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Wrestler: Uncle Elmer
Real Name: Stan Frazier
Birthday: August 16, 1937
Hometown: Pascagoula, Mississippi
Marital Status: Married on Saturday Night Main Event
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: Mid-60s
Previous Gimmicks: The Big Tex (Georgia)
Giant Tex Frazier (Georgia)
Jim Younger (Tennessee)
The Convict (L.A. & Japan)
"Tiny" Frazier (Gulf Coast)
Pascagoula Plowboy (Gulf Coast)
Big Rebel Frazier (Memphis)
Plowboy (Memphis)
Kamila II (Memphis)
Uncle Elmer (WWF)
Giant Hillbilly (Memphis)
Finishing Move: Chain Wrapped Fist (Convict)
Choke with Chain (Convict)
The Hillbilly Splash
Favorite Moves: Avalanche
Notable Feuds:
Sam Bass
Dick Murdoch
Count Drummer
Karl Kramer
Dream Machine
The Heartbreakers
John Studd
Bad Boy Hines
Dick Murdoch
Mr. Wrestling
Eddie Sullivan
Pedro Zapata
Jim Dalton
Jerry Lawler
Notable Feuds:
Big Tex McKenzie (Georgia)
Shoei Baba (Japan)
The Freebirds (Gulf Coast)
Blackjack Daniels
Nikita Mulkovitch
Donny Anderson
The Vachon Brothers
Roddy Piper (WWF)
Jesse Ventura (WWF)
Adrian Adonis (WWF)

  • Mid-America Heavyweight title -as The Convict- (Late 1965);
  • CWA (South Dakota) Heavyweight title -as The Convict- defeating The Sioux Warrior (June 21, 1983);
  • CWA (South Dakota) Tag Team titles -as The Covict- w/The Felon defeating The Indian Outlaws (July 3, 1983);

  • In The Beginning:
  • Late 1965: The Convict won the Mid America Heavyweight Championship in Columbus, Ohio..

    Big Tex:

    The Convict:
  • June 21, 1983: The Convict defeated The Sioux Warrior for the CWA Heavyweight title in Rapid City, South Dakota..
  • 1983: The Convict teamed up with "The Felon" known as "Felonious Assault" or "The Convicts" managed by The Alchemist..
  • July 3, 1983: Felonious Assault (The Convict & The Felon) defeated The Indian Outlaws to win the CWA Tag Team titles..
  • August 22, 1983: The Indian Outlaws defeated The Convict & The Felon by DQ to win back the CWA Tag Team titles..
  • *The Felon was played by a guy named Jeff Petit and the Indian Outlaws were Sioux Warrior & Lakota Joe Chaska..

  • Stan Frazier hit the big time out in Memphis with Jerry Jarrett & Jerry Lawler as "Plowboy"..
  • Stan Frazier was repackaged many times with new names like Giant Rebel, Lone Ranger, Kamala II, Giant Hillbilly & Tiny Frazier..
  • Stan Frazier also worked in Los Angeles as the Masked Convict and he took that gimmick to Japan where he feuded with Giant Baba..

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • Stan Frazier was picked up by the World Wrestling Federation and billed as Hillbilly Jim's "Uncle Elmer"..
  • ~~~Hillbilly Jim, Uncle Elmer, Cousin Luke & Cousin Junior made up the Hillbilly Family..

  • Stan Frazier ran his own small independent promotion and trained wrestlers, one of his pupils was Bob "Hardcore" Holly..
  • July 1, 1992: Stan Frazier passed away at the age of 61 and buried in Biloxi, Mississippi..

    Dale Pierce wrote:
    One of the funniest angles in Tennessee came when Plowboy lost his prized rooster to the Jimmy Hart stable. On the next television showing, Jimmy Hart, along with The Heartbreakers and others, came on with a tray of fried chicken they claimed was the rooster and ate it in front of the crowd. Some fans were actually crying, buying the whole routine.

    A hand-made fan's sign left behind at a Phoenix show, picked up by one of the wrestlers as the ring was being torn down and passed about after the arena cleared out, provoked great laughter. The sign said, "Uncle Elmer is the Only Uncle Of Wrestling." The sheer nonsense of the proclamation provoked much laughter among the ring crew and the wrestlers..
    Robert Louis Howell wrote:
    Stan Frazier appeared as Big Tex under his 'Convict' mask and was managed by The Assassins. The 'Big Tex' bit was a dig at the Professional's protege Tex MacKenzie as the Super Pro (Protege) was a dig at the pro. The Assassins were careful not to infringe on trademarks as they had successfully sued Mario Galento over the name of his Super Assassins. (Later Super Assailants) -- The Assassins allegedly traded Paul Demarco to Homer Odell in exchange for Big Tex and The Super Protege (Bogni).. Frazier and Bogni teamed for some matches without great success. Losing to The Professional and his Protege Tex Mackenzie. After The Assassins turned on Frazier, he and Bogni wrestled each other still under the masks..