Jason Knight's Assault Championship Wrestling

  • January 26, 2002--Assault Championship Wrestling in Meriden, CT: Frankie Starz def Joe Rules, Debonair Cruz def Scotty Charisma, Bull Dredd & Shabba White & Mercedes Martinez def Rednecks from Hell & Trinity Campbell, Del Tsunami def Jim Nasic, Iceberg def Jamie Pain, Jeff Rocker def Tiger Mulligan, April Hunter NC Bobcat, Slyk Wagner Brown won four-way over Little Guido, Tony DeVito and Dylan Kage, Heavy Artillery def Kappa Tappa Kegga, Jason Knight & Ron Zombie & Balls Mahoney & Fred Curry Jr. & Bull Dredd def Homicide & Louie Ramos & Wrecka & Nick Richards & Purty Kurty Adonis in one of those bouts with barbed wire, thumb tacks, barbed wire bats, etc. Francine and Joel Gertner from ECW also worked the show.

  • July 21, 2002--Assault Championship Wrestling in Waterbury, CT: Bull Dredd won Battle Royal, A.C Coaltrain def Michael Crimson, Jim Nastic def Scotty Charisma, Mercedes Martinez def Lizzy B. Sweet, Ron Zombie def Danny Doring, Rednecks from Hell def Kappa Tappa Kegga, Dredd def Jeff Rocker, Johnny Thunder def Red Hot Russ, Fred Curry Jr. def Dylan Kage, Jason Knight & Ron Zombie def Mutilators, Balls Mahoney retained hwt title over Slyk Wagner Brown

  • December 1, 2002--Assault Championship Wrestling in New Britain, CT: Paul Enormous won Battlefest, Iceberg def Bo Douglas, Panther Brothers won three-team elimination gauntlet match over Red Hot Ross & Mike Xylas and Abunai & Wicked, Johnny Thunder def Scotty Charisma, Fred Curry Jr. def Shabba White, Prowlers def Ron Zombie & John Kronus, Ariel & Jim Nastic def Riptide & Mercedes Martinez, Del Tsunami def Avil Graves, Slyk Wagner Brown def Johnny Thunder, Paul Enormous def Dylan Kage to win ACW title..

  • March 14, 2003--Assault Championship Wrestling in Connecticut: Shabba White def Kaguchi, Pain & Nemesis NC Rednecks from Hell, Vic Gun'r def Spider, Iceberg def Bobby Panther, Ariel & Trinity def Riptide & Mercedes Martinez, Julio Dinero won eight-man Dave Vicious memorial Cup tournament, Dylan Kage & Del Tsunami & Prowler def Ron Zombie & Jason Knight & Avil Graves, Jim Nastic (I'm surprised Gilbertti didn't think of him) def Abunai, Johnny Thunder def Paul Enormous, Matt Striker & Scotty Charisma def Red Hot Russ & Mike Xylas, Homicide def Jeff Rocker, Julio Dinero & Chris Hamrick def Kid Kash & Tony DeVito by pinning Trinity..