Wrestler: Tyler Black
Real Name: Colby Lopez
Hometown: Buffalo, Iowa
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Danny Daniels
Previous Gimmicks: Gixx
Taj The Destroyer
Finishing Move: 360 Brainbuster Suplex
Phoenix Splash
Favorite Moves: 180 Corkscrew Enziguri Kick
Small Package Driver
Belly-to-Back Lift/Snap Flatliner
Inverted Huracanrana
Notable Feuds: Josh Abercrombie (IWA-MS)

  • Tyler Black formed a very successful tag team with Marek Brave known as "The Black & The Brave" in IWA: Mid South..
  • June 3, 2006--NWA No Limits: Eric Priest defeated Tyler Black........
  • August 11, 2006--IWA Mid South: Tyler Black defeated Josh Abercrombie in a non-title Hair vs. Mustache match...
  • August 25, 2006: Marek Brave beat Tyler Black in a brutal Ladder match to win the SCW (Scott County Wrestling) Heavyweight Title!
  • September 9, 2006--AAW: Tyler Black defeated Robert Anthony .......
  • September 30, 2006--IWA Mid South: Josh Abercrombie defeated Tyler Black in a Loser Leaves Town Match
  • October 5, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez w/Konnan) destroyed Tyler Black & Jeff Watson..
  • October 28, 2006--Jersey All Pro Wrestling: Low Ki defeated Tyler Black in Rahway, New Jersey ....
  • November 4, 2006--AAW: Tyler Black defeated Keith Walker in Berwyn, Illinois....

    Wrestling Society X + IWA: Mid South + Other Indies:
  • Tyler Black formed a tag team with Jimmy Jacobs called "Do It For Her" in Wrestling Society X..
  • November 11, 2006--WSX (TV Taping): Nate Webb & Josh Abercrombie defeated Do It For Her (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black)..
  • November 12, 2006--WSX (TV Taping): Do It For Her (Jacobs/Black) defeated That 70's Team (Joey Ryan & Disco Machine)..
  • November 12, 2006--WSX (TV Taping #2): Do It For Her defeated Team Dragon Gate (Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi).....
  • November 14, 2006--WSX (TV Taping #2): That 70's Team (Joey Ryan & Disco Machine) beat Do It For Her (Jacobs/Black)..
  • November 25, 2006--AAW: Mark Brave defeated Tyler Black in a No Rope Barbed Wire match
  • December 13, 2006--Prime Time Wrestling: Johnny Devine defeated Tyler Black in Belleville, Michigan...
  • December 16, 2006--AAW: Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence defeated Tyler Black & Danny Daniels in Berwyn, Illinois..
  • January 19, 2007--UWA Hardcore Wrestling: Tyler Black defeated Josh Abercrombie in Mississauaga, ONTARIO ..
  • January 20, 2007--AAW: Dan Lawrence & Ryan Boz defeated Tyler Black & Danny Daniels
  • February 2, 2007--NWA No Limits: Tyler Black defeated Woody Maguire
  • February 3, 2007--NWA No Limits: Tyler Black defeated Arik Cannon
  • February 10, 2007--Insane Wrestling Federation: N8 Mattson/Truth Martini/Zach Gowen beat Danny Daniels/Trik Davis/Tyler Black
  • February 19, 2007--All American Wrestling: Tyler Black defeated Tony Scarpone in Berwyn, Illinois..
  • March 2, 2007--Hermie Sadler's UWF: Human Tornado & Ruckus defeated M-Dogg20 & Tyler Black in a WSX Tag Team match