Wrestler: The Wrestling Pro
Real Name: Leon Baxter
Birthday: June 4, 1938
Hometown: Dothan, Alabama
Marital Status: Divorced from Helen
Married to Sara
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 230 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1963
Previous Gimmicks: Tarzan Baxter
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves: German Suplex
Notable Feuds: Dick Dunn (Gulf Coast)
Danny Hodge
Jack Brisco
Ken Mantell

  • United States (Oklahoma) Junior Heavyweight title;
  • Gulf Coast Heavyweight title;
  • Alabama State Heavyweight title;
  • Mississippi State Heavyweight title;
  • United States Tag Team titles w/Mike Boyetee (2):
  • United States Tag Team titles w/Mysterious Medic (1);
  • Gulf Coast Tag Team titles w/The Mighty Yankee;
  • Gulf Coast Tag Team titles w/Duke Miller;
  • Gulf Coast Tag Team titles w/Wrestling Pro #2;
  • World (Gulf Coast) Junior Heavyweight title (unified with NWA Jr title in a match with Ken Mantell);
  • Southeastern (Knoxville) Tag Team titles w/Dick Dunn -as the Masked Superstars-;
  • World (Tennessee) Tag Team titles w/Dick Dunn -as the Masked Superstars-;

  • Leon Baxter started his career in Oklahoma under the name Tarzan Baxter..
  • Leon Baxter worked in Oklahoma, Gulf Coast, Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas under that name..
  • Leon Baxter also teamed with Juan Sebastian in the Carolinas and Georgia as the masked "Gauchos"..
  • 1970: Leon Baxter came to the Gulf Coast under a mask as the "Wrestling Pro" (a name he used until retirement)..
  • 1975: The Wrestling Pro made a short run in Oklahoma as The Wrestling Pro..
  • The Wrestling Pro had a longer run in Tennessee teaming with Dick Dunn as the "Masked Superstars"..
  • Leon Baxter held a fulltime job as a Sheriff's Deputy in Houston County (Dothan, Alabama) during his days as the Wrestling Pro..
  • Leon Baxter now occasionally works at the local stockyard in Dothan, Alabama..