3PW Show
May 21, 2005 - Philadelphia, PA - Viking Hall

  1. MATCH: Kris Krude def Drew Blood..

  2. MATCH: Teddy Fine def Ron Zombie..

  3. TAG MATCH: Damien Adams & Monsta Mack def Sterling James Keenan & Dirk Ciglar..

  4. MATCH: Josh Daniels def Devon Moore (said to be a great WRESTLING match)..

  5. MATCH: C.J. O'Doyle def Greg Spitz..

  6. MATCH: Chris Sabin def "Cowboy" James Storm (substitute for Trent Acid)..

  7. TAG TITLE RUMBLE: Blackball'd (Rockin' Rebel & Greg Matthews) won the Tag Team titles..
    • Also included: Monsta Mack & Damien Adams, Roadkill & Blue Meanie, Notorious Inc. (Drew Blood & Devon Moore)..
    • NWA East (Sterling James Keenan & Dirk Ciglar) and Cesar Smalls (who "didn't need partner")..

  8. IN THE RING: Jeremy Borash comes out to plug the June 10th Hardcore Homecoming show..

  9. FANS BRING WEAPONS MATCH: Abyss def The Messiah..
    • The match was cut short because Messiah took a ukulele shot to the back of the head that bled horribly..

  10. 3PW TITLE 3-WAY: Amish Roadkill def Slyck Wagner Brown and Simon Diamond to WIN the title!
  11. And that's a wrap..

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