Wrestler: Vance Nevada
Real Name: Vern May
Birthday: December 31, 1975
Hometown: Brandon, Manitoba
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5' 11" - 223 lbs
Trained by: Ernest Rheault
Debut: May 13, 1993 - Winnipeg
Previous Gimmicks: "Heatseeker" Vance Nevada
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Andy Anderson
Spice Richards
Alex Rain
Todd Myers
Robby Royce
Eddie Watts
Beef Wellington
Chi Chi Cruz
Bobby Rude

  • Canadian Junior Heavyweight title (6);
  • NWA Canadian Heavyweight title ();
  • PWA (Pure Wrestling Association) Tag Team titles w/Ice defeating The Southside Stranglers (July 21, 2006);

  • May 1993: Vance Nevada debuted in River City Wrestling in Winnipeg against El Diablo..
  • Vance Nevada formed a tag team with Bugsy Sluggliano known as as Models Inc..
  • 1999: Vance Nevada took time off after being diagnosed with Scoliosis (twisted spine)..
  • October 8, 2004--ECCW: Scotty Mac vs Vance Nevada in Cage match ended in a NO CONTEST..
  • April 30, 2005--Independent Wrestling Mantoba: Rob Stardom defeated Vance Nevada..
  • June 17, 2005--NWA ECCW: Vance Nevada & Cremator defeated Ladies Choice & Dropkick Murphy..
  • October 21, 2005--NWA ECCW: Freddy Funk defeated Vance Nevada..
  • October 29, 2005--NWA ECCW: Vance Nevada defeated Layne Fontaine..
  • October 29, 2005--Power Zone Wrestling: Vance Nevada defeated senior referee Jim Dandy..
  • February 17, 2006--NWA ECCW: Vance Nevada defeated Volcano..
  • March 4, 2006--Power Zone Wrestling: Vance Nevada defeated Adrian Walls ..
  • March 25, 2006--NWA ECCW: Vance Nevada & Disco Fury defeated Rage & Vid Vain..
  • March 31, 2006--NWA ECCW: Vance Nevada defeated Horne...
  • April 8, 2006--NWA ECCW: SCUM (Wrathchild & Killswitch) defeated GOD (Vance Nevada & Disco Fury) by DQ ..
  • June 8, 2006--Premier Championship Wrestling: Rawskillz defeated Vance Nevada in the 1st Round of the Premier Cup!
  • June 9, 2006--High Impact Wrestling: Jumpin' Joe & Nikki Matthews beat Vance Nevada & Veronika Vice in a Mixed Tag..
  • June 10, 2006--High Impact Wrestling: Jumpin' Joe defeated Vance Nevada..
  • July 6, 2006--Premier Championship Wrestling: Vance Nevada defeated Rawskillz.. ... ... ... .
  • July 11, 2006--PowerZone Wrestling: Vance Nevada beat The Canadian Dream to retain the NWA Canadian Heavyweight title.
  • July 20, 2006--PWA/GLCW: Vance Nevada defeated Warhed. ... ... ... .. ... ... ... .
  • July 21, 2006--Pure Wrestling Association: Vance Nevada & Ice beat The Southside Stranglers to win the Tag Team titles
  • July 22, 2006--Pure Wrestling Association: The Wildboyz defeated Ice & Vance Nevada to win the PWA Tag Team titles...
  • July 23, 2006--Pure Wrestling Association: Ruffy Silverstein defeated Vance Nevada by DQ (Nevada retains Canadian title)..
  • July 29, 2006--NWA ECCW: Vance Nevada defeated Kurt Sterling | Vance Nevada defeated Heavy Metal ..
  • August 25, 2006--NWA ECCW TV Tapings: Vance Nevada defeated The Cremator | Vance Nevada defeated Toga Boy..
  • September 30, 2006--NWA ECCW TV Tapings: Honky Tonk Man defeated Vance Nevada by Disqualification..
  • October 11, 2006--PowerZone Wrestling: Vance Nevada beat The Canadian Dream to retain his NWA Canadian Heavyweight title!
  • October 27, 2006--NWA ECCW: Freddy Fun defeated Vance Nevada to win Canadian Heavyweight title....
  • November 4, 2006--NWA ECCW: Vance Nevada & Seth Knight & Azeem the Dream beat Halo & Volcano & Johnny Obsession
  • November 24, 2006--NWA ECCW: Honky Tonk Man & Johnny Canuck defeated Vance Nevada & Seth Knight