4Front Wrestling (ENGLAND)

  • January 22, 2005--4Front Wrestling - Curriculum Chaos at the The Phoenix Xentre, New College before 75-100 fans: Dean Christ def Gino and The Inferno in a 3-WAY, Exodus def Justine and KOBE in a Hardcore Handicap match, Stu Odyssey def Exodus, The Mailman def Rampage via Countout, Gideon def David Sharp, Ashton Brown d The Saint to win the 4FW title..

  • January 29, 2005--4Front Wrestling - Stairway to Hell at the Pinehurst Community Centre Before 75-100 Fans: Stu Odyssey def Alex Steele, Inferno def Rampage, Jake Jeckel def The Saint, The Saint demanded a rematch and won, David Sharp def Spud, Ashton Brown def Dean Christ in a Pinfall Only Match, Gideon def Exodus in a Stairway to Hell Match..

  • June 25, 2005--4 Front Wrestling in Swindon, England before a full house of 200 fans: Lee Draiman def Ligero, Saint def Dragon Phoenix, Crispen Buffley def Stu Odyssey, Spud won six-way over Ace Anderson, Genki Dragon Kobayashi, Ashton Brown, Dean Christ and Jack Storm, Fullpack def Morales & Underwood, David Sharp def Ross Jordan Saul Adams won three-way over Mailman and Tex Benedict..

  • October 1, 2006--4 Front Wrestling in Swindon, UK before 120 fans: Dean Christ Van Wicked, Dave Moralez & Saul Adams def Saint & Ashley Reed, Genki Dragon Kobayashi def Dan Pacino, Gino def El Ligero, Dan Splash def Ashton Brown, Terry Frazier def Curve, Martin Stone won three-way over Dave Sharp and Sha Samuels