3PW "A Funkin Classic"
May 3, 2003 - Philadelphia, PA

  1. OPENER: Trent Acid def Ric Blade..

  2. TAG MATCH: Hit squad def Rockin Rebel & Jeff Rocker..

  3. MATCH: Kid Kash def Homicide..

  4. MATCH: Balls Mahoney def Ian Rotten in a major bloodbath..

  5. 3WAY MATCH: Josh Daniels over Damian Adams & Chris Chetti..

  6. TAG MATCH: Blue Meanie & Roadkill def Christian York & Joey Matthews..

  7. 3PW TITLE MATCH: Gary Wolfe def Kevin Sullivan to retain..

  8. MATCH: Terry Funk def Jerry Lawler (Funk bled a ton)..
  9. And that's a wrap..

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