Yvon Robert
Real Name:
Birthday: October 8, 1914
Hometown: Verdum, Quebec
Marital Status: Married to Leona
Height & Weight: 6′ – 250lbs
Trained by: Emil Maupas
Debut: April 9, 1932
Previous Gimmicks: Yvon “The Lion” Robert
The French Canadian Lion
Finishing Move: Rolling Shortarm Scissors
Favorite Moves: Drop Kick
Notable Feuds:
Joe Cox
Ernie Dusek
Din Lee
Juan Humberto
Warren Bockwinkel
Tiny Mills
Jack Kennedy
Billy Watson
Earl McCready
Notable Feuds:
Gene Kiniski
Danno O’Mahoney
Bill Longson
Killer Kowalski
Don Leo Jonathan
Bobby Managoff
Whipper Watson
Primo Carnera
Gorgeous George
Angelo Savoldi

  • (Montreal) International title (16 times between 1936-56);
  • American Wrestling Association World title (1936);
  • National Wrestling Association World title (1942);
  • (Montreal) British Empire title (1943);
  • (Toronto) Canadian Tag Team titles w/Whipper Watson (1953);
  • (Tennessee) World Tag Team titles (1957);

  • 1935: Yvon Robert got his first big exposure after attacking world champion Danno O’Mahoney during a match (between falls)..
  • July 1936: Yvon Robert pinned Danno O’Mahoney in Montreal to claim the World Heavyweight title (recognized in New England)..
  • 1942: Yvon Robert defeated “Wild” Bill Longston to become the NWA World title, in Montreal..
  • November 23, 1944 – Montreal: Yvon Robert beat Gino Garibaldi to recapture the AWA World title!
  • 1948: Yvon Robert vs Gorgeous George drew a Montreal-record gate of $21,000 and broke that record within a year..
  • 1953: Yvon Robert & Whipper Watson formed a tag team and won the Canadian Tag Team titles..
  • November 12, 1953 – Toronto: Billy Watson & Yvon Robert wrestled Al & Tiny Mills with Boxing Champion Joe Louis as referee..
  • 1959: Yvon Robert retired from the ring..

  • July 12, 1971: Yvon Robert died at his home in Laval (Quebec) at the age of 56..

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