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Wrestler: Wifebeater
Real Name: Matt Prince
Marital Status: Married w/Son
Height & Weight:
Trained by: The Pitbulls
Previous Gimmicks: Matt Martini.
Finishing Move: Chokenstein
Favorite Moves: Bearhug
Crotch Punch
Fallaway Slam
Sidewalk Slam
The Trailer Park Slam
Notable Feuds: John Zandig
Nate Hatred

  • CZW World Heavyweight title (3);
  • CZW Iron Man title (4);
  • CZW Tag Team titles w/Justice Pain;
  • BJPW/CZW Deathmatch title (not recognised by BJPW);
  • CZW Tournament Of Death Champion (2002);

  • October 11, 2003 - CZW: Nate Hatred defeated Nick Gage in a bloody "dog collar" match with help from The Messiah..
  • ~~~Hi-V issued a beatdown onto Nick Gage until the CZW-legend Wifebeater made a return to make the big save!
  • October 25, 2003 - CZW Italy: Wifebeater saved Zandig by chasing Nate Hatred & Adam Flash away with a weedwhacker..
  • November 15, 2003 - CZW: Messiah & Nate Hatred vs Wifebeater & Nick Gage went to a NO CONTEST in a "Double Dog Collar" match..
  • December 13, 2003 - CZW: Wifebeater & Team Ultraviolent defeated Team Hi-V in a vicious Cage of Death V elimination match!
  • December 27, 2003 - 3PW: John Zandig & Wifebeater defeated "Commissioner" Raven & Sandman..
  • January 17, 2004 - CZW: John Zandig & Wifebeater defeated Tony DeVito & New Jack in a STREET FIGHT 2K4..
  • January 24, 2004 - 3PW: "Pitbull" Gary Wolf defeated Wifebeater..
  • March 27, 2004 - CZW Italy: The Messiah & Sabu & Adam Flash defeated Ian Knoxx & John Zandig & Wifebeater..
  • April 3, 2004 - CZW: Wifebeater defeated Adam Flash..
  • April 9, 2004--IWA MS: J.C. Bailey & Necro Butcher beat Corporal Robinson & Wifebeater in fans bring the weapons match..
  • April 10, 2004--IWA Mid South Wrestling: Corporal Robinson vs Wifebeater in a 2/3 Falls Tables Match was ruled a NO CONTEST..
  • May 1, 2004 - CZW: The Messiah & Sabu & Adam Flash defeated Nick Gage & Trent Acid & Wifebeater..
  • June 12, 2004 - CZW: The Messiah beat Wifebeater in a vicious bloody "Unlucky 13/Panes of Glass" match to retain the CZW title..
  • July 24, 2004 - CZW ToD 3: Wifebeater defeated Mad Man Pondo in a "Fans Bring Weapons" match..
  • ~~~Second Round: Wifebeater defeated JC Bailey in a "Fans Bring Weapons" match..
  • ~~~Third Round: Wifebeater defeated Necro Butcher in an Ultraviolent Death Match to win the Tournament of Death 3!!!
  • August 14, 2004 - CZW: Wifebeater turned heel, siding with Justice Pain and attacking Homicide!
  • September 11, 2004 - CZW Night Show: Necro Butcher defeated The Wifebeater in a "4-Corners of Pain" match..
  • October 12, 2004: Wifebeater reportedly went to the home of Johnny Kashmere to "beat him up" (Real Life, Not Storyline)..
  • ~~~This incident was apparently stemming from negative comments Kashmere had made on the internet about CZW..
  • ~~~Editor's Note: I'd just like to say CZW is great, Wifebeater is great, everything Wifebeater does is great :)
  • October 30, 2004--AWS: Supreme & Kaos & Mongol beat Messiah & Adam Flash & Wifebeater in a WAR GAMES match..
  • December 11, 2004 - CZW: Wifebeater & Justice Pain defeated Nate Hatred & Nick Gage in the CAGE OF DEATH..
  • ~~~Nick Gage turned on Nate Hatred, and Justice Pain turned on Wifebeater, uniting REAL LIFE brothers Gage & Pain..
  • August 12, 2006 - CZW: Wifebeater (sub for J.C. Bailey) defeated Danny Havoc..