John Zandig
Real Name: John Corso (NOT Faretti)
Marital Status: Married to Debbie w/Children
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Larry Sharpe
Debut: 1994
Previous Gimmicks: The ICON (NWA Virginia)
Finishing Move: Mother F’n Bomb
Favorite Moves: Spiral Bomb
Falcon Arrow
Notable Feuds: Lobo
Rockin Rebel
Ian Rotten & IWA: Mid South
The Messiah

  • January 18, 2003 – CZW: Nate Hatred over Nick Mondo & Zandig in a death match which included 12,350 thumb tacks..
  • March 8, 2003 – CZW: John Zandig brings Combat Zone Wrestling back to Viking Hall, which he claims in now CZW ARENA!!
  • June 14, 2003 – CZW: Rockin Rebel defeated John Zandig in an “I Quit” match after members of IWA: Mid South invaded CZW!!
  • June 28, 2003 – CZW Extreme 8: John Zandig & Nick Gage defeated Messiah & Nate Hatred even after the IWA guys interfered..
  • July 20, 2003 – CZW: Ian Rotten defeated John Zandig after Messiah, Backseat Boys, B-Boy & Nate Hatred turned on CZW!!
  • July 26, 2003 – CZW: Zandig beats Nate Webb in the 1st round, but loses to Nick Mondo in the 2nd round of the ToD..
  • August 23, 2003 – CZW: Zandig defeated Ian Rotten in a Honeycomb Barbed Wire Explosive Cage Scaffold Match..
  • ~~~After the match, Ian Rotten proclaimed that he “respects” John Zandig..
  • September 13, 2003 – CZW Redesigned: Zandig was the victim of the sickest display in CZW history, being hung by his flesh by hooks..
  • ~~~Read this article by Obsessed With Wrestling’s own Mark Rose—CZW Crosses The Line
  • October 25, 2003 – CZW Italy: John Zandig defeated The Messiah to capture the CZW World title!!
  • December 13, 2003 – CZW: John Zandig & Team Ultraviolent defeated Team Hi-V in a vicious Cage of Death V elimination match!
  • December 27, 2003 – 3PW: John Zandig & Wifebeater defeated “Commissioner” Raven & Sandman..
  • January 17, 2004 – CZW: John Zandig & Wifebeater defeated Tony DeVito & New Jack in a STREET FIGHT 2K4..
  • March 5, 2004 – CZW: John Zandig got into a “worked” confrontation with Teddy Hart, and tossed him out of the building!
  • March 6, 2004 – CZW: The Messiah defeated John Zandig to recapture the CZW title in a Taipei, Boards with Nails Death Match..
  • ~~~Teddy Hart, who was was thrown out earlier, returned through the front door to attack Zandig and cost him the title!
  • March 27, 2004 – CZW Italy: The Messiah & Sabu & Adam Flash defeated Ian Knoxx & John Zandig & Wifebeater..
  • July 30, 2005 – Combat Zone Wrestling: John Zandig participated in the 2005 CZW Tournament of Death..
  • ~~~ROUND #1: John Zandig defeated Robby Mireno & Eddie Kingston in a Fans Bring The Weapons Handicap match..
  • ~~~SEMIFINALS: John Zandig defeated Toby Klein in a 2/3 Falls Light Tube Log Cabin match..
  • ~~~FINALS: Necro Butcher defeated Zandig and Nick Gage in a 3-WAY to win the Tournament of Death Trophy!
  • November 12, 2005 – CZW: Tough Crazy Bastards beat Nick Gage & J.C. Bailey (sub for Justice Pain) in a Shattered Dreams match..
  • ~~~After the match, John Zandig turned on the Tough Crazy Bastards and joined the H8 Club (Nick Gage & Justice Pain)..
  • December 10, 2005 – CZW: The H8 Club & John Zandig defeated Necro Butcher & Toby Klein & Joker in a Cage of Death match!
  • April 22, 2006 – ROH: ROH’s Jim Cornette & CZW’s John Zandig had a debate which ended in a big Interpromotional match..
  • ~~~Team CZW (Chris Hero & Necro Butcher & Super Dragon) defeated Team ROH (Samoa Joe & B.J. Whitmer & Adam Pearce)..
  • June 10, 2006 – CZW: Zandig & Lobo & The H8 Club beat Ruckus & Sabian & Joker & Eddie Kingston in a blood bath..
  • July 8, 2006 – Combat Zone Wrestling: Ruckus vs John Zandig ended in a No Contest in a Barbed Wire Ropes match..
  • July 29, 2006 – Combat Zone Wrestling: John Zandig participated in the 9th Annual Tournament of Death in Smyrna, Delaware..
  • ~~~Danny Havoc and DJ Hyde defeated John Zandig (eliminated) in a Barbed Wire & Panes of Glass Death Match..
  • December 9, 2006 – CZW: Nick Gage defeated John Zandig and Lobo and LuFisto in a vicious Cage of Death match..
  • ~~~John Zandig was the loser as the fall, and thus has to retire from wrestling (which is probably a good idea)..

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