Team: The Union
Members: Mankind ---------- Gallery
Test ---------------- Gallery
Big Show ---------- Gallery
Ken Shamrock ---- Gallery
Debut: 1999
Notable Feuds: The Corporation
The Ministry
The Corporate Ministry

The Union:
  • Mankind, Ken Shamrock, Big Show & Test all came together because they felt they were getting screwed by the Corporation..
  • ~~~The gimmick was a partial shot at Jesse Ventura, who tried to get a 'union' started in wrestling many times in the past..

    How The Big Show joined The Union:
  • March 28, 1999 - Wrestlemania 15: Mankind defeated "Big Show" Paul Wight by DQ to earn the right to referee the main event..
  • ~~~Vince McMahon came down and yelled at Paul Wight for messing up and getting disqualified..
  • ~~~Vince McMahon said that Paul Wight was a "nobody" so Wight hauled off and knocked McMahon out!
  • ~~~Vince McMahon had The Big Show arrested!

    How Ken Shamrock joined The Union:
  • March 29, 1999 - RAW: The Ministry abducted Stephanie McMahon and held her hostage until Ken Shamrock found her..
  • April 5, 1999 - RAW: The Ministry ambushed and abducted Ken Shamrock to punish him for ruining their plan last week..
  • ~~~The Ministry brought out Ken's sister Ryan Shamrock to the stage and strapped her to the symbol and sacrificed her!

    How Vince McMahon joined The Union:
  • Vince McMahon, who had been ousted from the Corporation, briefly led the Union into battle with the Corporation..
  • April 12, 1999 - RAW: Vince McMahon was slapped by Shane McMahon, who claimed that his father had forgotten his priorities..
  • ~~~Vince McMahon was later revealed as the "Higher Power" focusing his attention of his enemy Stone Cold Steve Austin..
  • ~~~The Ministry abducted Debra and Undertaker threatened to sacrifice her, but Ken Shamrock ran down with a baseball bat..
  • ~~~The Undertaker told Ken Shamrock that Ryan Shamrock was in the basement, so he ran down to rescue her..
  • ~~~It was only a trap though, as The Ministry ambushed and attacked Ken Shamrock & Mankind in the basement..
  • ~~~Ken Shamrock called out Undertaker, but The Ministry attacked him, and Triple H & Bossman made the save......
  • ~~~Suddenly though, Triple H & Bossman attacked Ken Shamrock by orders of Shane McMahon..
  • April 18, 1999 - Heat: Ken Shamrock defeated Test and Big Boss Man in a handicap match...

    How Mankind joined The Union:
  • April 19, 1999 - RAW: The Big Show beat Viscera by DQ (Taker & Viscera double-teamed Big Show until Mankind made the save!)
  • April 25, 1999 - Backlash: Mankind defeated The Big Show in a BOILER ROOM BRAWL..
  • ~~~Mankind escaped the Boiler Room to win the match only to be attacked by The Big Bossman & Test..
  • ~~~The Big Show emerged from the Boiler Room to make the save for Mankind..

    How Test joined The Union:
  • The Big Bossman turned on Test, at the orders of Shane McMahon, so Test joined the Union..

    The Union:
  • Steve Austin and The Rock were "implied" members, but never stood with them because of their 'loner' gimmicks..
  • April 26, 1999 - RAW: The Undertaker had an "Unholy Wedding" to Stephanie McMahon, who was strapped to the Symbol..
  • ~~~Ken Shamrock and The Big Show tried to stop the ceremony but they were both taken out by the Ministry..
  • ~~~Stone Cold Steve Austin was the one who emerged and saved Stephanie McMahon from the unholy wedding..
  • May 23, 1999 - Over The Edge: The Union defeated the Corporate Ministry (Acolytes / Viscera/ Big Bossman)..