & WildCard def Twist & Nick Sulley, Aaron Bolo & Nelson Creed & Amazing Halo & Kidd America & Seth Knight & Laramie Lexow & Skag Rollins & Moose Morrow won Ring Games, Lexow def Bolo to win a Gauntlet match.

  • September 23, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - AWA vs NWA Supershow in Everett, Washington before 170 fans: Amazing Halo (NWA) def Laramie Lexow (AWA), Seth Knight & Nelson Creed (NWA) def Caden Matthews & Bolo (AWA) after Nelson hit Bolo with the brass knuckles, Memphis Raines (NWA) def Twist (AWA) to retain the NWA Top Ranked Junior Heavyweight title, Davey Richards (AWA) def El Phantasmo (NWA) when Phantasmo passed out in a Submission hold, T.J. Wilson (AWA) def Juggernaut (NWA) to retain the AWA Washington title, Hot & Bothered (NWA) def Rollin 2 Deep (Cadillac Caliss & Wildcard) (AWA) to win the AWA Pinnacle Tag Team titles, Team AWA (Davey Richards & Caden Matthews & Bolo & Twist) def Team NWA (Seth Knight & Nelson Creed & Memphis Raines & Amazing Halo) in an 8-Man Tag match..

  • September 24, 2006--AWA Pinnacle - Autumn Bash in Auburn, Washington before 115 fans: Mask-Air-Raid (Azul Angel & Breakneck) def Larkin O'Shea & Nolen Phillips (w/Mr. Phil Goode & RJ the Mall Security Guard), The Moondogs (Moondog Graves & Moondog Slimm) def Rollin 2 Deep (Cadillac Caliss & Wildcard) by DQ, "Canadian Superstar" Seth Knight def J.D. Mason, The Xploders def Ring of Kings (Christopher Ryseck & Dash Venture) in a #1 Contenders match, "Bomber" Nelson Creed def Kidd America, Caden Matthews def Skag Rollins (w/Derek Drexl) and The Outlaw in a 3-WAY, Davey Richards & Aaron Bolo def The Ring of Kings (T.J. Wilson & Laramie Lexow)

  • October 28, 2006--AWA Washington - Can-Am Chaos II in Everett, Washington: Laramie Lexow def T.J. Wilson and Caden Mathews in a 3-WAY to win the AWA Washington title!

  • December 2, 2006--AWA Washington in Everett, Washington at the VFW Hall before 110 fans: Mike Santiago vs J.D. Mason ended in a No Contest when The Suicide Kings interfered before the match, "The Ideal Reflection" Christopher Ryseck & The Ideal Protection def Caden Mathews & Laramie Lexow, Rollin' 2 Deep (Cadillac Caliss & Wildcard) vs The Moondogs w/Mr. Phil Goode ended in a Double DQ, Matt Farmer and Chris Del Sol (The Suicide Kings) co-won the Everett Rumble (Other Participants: Kidd America, Larkin O'Shea, Mike Santiago, Azul Angel, Laramie Lexow, Caden Mathews, WildCard, Cadillac Calli$$, JD Mason, Bolo, The Ideal Protection, RJ the Mall Security Guard, Moondog Graves, Moondog Slim, and Ronnie Angel), Astro Imperial def Breakneck by Submission, Bolo & Twist def Hot & Bothered to win AWA Washington Tag Team titles..

  • December 30, 2006--AWA Washington in Tacoma, Washington at the Tacoma Elks Lodge: Masked Air Raid (Azul Angel & Breakneck) def Rolling 2 Deep (Cadillac Caliss & Wildcard), "The Ideal Reflection" Christopher Rysek def Caden Mathews in a #1 Contenders match, Cole Bishop & The Outlaw & Memphis Raines def JD Mason & Kidd America & El Phantasmo, Larkin O'Shea def Moondog Slim in an Impromptu Match, Aaron Bolo & Twist def Stryker Nick Sully & Mike Santiago to retain the AWA Washington Tag Team titles, Laramie Lexow (AWA Washington Champion) vs Davey Richards ended in a 30-minute time limit draw.

  • January 27, 2007--AWA Washington-South - Holiday Rampage in Buckley, Washington at the Buckley Armory:

  • February 23, 2007--AWA Washington (Tag Team Tournament) in Tacoma, Washington at the Elks Lodge: Twisted & Aaron Bolo def WildCard & Cadillac Callis (1st Round), Azul Angel & Breakneck def Kyle O'Reilly & Larkin O'Shea (1st Round), J.D. Mason & Kidd America def Disco Fury & Michelle Starr by DQ (1st Round), Cole Bishop & Wade Hess def Kevin Cook & Michael Santiago (1st Round), Azul Angel & Breakneck def Aaron Bolo & Twist by Countout (2nd Round), Wade Hess & Cole Bishop def J.D. Mason & Kidd America (2nd Round), Laramie Lexow def Christopher Ryseck, Azul Angel & Twist def Wade Hess & Cole Bishop in the Finals to win the Tournament.

  • March 23, 2007--AWA Washington in Tacoma, Washington at the Elks Lodge: Larken O'Shea def Kevin Cook and Jack Evans and Kyle O'Reilly in a 4-WAY, Nikki Matthews def Vernoika Vice, Breakneck & Azul Angel def Phantasmo & Blitzkrieg II, Laramie Lexow def Michael Santiago, Davey Richards & Tony Kozina w/ Mr. Phil Goode def Bolo & Twist to win the AWA Washington Tag Team titles, Colt Cabana & J.D. Mason & Kidd America def Seth Knight & Memphis Raines & Christopher Ryseck..

  • March 24, 2007--AWA Washington in Auburn, Washington: Larkin O'Shea & Moondog Slim def Kevin Cook & Michael Santiago, J.D. Mason & Kidd America def Disco Fury & Michelle Starr by DQ, Aaron Bolo def Christopher Ryseck by Countout, Laramie Lexow def Colt Cabana, Twist & Kyle O'Reilly & Phantasmo def Jack Evans & Azul Angel & Breakneck