3PW "One Year Anniversary"
February 15, 2003 - Philadelphia, PA

  1. OPENER: Prince Nana def Jeff Rocker..

  2. MATCH: Raven def Blue Meanie in 11 seconds..

  3. MATCH: Rockin Rebel def Jason Knight..

  4. MATCH: Kid Kash def Kid Kruel..

  5. TAG MATCH: Balls Mahoney & Nosawa def Hit Squad (Mahoney & Nosawa split up after)..

  6. WET T-SHIRT CONTEST: Nicole Bass def several local strippers and Missy Hyatt..
    • Bass won by intimidating the judges..

  7. MATCH: Low Ki def Homicide..

  8. 3PW TITLE MATCH: Gary Wolfe def Xavier (the champ) & Raven to win the title..

  9. MAIN EVENT: Terry Funk def Sabu..
  10. And that's a wrap..

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