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Wrestler: Van Hammer
Real Name: Mark Hildreth
Birthday: November 11
Hometown: Hebron, MD
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'6" 280 lbs
Trained by: WCW Powerplant
Previous Gimmicks: Sgt Stash (WCW)
Hammer (WCW)
Finishing Move: Flashback (Double-Leg Wheelbarrow Slam)
Favorite Moves: Hammer Rocks (Slingshot Suplex)
Cobra Clutch Slam
Notable Feuds: Cactus Jack (WCW)
Perry Saturn (WCW)

  • Van Hammer returned to WCW, joining Raven's Flock..
  • Van Hammer (as Sgt Stash) was briefly a member of the Misfits in Action, before recieving his release from WCW..