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Information: Hell in the Cell History
Wrestler: Triple H
Real Name: Paul Michael LeVesque
Birthday: July 27, 1969
Hometown: Originally: Nashua, New Hampshire
Billed from Greenwich, Connecticut
Resides in New York City
Marital Status: Once dated Chyna
Married to Stephanie McMahon
Height & Weight: 6'4" - 270 lbs
Trained by: Killer Kowalski
Debut: March 1992
Previous Gimmicks: Hunter Hearst Helmsley (WWF)
Terra Ryzin (WCW)
Jean Paul LeVesque (WCW)
Finishing Move: The Pedigree
Favorite Moves: Inverted Indian Deathlock
Knee to Face
Running neckbreaker
Running Knee Smash
Spinning Spinebuster
Sleeper Hold
Abdominal Stretch
Knee Drop
Figure Four Leg Lock
Mounted Punches
Hooking Clothesline
Blatant Choke
Notable Feuds
Tony Roy (Indy)
Alex Wright (WCW)
Henry Godwin
Nation of Domination
Vince McMahon
The Undertaker
The Rock
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Stone Cold
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Stephanie McMahon
Notable Feuds
Rob Van Dam
Bubba Dudley
Scott Stiener
Booker T
Kevin Nash
Bill Goldberg
Shawn Michaels
Chris Benoit
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
The Big Show
John Cena

  • IWF Heavyweight title defeating Tony Roy;
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating Marc Mero (October 26, 1996 - RAW);
  • WWF King of the Ring (June 1997);
  • WWF European title defeating Shawn Michaels (December 22, 1997 - RAW);
  • WWF European title defeating Owen Hart (March 17, 1998 - RAW);
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating The Rock (August 30, 1998 - Summerslam);
  • WWF Federation title defeating Mankind (August 23, 1999 - RAW);
  • WWF Federation title winning a "six-pack-challange" (September 26, 1999 - Unforgiven);
  • WWF Federation title defeating The Big Show (January 3, 2000 - RAW);
  • WWF Federation title defeating The Rock (May 21, 2000 - Judgment Day);
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating Chris Jericho (April 5, 2001 - Smackdown!);
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating Jeff Hardy (April 16, 2001 - RAW);
  • WWE Tag Team titles w/Steve Austin defeating Undertaker & Kane (April 30, 2001 - Backlash);
  • WWE Royal Rumble (January 2002);
  • WWF Undisputed title defeating Chris Jericho (March 17, 2002 - Wrestlemania X-8);
  • WWE World Heavyweight title awarded by GM Eric Bischoff (September, 2002 - RAW);
  • WWE World Heavyweight title defeating Shawn Michaels (December 15, 2002 - Armageddon);
  • WWE World Heavyweight title defeating Bill Goldberg & Kane (December 14, 2003 - Armageddon);
  • WWE World Heavyweight title defeating Randy Orton (September 12, 2004 - Unforgiven);
  • WWE World Heavyweight title defeating Batista & Orton & Benoit & Jericho & Edge in an Elimination Chamber (Jan 9, 2005);

  • In The Beginning:

    World Championship Wrestling:
  • November 1994 : Tony Schiavone commented on Jean Paul Levesque: "He and Alex Wright may be contenders for the CW title!"
  • December 27, 1994 - Starrcade: Alex Wright defeated Jean Paul Levesque..

    World Wrestling Federation - Hunter Heurst Helmsley:
  • May 1995: Paul Levesque debuts in the WWF as "Hunter Heurst Helmsley" -- a rich snob born with a silver spoon in his mouth..
  • April 28, 1995: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley (WWF debut) defeated Buck Zumhoff..
  • April 29, 1995 - WWF Challenge: Hunter Hearst Helmsley in his debut WWF Match defeated Buck Zumhoff...
  • May 22, 1995 - RAW: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated John Chrystal..
  • June 19, 1995 - RAW: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Buck Quartermaine..
  • July 10, 1995 - RAW: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Matt Hardy..
  • August 14, 1995 - RAW: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Jeff Hardy..
  • August 27, 1995 - Summerslam: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Bob Holly..
  • September 24, 1995 - In Your House 3: Fatu defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley..
  • October 02, 1995 - RAW: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Barry Horowitz..
  • October 16, 1995 - RAW: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Doink the Clown..
  • October 22, 1995 - In Your House 4: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Fatu..
  • November 13, 1995 - RAW: Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Henry Godwinn fought to a No Contest..
  • December 17, 1995 - Hunter Heart Helmsley defeated Henry O. Godwinn in a "Hog Pen" match..
  • January 21, 1996 - Royal Rumble: Duke Droese over Hunter Hearst Helmsley by a reverse decision to win #1 entry into the Rumble..
  • January 22, 1996 - RAW: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Razor Ramon by countout..
  • February 18, 1996 - In Your House 6: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley over Duke Droese..
  • May 13, 1996 - RAW: Shawn Michaels defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley..
  • March 31, 1996 - Wrestlemania 12: The Ultimate Warrior squashed Hunter Hearst-Helmsley..
  • April 28, 1997 - Good Friends, Better Enemies: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley over Marc Mero..
  • May 26, 1996 - Beware of Dog: Marc Mero over Hunter Hearst-Helmsley..
  • September 22, 1996 - Mind Games: Jake Roberts over Hunter Hearst-Helmsley..
  • October 20, 1996 - Buried Alive: Steve Austin over Hunter Hearst-Helmsley..
  • October 26, 1996 - RAW: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley pins Marc Mero to win the Intercontinental title with help from Mr. Perfect..
  • December 15, 1996 - It's Time: Marc Mero over Hunter Hearst-Helmsely (IC Champ) by count-out..
  • January 19, 1997 - Royal Rumble: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Goldust to retain the IC title..
  • February 13, 1997 - Tuesday RAW: Rocky Maivia defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley to capture the IC title!
  • February 16, 1997 - Final Four: Rocky Maivia over Hunter Hearst-Helmsley to retain the IC title..
  • March 23, 1997 - Wrestlemania 13: Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chyna defeated Goldust w/Marlena..
  • April 20, 1997 - Revenge of the Taker: Goldust over Hunter Hearst-Helmsley..
  • May 11, 1997 - Cold Day in Hell: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley over Flash Funk..
  • June 9, 1997 - King of the Ring: Hunter Heurst Helmsley beats Ahmed Johnson & Mankind to win the King of the Ring tournament!
  • July 6, 1997 - Canadian Stampede: Mankind vs Hunter Hearst-Helmsley went to a double count-out..
  • August 3, 1997 - Summerslam: Mankind defeated Hunter Hearst-Helmsley in a Cage match..
  • September 20, 1997 - One Night Only: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley over Dude Love..

    World Wrestling Federation - Degeneration X:
  • October 1997: Hunter Huerst Helmsley & Chyna is paired his real life best friend Shawn Michaels..
  • ~~~After Shawn Michaels helped screw Bret Hart out of the WWF title at Survivor Series 1997, DX was born!
  • ~~~The trio of Shawn Michaels, Hunter Helmsley & Chyna became known as Degeneration X..
  • December 6, 1997 - Degeneration X: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley defeated Sgt. Slaughter in a "Boot Camp" match..
  • December 22, 1997 - RAW: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley defeated Shawn Michaels when HBK laid down for HHH to give him the title..

    World Wrestling Federation - Degeneration X - Triple H:
  • October 6, 1997 - RAW: Shawn Michaels was the first to refer to Hunter Hearst Helmsley as "Triple H"..
  • ~~~This was done to drop the "snob" gimmick and become more "cool" with the fans, was then known by Triple H..
  • January 20, 1998 - RAW: Owen Hart defeated TAFKA Goldust (subbing for Triple H) to win the European title..
  • February 15, 1998 - No Way Out: Steve Austin/Owen Hart/Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie beat HHH/New Age Outlaws/Savio Vega..
  • March 17, 1998 - RAW: Triple H defeated Owen Hart to recapture the European title!
  • March 29, 1998 - Wrestlemania 14: Triple H beat Owen Hart to retain the European title..

    World Wrestling Federation - The NEW DX:
  • March 30, 1998 - RAW: Triple H takes over leadership of Degeneration X and recruits The New Age Outlaws & X-Pac!
  • April 26, 1998 - Unforgiven: Triple H defeated Owen Hart..
  • May 2, 1998 - Over the Edge: Owen Hart/D-Lo Brown/Kama Mustafa over Triple H & the New Age Outlaws..
  • July 20, 1998 - RAW: DLo Brown defeated Triple H to capture the European championship!
  • July 26, 1998 - Fully Loaded: The Rock (IC Champ) vs Triple H goes to a DRAW in a best 2/3 falls match..
  • August 30, 1998 - Summerslam: Triple H defeated The Rock in a "Ladder" match to win the IC title!
  • December 6, 1998 - Capitol Carnage: Triple H defeated Jeff Jarrett..
  • December 13, 1998 - Rock Bottom: Triple H defeated Droz in a "dark" match..
  • February 14, 1999 - St Valentines Day Massacre: Kane & Chyna defeated Triple H & X-Pac..
  • March 28, 1999 - Wrestlemania 15: Kane beat Triple H by DQ (Chyna turned on Kane and rejoined HHH & DX)..
  • ~~~In a major swerve later that night, Triple H & Chyna both turned on DX and joined The Corporation!!..
  • April 25, 1999 - Backlash: Triple H defeated XPac..
  • May 16, 1999 - No Mercy UK: Steve Austin beat The Undertaker and Triple H in an "anything goes triangle" match to retain..
  • May 23, 1999 - Over the Edge: The Rock defeated Triple H by DQ when HHH attacked the referee..
  • July 25, 1999 - Fully Loaded: Triple H beat The Rock..
  • Summerslam 1999: Mankind defeated Steve Austin (Champion) & Triple H to win the WWF title!
  • August 23, 1999 - RAW: Triple H defeated Mankind to win his first WWF title!
  • September 16, 1999 - Smackdown!: Vince McMahon defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley to win the WWF title!!
  • ~~~After the match, Vince McMahon forfieted the title and set up a six-pack challange for the vacant title..
  • September 23, 1999 - Smackdown!: Vince McMahon said Triple H had to win 3/5 matches to enter the Six-Pac Challenge Match..
  • ~~~The Big Show defeated Triple H in a Chokeslam match | Triple H defeated Kane in an Inferno match...
  • ~~~Mideon & Viscera defeated Triple H in a Casket match | Triple H defeated Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl...
  • ~~~Triple H defeated The Rock in a Brahma Bull Strap Match (Thus HHH will be in the Six Pack Challenge at Unforgiven)...
  • September 26, 1999 - Unforgiven: Triple H won a "six pack challange" to win the vacant Federation championship!
  • ~~~Other participants in the match were: The Rock, Big Show, Kane, Mankind & Davey Boy Smith with Steve Austin as referee..
  • October 2, 1999 - Rebellion: Triple H defeated The Rock in a "steel cage" match to retain the WWF title!
  • October 11, 1999 - RAW: Steve Austin & Jim Ross vs Triple H & Chyna ended in a No Contest after a brawl!
  • ~~~Steve Austin brawled backstage with Triple H and locked him in a room with a real life rattle snake and turned off the lights!
  • October 14, 1999 - SD!: Triple H showed up with a snake bite on his face and demanded that Steve Austin come out and apologize..
  • ~~~
  • October 17, 1999 - No Mercy: Triple H defeated Steve Austin in an "anything goes" match to retain the WWF title..
  • November 14, 1999 - Survivor Series: The Big Show defeated Triple H (Champ) & The Rock to win the WWF title!
  • November 29, 1999 - RAW: Triple H interupted the wedding of Stephanie McMahon and Test..
  • ~~~Triple H revealed that he had drugged and married Stephanie the night before in Las Vegas..
  • December 12, 1999 - Armageddon: Triple H defeated Vince McMahon when Stephanie turned on her father and joined Triple H!

    World Wrestling Federation - McMahon/Helmsley:
  • January 3, 2000 - RAW: Triple H defeated The Big Show to win back the WWF title!
  • January 2000 - Royal Rumble: Triple H defeated Cactus Jack in a "street fight"..
  • February 3, 2000 - Smackdown!: Triple H (WWF Champion) defeated Chris Benoit (who never lost the WCW title)..
  • February 27, 2000 - No Way Out: Triple H defeated Cactus Jack in a brutal "hell in a cell" match to retire Mick Foley!
  • April 2, 2000 - Wrestlemania 16: Triple H defeated The Rock, Mick Foley and the Big Show in a Fatal Four Way to retain..
  • April 20, 2000 - Smackdown!: Triple H (WWF Champion) defeated Tazz (ECW Champion)..
  • April 30, 2000 - Backlash: The Rock defeated Triple H to win the WWF title with Shane McMahon as referee..
  • May 21, 2000 - Judgment Day: Triple H beat The Rock in a "60-minute iron man" match to recapture the WWF title!
  • June 25, 2000 - King of the Ring: The Rock / Kane / The Undertaker beat Triple H / Vince / Shane McMahon..
  • ~~~The Rock defeated Vince McMahon, and due to a stipulation, the Rock won the WWF title!
  • July 23, 2000 - Fully Loaded: Triple H beat Chris Jericho in a "Last Man Standing" match..
  • August 27, 2000 - Summerslam: The Rock defeated Kurt Angle and Triple H to retain the WWF title..
  • September 24, 2000 - Triple H defeated Kurt Angle in a "No-DQ" match..
  • October 22, 2000 - No Mercy: Triple H defeated Chris Benoit..

    World Wrestling Federation - Triple H:
  • November 6, 2000 - RAW: Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle & Rikishi ended in a No Contest in a Handicap match..
  • ~~~Triple H (who received a huge face pop) ran out with everyone thinking he was going to help Steve Austin..
  • ~~~He instead attacked Austin with a sledge hammer and revealed he was the mastermind behind getting Austin run over..
  • November 19, 2000 - Survivor Series: Triple H vs Steve Austin went to a NO CONTEST in a "No-DQ" match..
  • ~~~The match ended with Steve Austin dropped the car Triple H was in from a crane operated forklift!
  • December 10, 2000 - Armageddon: Kurt Angle beat Rock, Austin, Rikishi, HHH, & Taker in a Hell in a Cell match!
  • January 21, 2001 - Royal Rumble: Kurt Angle defeated Triple H to retain the WWF title when Steve Austin intefered..
  • February 25, 2001 - No Way Out: Triple H beat Steve Austin in a 3-match-series grudge match..
  • ~~~1) SCSA beat HHH in a regular match 2) HHH beat SCSA in a "street fight" 3) HHH beat SCSA in a "cage" match..
  • April 1, 2001 - Wrestlemania 17: The Undertaker defeated Triple H..

    World Wrestling Federation - Cerebral Assassin:
  • April 2, 2001 - RAW: Triple H ran out during the conclusion of the Cage match between The Rock & Steve Austin..
  • ~~~Everyone thought he was going to help The Rock, but instead he attacked him and alligned with Steve Austin!
  • ~~~Steve Austin, Triple H and Vince McMahon became a powerful group collectively known as the Power Trip..
  • April 5, 2001 - Smackdown!: Triple H defeated Chris Jericho to win the Intercontinental title..
  • April 12, 2001 - Smackdown!: Jeff Hardy defeated Triple H in an upset to win the IC title!
  • April 16, 2001 - RAW: Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy to recapture the IC title..
  • April 29, 2001 - Backlash: Triple H & Steve Austin beat Undertaker & Kane to win the WWF Tag Team titles!
  • ~~~HHH becomes only the second ever Grand Slam winner hes won all the major titles in the WWF (HBK is the only other)..
  • May 20, 2001 - Judgment Day: Kane defeated Triple H in a "Chain" match to win the IC title..
  • May 21, 2001 - RAW: Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit defeated Steve Austin & Triple H for the Tag Team titles!
  • ~~~During the match, Triple H suffers a major injury to his Quadracept, requiring major surgury and 7-8 months rehab..
  • October 2001: Triple H laces up his boots and begins working out inside a ring for the first time since going down to his injury..
  • November 2001: Triple H wins a celebrity edition of NBC's "The Weakest Link", outlasting Stephanie McMahon in the final round..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Game Returns:
  • January 7, 2002 - RAW: Triple H makes his long awaited return with a new elaborate entrance and WITHOUT Stephanie McMahon..
  • Royal Rumble 2002: Triple H wins the Royal Rumble match, securing a World Title match at Wrestlemania 18 in Toronto..
  • No Way Out 2002: Kurt Angle defeated Triple H to win the "title shot" for WM with Stephanie McMahon as referee..
  • February 18, 2002 - RAW: Triple H beats Kurt Angle to win back his Wrestlemania title shot (match ordered by Ric Flair)..
  • March 11, 2002 - RAW: A week before WM18, Y2J hits Triple H's leg with a sledgehammer, reinjuring his quad muscle (storyline)..
  • Wrestlemania X-8 - Toronto Skydome: Triple H defeated Chris Jericho to become to Undisputed WWF Champion!
  • March 25, 2002 - RAW: Triple H beats Chris Jericho & Stephanie McMahon in a triple threat match..
  • ~~~By pinning his "wife" Stephanie, Triple H knocks her out of the WWF!
  • March 28, 2002 - Smackdown!: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle defeated Triple H & Ric Flair with help from the Undertaker..
  • April 1, 2002 - RAW: Ric Flair presents a new WWF Championship Belt to Triple H to replace the two existing belts (WCW & WWF)..
  • April 21, 2002 - Backlash: Hulk Hogan defeated Triple H for the WWF Undisputed title!! - They shake hands afterwards..
  • May 2, 2002 - Smackdown!: Hulk Hogan defeated Chris Jericho when Triple H plays mind games with Y2J..
  • May 9, 2002 - Smackdown!: Triple H is busted open by Chris Jericho in the first segment of the show..
  • ~~~At the end of the show, Chris Jericho lays Triple H out in the center of the ring to end the program..
  • May 19, 2002 - Judgement Day: Triple H defeated Chris Jericho in a brutal and bloody Hell in a Cell match..
  • May 23, 2002 - Smackdown!: Triple H (in bandages) defeated Lance Storm -- Triple H is attacked by Test later in the evening..
  • May 30, 2002 - Smackdown!: The Undertaker causes a bruised and bandaged Triple H to lose a match to Test..
  • June 6, 2002 - Smackdown!: Triple H co-wins a battle royal for the #1 Contendership with Hulk Hogan..
  • ~~~Vince McMahon orders a match between the two to decide a true #1 Contender..
  • ~~~Triple H defeated Hulk Hogan to get a title shot at The Undertaker at King of the Ring..
  • June 23, 2002 - King of the Ring: The Undertaker defeated Triple H, when The Rock accidentally hits Triple H with a steel chair!

    World Wrestling Federation - HHH vs HBK:
  • July 18, 2002 - Smackdown: Triple H says he will make his decision at Vengeance if he will go with RAW or SMACKDOWN!..
  • July 21, 2002 - Vengeance: Triple H decides to join his best friend, Shawn Michaels, on the RAW brand show!
  • July 22, 2002 - RAW: Eric Bischoff announces that Shawn Michaels will be Triple H's manager..
  • ~~~Shawn Michaels doesn't like that and takes a fit but Triple H convinces Shawn Michaels to reform DX..
  • ~~~Triple H ends up turning on Shawn Michaels and giving him a pedigree in the middle of the ring!
  • July 29, 2002 - RAW: Triple H goes to the ring and calls out Shawn Michaels to "talk" things over..
  • ~~~A stage manager informs HHH that something has happened to Shawn Michaels in the parking lot..
  • ~~~HHH races back to find Shawn Michaels' inconcious and bloody from having his head thrown through a car window!
  • August 5, 2002 - RAW: Triple H investigates backstage trying to find out who attacked Shawn Michaels last week..
  • ~~~HHH approaches Booker T, Big Show & The Anti-Americans for interrogations..
  • ~~~HHH later talks to Shawn Michaels via satelite, and Shawn says that he was given a security video of the incident last week..
  • ~~~Shawn Michaels shows the enhanced version of the video which shows that it was TRIPLE H who attacked him!
  • ~~~Triple H laughs, and admits to it, and says that he did it to protect Shawn from himself..
  • ~~~Shawn Michaels then challanges Triple H to a match at SummerSlam!
  • August 10, 2002 - Global Warming: The Rock defeated Brock Lesnar & Triple H in a triple threat match to retain the Undisputed title..
  • August 12, 2002 - RAW: The UnAmericans & Triple H defeated The Rock/Undertaker/Booker/Goldust in a crazy 8-man tag match..
  • August 19, 2002 - RAW: The Rock vs Triple H ends in a NO CONTEST when Brock Lesnar (sitting front row) & HBK interferes..
  • ~~~The Rock chases Brock Lesnar through the crowd as Shawn Michaels leaps over the top rope onto Triple H!
  • August 25, 2002 - Summerslam: Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H is the best match of the night..
  • ~~~After the match, HHH attacks Shawn Michaels with a sledgehammer, resulting in Michaels being stretchered out of the arena..

    World Wrestling Federation - The World Champion:
  • August 26, 2002 - RAW: Triple H defeated The Undertaker to be named #1 Contender for Brock Lesnar's Undisputed championship..
  • ~~~By the end of the show, Stephanie McMahon had announces that the Undisputed title would be exclusive to Smackdown!
  • September 2, 2002 - RAW: Triple H is awarded a new RAW "World" title by Eric Bischoff and presented with the old WCW title belt..
  • ~~~Triple H went on to successfully defend the title against Ric Flair on that very night..
  • ~~~Later in the night, Rob Van Dam & Ric Flair defeated Triple H & Chris Jericho (RVD pinned HHH)..
  • September 9, 2002 - RAW: Triple H 'barely' defeated Spike Dudley!
  • September 16, 2002 - RAW: Triple H is attacked and bloodied by RVD before a match.. Triple H went on to defeat Jeff Hardy..
  • September 22, 2002 - Unforgiven: Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam with help from Ric Flair to retain the World title..
  • September 23, 2002 - RAW: Triple H & Ric Flair defeated Rob Van Dam & Bubba Dudley - RVD puts Triple H through a table after!
  • September 30, 2002 - RAW: Triple H defeated Bubba Dudley to retain the World title..
  • October 2002: Paul Levesque (HHH) joined the long list of wrestlers testifying that Nicole Bass was not a good worker inside the ring..
  • ~~~When he was asked under oath if his relationship with Stephanie was serious, he said, "I'd say it is"..
  • ~~~The main question being asked was if he'd ever walked in on Alicia Webb while she was in the bathroom (She had said he did)..

    World Wrestling Federation - Katie Vick & Kane:
  • October 7, 2002 - RAW Roulette: Triple H defeated DLo Brown in a non-title Blindfold Match with help from Ric Flair..
  • ~~~Later in the night, Triple H accuses Kane of murdering a woman named "Katie Vick" 10 years ago (Hall "OWW" Shame)..
  • October 14, 2002 - RAW: Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam in a "Canadian Lumberjack Strap Match"..
  • ~~~Earlier, HHH accused Kane of not only murdering Katie Vick, but raping her, either before or after she was dead (lame)..
  • October 20, 2002 - No Mercy: Triple H defeated Kane to retain the World title (suprise suprise)..
  • October 21, 2002 - RAW: Triple H plays a video of Kane raping Katie Vick's corpse, but it is actually HHH with a Kane mask (lame)..
  • ~~~Later on RVD/Kane defeated HHH/Flair -- Kane throws HHH in the trunk of a car and drives off into the night!
  • October 28, 2002 - RAW: Kane defeated Triple H (non title match) in a Casket match, when HBK pops out of the casket and kicks HHH..

    World Wrestling Federation - World Champion:
  • November 4, 2002 - RAW: Booker T & Kane defeat Triple H & Chris Jericho with a little help from Shawn Michaels' superkick!
  • November 11, 2002 - RAW: Triple H defeated Booker T -- After the match, HBK, Kane, RVD, Y2J enter and we have a 6way brawl!!
  • November 12, 2002 - Super Tuesday: HHH, Y2J, Christian, Rosey & Jamal defeat Booker, Kane, RVD, Jeff Hardy & Bubba Dudley..
  • November 17, 2002 - Survivor Series: HBK beats HHH, RVD, Y2J, Booker & Kane in the Elimination Chamber to win the World title!
  • ~~~HHH was rushed to the hospital after the match with an unknown throat injury suffered when RVD frog splashed him..
  • ~~~HHH remained in the hospital overnight and doctors are currently running tests on him to find out the nature of the throat injury..
  • November 25, 2002 - RAW: Triple H returns to spoil the Shawn Michaels vs Rob Van Dam main event..
  • December 2, 2002 - RAW: Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam in a #1 Contenders match with Shawn Michaels as the referee..
  • December 9, 2002 - RAW: Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy, after the match HHH & Flair question Shawn Michaels' heart..
  • ~~~At the end of the show, Shawn Michaels throws Triple H into a dumpster and jumps off a trailer onto him!
  • December 15, 2002 - Armageddon: Triple H defeated Shawn Michaels in a three match series to win the WWE World Heavyweight title!
  • ~~~1) HHH b HBK in a street fight :: 2) HBK b HHH in a cage match :: 3) HHH b HBK in a ladder match!
  • December 16, 2002 - RAW: Triple H is given a "HHH Appreciation Ceremony" but is interupted by Scott Steiner!
  • ~~~Scott Stiener signs a RAW contract, which includes a World title shot at Royal Rumble!!
  • December 23, 2002 - RAW: Scott Stiener humiliates Triple H in an arm wrestling match..

    World Wrestling Federation - vs Big Poppa Pump:
  • January 6, 2003 - RAW: Triple H defeated Scott Stiener in a pose-down with the help of six bogus judges out of the crowd..
  • January 13, 2003 - RAW: Scott Stiener humilaites Triple H by ripping the suit right off of him leaving him half naked..
  • January 14, 2003 - RAW X: Triple & Stephanie win the SHUTTUP AND KISS ME award which made for an interesting moment..
  • January 19, 2003 - Royal Rumble: Scott Stiener defeated Triple H by disqualification (HHH retains) when HHH uses the sledgehammer..
  • January 20, 2003 - RAW: Scott Stiener beat Batista by DQ when Ric Flair, Randy Orton & HHH interfered and demolish Steiner..
  • January 27, 2003 - RAW: Triple H & Batista defeat Kane & Rob Van Dam after Batista ripped off Kane's mask..
  • ~~~After the match, Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair & Randy Orton once again demolish Scott Stiener..
  • Febuary 17, 2003 - RAW: Booker T & Scott Stiener defeated Triple H & Batista dispite interference from Flair & Orton..
  • February 23, 2002 - No Way Out: Triple H defeated Scott Stiener AGAIN to retain the World title in ANOTHER HORRIBLE match..
  • March 10, 2003 - RAW: Triple H defeated a top contender for the World title, Maven..

    World Wrestling Federation - vs Booker T:
  • March 17, 2003 - RAW: Triple H defeated Goldust in a "non-title" match after Randy Orton intefered from the crowd!
  • March 24, 2003 - RAW: Booker T & Goldust defeat Triple H & Ric Flair 6 days before Wrestlemania 19!!
  • March 30, 2003 - Wrestlemania 19: Triple H defeateded Booker T in a shocker (sarcasm) to retain the World title..
  • March 31, 2003 - RAW: Triple H beat The Hurricane in a non title match - Later, Booker beat Y2J by DQ after Flair & HHH interfere..
  • ~~~Shawn Michaels makes the save, but Chris Jericho, Triple H & Ric Flair beat the living hell out of Shawn Michaels & Booker T..
  • April 7, 2003 - RAW: Booker T & Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho & Triple H in a tag team match..
  • ~~~After the match, Y2J, HHH & Ric Flair brutally attack Shawn Micheals & Booker until Kevin Nash returns to make the save!

    World Wrestling Federation - vs Kevin Nash:
  • April 14, 2003 - RAW: The Hurricane & Booker T defeated Triple H & Ric Flair -- HBK/Jericho/Nash join in the brawl after..
  • April 21, 2003 - RAW: Triple H vs Booker T is ruled a NO CONTEST when referee HBK, Jericho, Flair & Nash get involved..
  • ~~~Jericho/Flair interfered to save the World title for HHH, who would give Kevin Nash a low-blow as the show goes off the air..
  • April 27, 2003 - Backlash: Triple H/Chris Jericho/Ric Flair defeated Booker T/Shawn Michaels/Kevin Nash..
  • ~~~Triple H had to use a sledgehammer on Kevin Nash before he pinned him to win the match for his team..
  • April 28, 2003 - RAW: Kane & Rob Van Dam defeated Triple H & Ric Flair to retain after Kevin Nash chased Triple H out of the arena..
  • May 5, 2003 - RAW: Kevin Nash & Triple H get into a boring 10 minute slow-motion brawl that totally killed the Halifax audience..
  • May 12, 2003 - RAW: Ric Flair defeated the Hurricane but has his thunder stolen when Triple H comes out to steal the Spotlight..
  • May 18, 2003 - Judgment Day: Kevin Nash defeated Triple H by DQ when HHH whacks Earl Hebner with a sledgehammer!
  • May 19, 2003 - RAW: Triple H defeated Ric Flair in a thrilling match - whoo! - to retain the World title!!
  • May 26, 2003 - RAW: Triple H defeated Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels when Flair turned on Michaels and reformed the Evolution!
  • June 2, 2003 - RAW: Triple H/Ric Flair/Randy Orton defeated Kevin Nash/Shawn Michaels/Hurricane in a 6man tag..
  • June 9, 2003 - RAW: Triple H bullies and batters the returning Mick Foley inside of Cell leading up to Sunday's PPV..
  • June 15, 2003 - Bad Blood: Triple H defeated Kevin Nash in a Hell in a Cell match with Mick Foley as the referee..

    World Wrestling Federation - Still the Champion:
  • June 23, 2003 - RAW: Triple H defeated Kane in a "Mask vs Title" match resulting in Kane being forced to UNMASK!
  • June 30, 2003 - RAW: Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the World title with help from Ric Flair & Randy Orton..
  • July 7, 2003 - RAW: Triple H defeated Maven in a match TAPED FOR SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT!
  • July 20, 2003 - House Show: Triple H defeated Bill Goldberg in their first ever one-on-one matchup..
  • July 21, 2003 - RAW: Bill Goldberg finally confronts Triple H, who backs down instead of dealing with Goldberg's threats..
  • August 24, 2003 - Summerslam: Triple H beat Goldberg, Randy Orton, Y2J, S.Michaels & Kevin Nash in an Elimination Chamber..
  • September 1, 2003 - RAW: Bill Goldberg / Maven / Shawn Michaels beat Triple H / Ric Flair / Randy Orton..
  • September 8, 2003 - RAW: Bill Goldberg & Randy Orton vs Triple H & Ric Flair went to a NO CONTEST after triple-teaming Goldberg..
  • September 13, 2003 - Live Event: Triple H beat Randy Orton & Ric Flair to retain the World title in a farce..
  • September 14, 2003 - Live Event: Triple H w/Randy Orton beat Ric Flair w/Arn Anderson in North Carolina..
  • September 15, 2003 - RAW: Triple H throws a "Going Away Party" for Goldberg, but Goldberg shows up and gorilla press slams HHH!
  • September 21, 2003 - Unforgiven: Bill Goldberg FINALLY defeated Triple H to capture the World Heavyweight title!
  • September 22, 2003 - RAW: Triple H proclaims that the WWE fans need HIM more than he needs THEM.....
  • September 29, 2003 - RAW: Triple H (taped) issues a $100,000 bounty to anybody who take "take Bill Goldberg out of the game"..
  • October 25, 2003: Paul Levesque (Triple H) & Stephanie McMahon officially get married (IRL) in front of 320 friends and co-workers..
  • ~~~HHH's wedding party consisted of William Regal, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels & Undertaker. HHH's father was his best man.
  • November 10, 2003 - RAW: Bill Goldberg defeated Batista by DQ when Triple H interfered with a sledgehammer..
  • November 16, 2003 - Survivor Series: Bill Goldberg used a sledgehammer to defeat HHH dispite interference by members of Evolution..
  • November 17, 2003 - RAW: Triple H/Batista/Randy Orton defeated Bill Goldberg in a Handicap match..
  • ~~~After the match, Kane came down to chase off Evolution, and then gave Goldberg a big chokeslam from hell!
  • November 24, 2003 - RAW ROULETTE: Bill Goldberg vs Triple H (NO CONTEST) Kane ran down and chokeslammed Goldberg again!
  • December 14, 2003 - Armageddon: Triple H defeated Kane & Bill Goldberg in a triple threat to recapture the World title!
  • December 15, 2003 - RAW: Rob Van Dam & Shawn Michaels beat Triple H/Ric Flair/Batista (HBK pinned HHH)..
  • December 29, 2003 - RAW: Triple H and Shawn Michaels fought in a 40-minute battle which ended in a double pin!
  • ~~~Eric Bischoff, who was acting as referee, declared that in the event of a tie, the title stays with the champion!
  • Janaury 5, 2004 - RAW: Triple H & Shawn Michaels go face-to-face, ending with HHH giving HBK the pedigree in the ring!
  • Janaury 12, 2003 - RAW: Triple H & Shawn Michaels go face-to-face again, HBK superkicks Coach to proove it only takes 1 second!
  • January 25, 2004 - Royal Rumble: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels went to a DRAW in a "Last Man Standing Match (HHH retains title!)
  • Janaury 26, 2003 - RAW: Triple H & Shawn Michaels argue over who the better man is, until they are interrupted by... Chris Benoit!
  • ~~~Benoit goes on to let them know he doesn't care which of them is champion, he's going to take it at Wrestlemania!
  • February 9, 2004 - RAW: During the HHH/Benoit contract signing, HBK superkicked Benoit and signed his name on the contract!
  • February 16, 2003 - RAW: Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Benoit with distraction from Triple H, who attacked HBK after the match!
  • March 14, 2004 - Wrestlemania XX: Chris Benoit beat Triple H & Shawn Michaels to capture the World Title by making HHH tap out!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Smackdown!:
  • March 22, 2004 - Draft Lottery: Triple H gets drafted to Smackdown! and Paul Heyman decides to give him a WWE title shot!
  • ~~~Eddie Guerrero vs Triple H in the main event ended with all members of the RAW & Smackdown! rosters brawling!..
  • March 23, 2004: Eric Bischoff announces that he traded the Dudleyz & Booker T to get Triple H back on RAW!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Back on RAW:
  • March 29, 2004 - RAW: Shelton Benjamin scored an upset victory over Triple H in the main event of the night!!!!!!!!
  • April 5, 2004 - RAW: Shelton Benjamin beats Triple H for the second week in a row, this time by COUNT OUT victory!.
  • April 12, 2004 - RAW: Michaels & Foley & Benoit & Benjamin beat Evolution (HHH/Ric Flair/Randy Orton/Batista) in the main event..
  • April 18, 2004 - Backlash: Chris Benoit defeated Triple H & Shawn Michaels in a 3-WAY to retain the World title!
  • April 26, 2004 - RAW: Triple H defeated Tajiri after Tajiri had spewed green mist on HHH's face earlier in the night..
  • May 3, 2004 - RAW: Shelton Benjamin & Tajiri & Edge defeated Evolution (Triple H/Randy Orton/Batista)..
  • ~~~Later, Chris Benoit defeated Shawn Michaels when HHH pedigreed them both and drapped Benoit's arm over Michaels!
  • May 10, 2004 - RAW: Triple H vs Shelton Benjamin is a NO CONTEST when Shawn Michaels shows up and attacks Triple H!
  • May 17, 2004 - RAW: Triple H was in the final two of a #1 Contenders Battle Royal but HBK appeared and caused his elimination!
  • May 24, 2004 - RAW: Triple H & Shawn Michaels brawl throughout the entire night until Eric Bischoff books a Hell in a Cell match!
  • June 7, 2004 - RAW: Shawn Michaels ran up to the Evolution SkyBox and brawled with Triple H as the show closed..
  • June 13, 2004 - Bad Blood: Triple H defeated Shawn Michaels in a vicious 50-minute Hell in a Cell match!
  • June 14, 2004 - RAW: Jim Ross tries to initiate a handshake between Triple H & Shawn Michaels after their Hell in a Cell match..
  • ~~~Kane showed up and attacked Shawn Michaels (HHH ran away) and put HBK's head between a folding chair and stomped it!
  • ~~~A bloodied HBK was stretchered out as is out of action with a "crushed larynx" (storyline)..
  • June 21, 2004 - RAW: Triple H vs Eugene Dinsmore ended in a NO CONTEST when Chris Benoit ran in to save Eugene from HHH..
  • ~~~The match started off playfully, but when Eugene got some offense, Triple H turned on him and beat him up!
  • ~~~Chris Benoit ran down to chase Evolution away but accidentally whacked Eugene out cold with a chairshot!
  • ~~~Triple H snuck up behind Chris Benoit and give him a low blow and a Pedigree!
  • June 28, 2004 - RAW: Triple H defeated William Regal by DQ with Eugene as referee..
  • ~~~Triple H tried to use brass knuckles, but Eugene saw them when William Regal picked them up and DQ'd him!
  • ~~~Eugene went nuts and attacked William Regal until Evolution pulled him off..
  • July 5, 2004 - RAW in Winnipeg: Triple H & Ric Flair & Eugene Dinsmore defeated Chris Benoit & Edge (HHH pinned Benoit)..
  • July 11, 2004 - Vengeance: Chris Benoit defeated Triple H to retain the World Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Eugene got involved late in the match, and accidentally whacked Triple H with a steal chair, costing him the match!
  • July 12, 2003 - RAW: Chris Benoit vs Eugene Dinsmore ended in a NO CONTEST after Evolution interfered and destroyed Eugene!
  • July 19, 2004 - RAW: Chris Benoit defeated Batista by DQ because Triple H had told Batista to just rough Benoit up..
  • July 26, 2004 - RAW: Chris Benoit beat Triple H in a thrilling 60-minute Iron Man Match with a score of 4-3 to retain the World title!
  • ~~~During the final 10 minutes of the match, Ric Flair & Batista started interfering, but Eugene returned to help Benoit score the pin!
  • August 2, 2004 - RAW: William Regal beat Triple H by DQ when HHH demolished and bloodied Regal with Brass knux!
  • August 9, 2004 - RAW: Euegene calls out Triple H, but HHH is shown at the Hotel, beating up a bruised and bloodied William Regal!
  • ~~~In the Main Event, Chris Benoit beat Triple H & Randy Orton by DQ when Ric Flair interfered - Eugene made the save!
  • August 15, 2004 - Summerslam: Triple H defeated Eugene when Eugene got distracted by William Regal and Ric Flair fighting..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Triple H vs Randy Orton:
  • August 23, 2004 - RAW: Triple H calls out Randy Orton to hand over the World title, but Orton instead spits in HHH's face!
  • August 30, 2004 - RAW: Eugene defeated Triple H in a "NO DQ" match when Randy Orton interfered with a sledgehammer..
  • September 6, 2004 - RAW: Triple H demolished Eugene in a Steel Cage Match and intentionally injured Eugene's shoulder..
  • September 12, 2004 - Unforgiven: Triple H defeated Randy Orton to recpture the World Heavyweight title (for the 9th time)..
  • September 13, 2004 - RAW: Randy Orton beat Evolution by DQ in a 3-on-1 match (Shelton Benjamin & Chris Benoit made the save!)
  • ~~~At the beginning of the show, Randy Orton jumped out of a cake and spoiled Triple H's World title celebration..
  • September 20, 2004 - RAW: Chris Benoit & Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin beat Evolution (Triple H & Ric Flair & Batista)..
  • September 27, 2004 - RAW: Shelton Benjamin defeated Triple H by DQ (HHH pedigreed Benjamin on the floor after the match)..
  • October 4, 2004 - RAW: Triple H defeated Chris Jericho in a "Lumberjack" match..
  • ~~~Randy Orton, who was banned from the building, showed up after the match and RKO'd a bunch of the Lumberjacks!
  • October 11, 2004 - RAW: Shawn Michaels & Chris Benoit & Edge defeated Evolution (Triple H & Ric Flair & Batista)..
  • ~~~Edge stole the pinfall on Triple H from Shawn Michaels and celebrated as if he had done all of the work..
  • October 19, 2004 - Taboo Tuesday: Shawn Michaels (39%) beat out Edge (33%) and Chris Benoit (28%) in the voting for a title shot..
  • ~~~Triple H defeating Shawn Michaels, who put in an incredibly gutsy effort while injured, to retain the World title..
  • October 25, 2004 - RAW: Ric Flair defeated Randy Orton with help from Triple H (Therefor Orton never gets a title shot)..
  • ~~~The entire babyface lockerroom came out and stood up to Evolution, concluding with Randy Orton RKOing Triple H!
  • November 1, 2003 - RAW: Triple H takes the week off, proclaiming that RAW IS NOTHING WITHOUT HIM..
  • November 8, 2004 - RAW: Triple H vs Tajiri never happened as Gene Snitsky attacked Tajiri before the match..
  • November 14, 2004 - Survivor Series: Orton/Benoit/Jericho/Maven beat HHH/Batista/Edge/Snitsky (to win control of RAW)..
  • ~~~Randy Orton & Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho & Maven defeated Triple H & Batista & Edge & Gene Snitsky..
  • November 15, 2004 - RAW: Triple H defeated Maven (GM for the night) to retain the World Heavyweight title..
  • November 22, 2004 - RAW: Chris Benoit (GM for the night) books himself in a Steel Cage match with Triple H for the World title..
  • ~~~Triple H and Batista staged a fight with Triple H being injured before the match, therefor unable to compete..
  • ~~~Chris Benoit went on to defeat Edge (sub for HHH) in the steel cage before learning that Evolution had swerved him!
  • November 29, 2004 - RAW: Chris Benoit and Edge were co-winners in a World title 3-WAY with Triple H (TITLE HELD UP)
  • December 6, 2004 - RAW: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho defeated Triple H & Batista w/Ric Flair by Disqualification..
  • ~~~Triple H went crazy and got disqualified when he whacked Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho.... AND Batista with chairshots!
  • December 13, 2004 - RAW: Eric Bischoff books an Elimination Chamber match for New Years Revolution for the vacant World title!
  • December 27, 2004 - RAW: Triple H defeated Shelton Benjamin in a "Beat The Clock" match but didn't beat the clock..
  • January 3, 2005 - RAW: Randy Orton defeated Triple H after interference from EVERYONE involved in the elimination chamber..
  • January 9, 2005 - New Year's Revolution: Triple H won his 2nd Elimination Chamber match to recapture the World Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Triple H beat Randy Orton and Batista and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho and Edge (Shawn Michaels was guest referee)..
  • January 10, 2005 - RAW: Randy Orton defeated Batista in a #1 Contenders match after botched interference by Triple H..
  • January 24, 2005 - RAW: Randy Orton defeated Ric Flair dispite interference from Triple H..
  • January 30, 2005 - Royal Rumble: Triple H defeated Randy Orton to retain the World title after Orton "suffered a concussion"..
  • January 31, 2005 - RAW: Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H & Ric Flair w/Batista..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Triple H vs Batista:
  • February 7, 2005 - RAW in Japan: Triple H encouraged Batista to go after the SD! title so that Evolution could run the entire WWE!
  • ~~~In the main event, Triple H defeated Edge to retain the World Heavyweight title with help from Batista..
  • ~~~Batista raised Triple H's arm in celebration, but HHH noticed Batista couldn't take his eyes off the World title belt..
  • February 14, 2005 - RAW: Batista w/Triple H vs Edge ended in a NO CONTEST when JBL's limosine pulled into the parking lot..
  • ~~~Evolution ran to the parking lot, where Batista found himself in the path of the limosine, but HHH tackled him out of harms way!
  • February 21, 2005 - RAW: Triple H confessed to Ric Flair that he orchestrated all of the things that have been happening to Batista..
  • ~~~Batista, however, was listening outside the door, on the night that he was to choose between a RAW contract and SD! contract..
  • ~~~Batista gave Triple H the 'thumbs down' and signed the RAW contract to secure a World Heavyweight title match at WM21..
  • February 25, 2005--Live Event @ MSG: Randy Orton & Batista beat Triple H & Ric Flair (Birthday Boy) in a Steel Cage Match..
  • February 28, 2005 - RAW: Batista was doing an in-ring interview with Jim Ross when he was interrupted by Triple H & Ric Flair..
  • ~~~Batista gave Ric Flair a vicious spinebuster, while Triple H stayed on the apron, too scared to confront Batista..
  • March 7, 2005 - RAW: Triple H squashed Rosey after hitting the Pedigree and then smashed Rosey in the ribs with a sledgehammer!..
  • In the main event: Batista defeated Ric Flair (HHH attacked with a sledgehammed but Batista pulled it away and HHH retreated)..
  • March 14, 2005 - RAW: Triple H defeated Chris Benoit in a "Pick Your Poison" match (HHH's opponent chosen by Batista)..
  • March 21, 2005 - RAW: Triple H sat on a chair in the ring and cut an extra long promo on Batista and their WM21 match..
  • ~~~In the main event: Batista beat Kane in a "Pick Your Poison" Lumberjack match (Batista's opponent chosen by HHH)..
  • ~~~Triple H also got to choose the Lumberjacks (all heels) who repeatly assaulted Kane & Batista throughout the match!
  • March 28, 2005 - RAW: Triple H and Batista met in the ring for an organized "Face-to-face" confrontation with Eric Bischoff present..
  • ~~~Triple H cut a long promo on Batista, who had two simple things to say: 1) He'll take the World title, and 2) HHH is an asshole!
  • ~~~Triple H broke his promise to remain peaceful and slapped Batista, resulting in a very intense pull apart brawl!
  • April 3, 2005 - Wrestlemania 21: Batista defeated Triple H to capture the World Heavyweight title...
  • April 11, 2005 - RAW: Triple H defeated The Hurricane & Rosey | Triple H says that he'll end Batista's luck with just ONE Pedigree..
  • April 18, 2005 - RAW: Jim Ross defeated Triple H in a NO DQ match when Batista knocked HHH out and placed JR's arm on his chest!
  • April 25, 2005 - RAW: Batista defeated Christian to retain the World title dispite interference from Coach, Triple H & Ric Flair!
  • ~~~After the match, Triple H attacked Batista and they brawled briefly until Triple H hit a Pedigree!!!!!!!
  • May 1, 2005 - Backlash: Batista defeated Triple H to retain the World Heavyweight title..............
  • May 2, 2005 - RAW: Chris Benoit defeated Triple H in a "Gold Rush Tournament" match by Tap Out Submission..
  • ~~~Batista came down to ringside and laughed at HHH after pulling the rope back so he couldn't reach it, resulting in the tap out!
  • May 9, 2005 - RAW: Triple H walks out on RAW, claiming he'll sit at home and watch Batista FAIL as World Heavyweight champion..
  • May 23, 2005 - RAW: Batista defeated Edge w/Lita to retain the World title (Ric Flair helped stop Christian & Tomko from interfering)..
  • ~~~After the match, Triple H made his return, and Ric Flair low-blowed Batista and HHH destroyed Batista with a sledgehammer!!!
  • May 30, 2005 - RAW: Triple H cut a promo via sattelite telling tells Batista not to fear the Cell, but instead to fear him (HHH)..
  • June 6, 2005 - RAW: Triple H and Batista signed contracts to meet in a Hell in a Cell match at Vengeance 2005..
  • June 20, 2005 - RAW: Batista defeated Kurt Angle by DQ when HHH & Ric Flair interfered and they triple-teamed Batista..
  • ~~~Shawn Michaels made the save | Triple H & Kurt Angle w/Ric Flair defeated Batista & Shawn Michaels (HHH pinned Batista)..
  • June 26, 2005 - Vengeance: Batista defeated Triple H in a vicious Hell in a Cell match to retain the World Heavyweight title..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Triple H vs Ric Flair:
  • October 3, 2005 - WWE Homecoming: Triple H & Ric Flair defeated Chris Masters & Carlito Cool in an exciting tag team match..
  • ~~~During the match, Ric Flair repeatedly saved his partner Triple H from being sneak attacked by Carlito & Masters..
  • ~~~Ric Flair presented Triple H with a sledge hammer after the match and hugged him, celebrating HHH's triumphant return to RAW!
  • ~~~Triple H viciously turned on Ric Flair, for reasons yet to be explained, smashing the sledgehammer over Flair's forehead!
  • ~~~Triple H continued the assault for over ten minutes, ending backstage when HHH pushed Flair into a limo and it drove away..
  • October 10, 2005 - RAW: Triple H cut a long promo on Ric Flair, saying he was a shell of his former self and nothing without HIM..
  • October 17, 2005 - RAW: Ric Flair cut a fantastic promo on Triple H, busting his own forehead open and covering himself with blood!
  • ~~~A bloodied Ric Flair called out Triple H for a fight, but then chased him backstage with a baseball bat in his hand!
  • October 24, 2005 - RAW: Triple H vs Viscera didn't happen because Ric Flair attacked Triple H before the match!
  • October 31, 2005 - RAW: Triple H squashed Viscera in 25 seconds and then cut an ominous promo on Ric Flair..
  • November 1, 2005 - Taboo Tuesday: Ric Flair defeated Triple H in a Steel Cage to retain the Intercontinental title..
  • ~~~Fans Chose What Kind Of Match: 1) Regular Match (4%), 2) Submissions (13%), or 3) Steel Cage (83%)..
  • November 7, 2005 - RAW: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeated Rob Conway to retain the Intercontinental title...
  • ~~~Triple H sat on the stage in a lounge chair watching the match and then viciously attacked Ric Flair after the finish..
  • November 18, 2005 - SD! Eddie Guerrero Tribute: Chris Benoit defeated Triple H in an emotional main event..
  • November 21, 2005 - RAW: Val Venis defeated Triple H by DQ when Triple H destroyed Venis with a steel chair!
  • November 27, 2005 - Survivor Series: Triple H defeated Ric Flair in 27:00 in a brutal, vicious, bloody Last Man Standing match!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Triple H vs The Big Show:
  • November 28, 2005 - RAW: Triple H bragged about the destruction of Ric Flair until The Big Show came out to confront him!
  • ~~~The Big Show knocked the microphone out of Triple H's hand (my hero!) and said HHH's would get what's coming to him!
  • December 5, 2005 - RAW: Triple H squashed Tajiri (HHH ran into Stephanie backstage and they smiled at eachother in a shy manner)..
  • December 12, 2005 - RAW: Shawn Michaels defeated The Big Show in an "Elimination Chamber Qualyfing" match..
  • ~~~Triple H came down with a steel chair and whacked Shawn Michaels, puposely getting The Big Show disqualified!
  • ~~~Later: Kane defeated Triple H in a "Chamber Qualyfing" match when The Big Show whacked HHH behind the refs back!
  • December 19, 2005 - RAW from Afganistan: Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H in a Boot Camp Match (No Holds Barred)..
  • December 26, 2005 - RAW: Triple H & Big Show had their contract signing and HHH smashed BS's hand with a sledgehammer!
  • January 2, 2006 - RAW: The Big Show showed up with a cast, which proved to be an equalizer against Triple H's sledgehammer!
  • January 8, 2006: WWE.com reported that Stephanie McMahon (Levesque) and Triple H (Paul Levesque) are expecting their first child!
  • January 8, 2006 - New Years Revolution: Triple H defeated The Big Show in a Grudge match by using the.... sledgehammer!
  • January 16, 2006 - RAW: Shelton Benjamin w/Mama defeated The Big Show by Count Out when Triple H interfered..
  • January 23, 2006 - RAW: Triple H came out and said he'd win the Royal Rumble (it took him 10 minutes to say it)..
  • January 29, 2006 - Royal Rumble: Triple H entered at #1 and made it to the final-3 before getting eliminated by Rey Mysterio (#2)..
  • January 30, 2006 - RAW: Triple H defeated Chavo Guerrero with the Pedigree (Many Eddie Guerrero references involved)..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Triple H vs John Cena:
  • February 6, 2006 - RAW: Triple H defeated Ric Flair to advance in the Road to WM22 Tournament..
  • February 13, 2006 - RAW: Triple H vs The Big Show ended in a No Contest in the Road to WM22 Tournament..
  • February 20, 2006 - RAW: Triple H defeated The Big Show and Rob Van Dam to win the Road to WM22 Tournament..
  • February 27, 2006 - RAW: The Coach hosted a boring "Face-to-Face Confrontation" between WWE Champion John Cena & Triple H..
  • March 6, 2006 - RAW: Triple H defeated Kane (WrestleMania 15 Rematch) after Chris Masters & Carlito Cool attacked Kane..
  • ~~~MAIN EVENT: John Cena defeated The Big Show after a GIANT F-U despite distraction from Triple H and a sledgehammer
  • March 13, 2006 - RAW: John Cena & Kane & The Big Show vs Triple H & Chris Masters & Carlito Cool ended in a No Contest..
  • March 18, 2006 - Saturday Night's Main Event: RAW (Triple H & John Cena) beat SD! (Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton)..
  • March 20, 2006 - RAW: Triple H & Shane McMahon beat John Cena & Shawn Michaels by a bogus DQ ordered by Vince McMahon..
  • ~~~Shawn Michaels vs Triple H & Shane McMahon in a Handicap match ended in a No Contest when Cena interfered against orders...
  • March 27, 2006 - RAW: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels ended in a No Contest when Vince McMahon interfered (Cena made the save)..
  • ~~~MAIN EVENT: John Cena defeated Vince McMahon by DQ with Triple H and Shawn Michaels handcuffed outside of the ring..
  • ~~~~~~Vince McMahon kicked Cena between the legs for the DQ and gave Triple H the key and they demolished Cena & Michaels..
  • April 2, 2006 - WrestleMania 22: John Cena defeated Triple H to retain the WWE Championship!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Threeway Madness:
  • April 3, 2006 - RAW: Triple H & Edge w/Lita defeated John Cena in a Handicap match (HHH pinned Cena)..
  • April 10, 2006 - RAW: Triple H & John Cena defeated Edge w/Lita in a Handicap match (Cena made Edge tap out)..
  • April 17, 2006 - RAW: John Cena & Edge w/Lita defeated Triple H in a Handicap match (Edge pinned HHH)..
  • April 24, 2006 - RAW: Triple H & John Cena & Edge vs The Spirit Squad (Mikey/Kenny/Johnny/Nicky/Mitch) ended as a No Contest..
  • ~~~Edge & Lita abandoned Triple H & John Cena, who finished off the Spirit Squad and decided to fight eachother instead!
  • April 30, 2006 - Backlash: John Cena defeated Triple H and Edge w/Lita in a 3-WAY to retain the WWE championship..
  • May 8, 2006 - RAW: The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey & Nicky & Johnny & Mitch) defeated Shawn Michaels & John Cena..
  • ~~~After the match, Triple H came down and gave John Cena the Pedigree and stood over him doing the DX crotch chop!
  • May 15, 2006 - RAW: Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Doane with Shane McMahon as the referee ended in a No Contest..
  • ~~~Triple H was supposed to bash Shawn Michaels with the sledgehammer but instead "accidentally" bashed Shane McMahon!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - I Got Two Word's For Ya: Good Guy!:
  • May 22, 2006 - RAW: Vince McMahon called out Triple H and demanded an apology. HHH said "I've got two words for ya: I'm Sorry!"
  • ~~~Vince McMahon ordered Triple H to take out Shawn Michaels with a sledgehammer, but HHH instead attacked the Spirit Squad!
  • May 29, 2006 - RAW: Triple H defeated Kenny Doane in a Spirit-jack match with the Spirit Squad acting as Lumberjacks..
  • June 5, 2006 - RAW: The Big Show defeated Triple H by DQ when the Spirit Squad attacked The Big Show at ringside!
  • ~~~Vince McMahon wanted Triple H to join the Kiss My Ass Club, and sent Shane McMahon to drug HHH's bottle of water..
  • ~~~However, Triple H switched the bottles and Shane ended up passing out in the ring and HHH pedigreed Vince McMahon!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - The Return of DX (Suck It, Vince!):
  • June 12, 2006 - RAW: Vince McMahon gave a "State of the WWE Address" adding that HHH would join HBK on the Highway to Hell..
  • ~~~Triple H took on The Spirit Squad in a Gauntlet match and was getting destroyed when Shawn Michaels returned to make the save!
  • ~~~Triple H & Shawn Michaels got rid of the Spirit Squad and then gave McMahon the "DX Crotch Chop" signalling the return of D-X!
  • June 19, 2006 - RAW: Vince McMahon had his revenge planned for DX but was left the building when he heard Stephanie was in labour!
  • ~~~The Spirit Squad showed up during the show and called out Degeneration-X but they ended up getting covered in green slime!..
  • ~~~Later On: DX (HHH & HBK) had their official in-ring reunion, and admitted that they made up the story about Stephanie -- Oops!
  • June 26, 2006 - RAW: Triple H (as Vince) and Shawn Michaels (as Shane) performed a hilarious parody of the two McMahon men..
  • ~~~The McMahons & The Spirit Squad came out to fight HHH & HBK but ended up getting showed with "crap" falling from the ceiling..
  • July 3, 2006 - RAW: Degeneration-X was banned from RAW so they threw a BBQ in the parking lot and made a lot of dumb jokes..
  • ~~~DX hijacked the production truck and messed around with the controls all night, especially during a live Vince McMahon speech..
  • July 10, 2006 - RAW: Eugene defeated Vince & Shane McMahon w/The Spirit Squad after distraction from Degeneration X..
  • July 15, 2006 - SNME: DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated The Spirit Squad (all five members) in an Elimination match..
  • July 17, 2005 - RAW: Shawn Michaels w/Triple H defeated Shane McMahon w/Vince McMahon by DQ when the Spirit Squad interfered..
  • July 24, 2006: Stephanie McMahon & Triple H gave birth to a baby girl, Aurora Rose McMahon, 8 pounds 7 ouces..
  • July 24, 2005 - RAW: Shawn Michaels announced on the air that Stephanie McMahon was giving birth and that HHH was at the hospital..
  • July 31, 2005 - RAW: The McMahons planted illegal cuban cigars in Triple H's bags and he was hauled off to police headquarters..
  • ~~~Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada defeated Shawn Michaels (Vince & Shane McMahon further destroyed Michaels afterwards)..
  • August 7, 2005 - RAW: Umaga (w/Armando Alejandro Estrada & Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon) defeated Triple H..
  • ~~~After the match, Vince McMahon gave Triple H a pedigree (HHH's finisher) and celebrated with his son, Shane McMahon....
  • August 20, 2006 - Summerslam: Degeneration-X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon..
  • August 21, 2006 - RAW: DX vandalized Vince McMahon's corporate jet, the side of WWE Headquarters and Vince's private limo!
  • August 28, 2006 - RAW: DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated William Regal & Fit Finlay & Mr. Ken Kennedy (from Smackdown!)..
  • ~~~After the match: The Big Show came out and destroyed DX. Vince & Shane McMahon joined in on the destruction of HHH & HBK..
  • August 29, 2006--ECW on Sci Fi: The Big Show challenged DX to show up on ECW next week and face him in a Handicap match..
  • September 4, 2006 - RAW: DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) got into an altercation with Vince & Shane McMahon & The Big Show..
  • September 5, 2006--ECW on Sci Fi: DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated The Big Show by DQ when Hardcore Holly interfered..
  • September 11, 2006 - RAW: Vince McMahon defeated Triple H in a No Holds Barred match at the historic Madison Square Garden..
  • ~~~Before the match, The Big Show & Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch attacked DX, resulting in Triple H bleeding from the ear..
  • September 17, 2006 - Unforgiven: DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated The McMahons & The Big Show in a Hell in a Cell match..
  • September 18, 2006 - RAW: Edge & Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade defeated John Cena & Triple H & Shawn Michaels by DQ...
  • September 25, 2006 - RAW: Degeneration-X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) was forced into a Gauntlet match against three teams..
  • ~~~DX beat The Highlanders in 10 seconds ||| DX beat Charlie Haas & Viscera ||| DX vs Cade & Murdoch ended in a No Contest!
  • October 2, 2006 - RAW: DX defeated Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade & Charlie Haas & Viscera & The Highlanders in a Handicap match..
  • October 9, 2006 - RAW: DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch in a Street Fight...

    World Wrestling Entertainment - DX vs Edge & Randy Orton:
  • October 16, 2006 - RAW: Edge (as Triple H) & Randy Orton (as Shawn Michaels) did a hilarious parody of Degeneration-X!
  • ~~~Randy Orton challenged Triple H to a match later that night: Triple H w/Shawn Michaels defeated Randy Orton w/Edge & Lita...
  • October 23, 2006 - RAW: Randy Orton (w/Edge & Lita) defeated Triple H (w/Shawn Michaels) with help from Eric Bischoff!!
  • October 30, 2006 - RAW: Triple H (by himself) defeated Randy Orton by Disqualification when Edge interfered..
  • November 5, 2006 - Cyber Sunday: Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton) defeated DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels)..
  • ~~~Fans Chose The Referee for the Match: 1) Vince McMahon -- 2) Eric Bischoff (60%) -- or 3) Jonathan Coachman..
  • November 6, 2006 - RAW: Ric Flair & Roddy Piper defeated Randy Orton & Edge w/Lita with help from Degeneration-X..
  • November 13, 2006 - RAW: Triple H & Shawn Michaels squashed Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch & Viscera & Charlie Haas..
  • November 20, 2006 - RAW: John Cena & Ric Flair & HHH & HBK defeated Edge & Randy Orton & Kenny Doane & The Big Show..
  • November 26, 2006 - Survivor Series: Team DX defeated Team RKO in a Survivor Series Elimination match with a clean sweep!!!!!..
  • ~~~Shawn Michaels & Triple H & C.M. Punk & The Hardy Boyz beat Edge & Randy Orton & Gregory Helms & Nitro & Mike Knox..
  • November 27, 2006 - RAW: Triple H & Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair defeated The Spirit Squad (all five members)..
  • December 4, 2006 - RAW: Edge & Randy Orton & MNM w/Melina defeated Triple H & Shawn Michaels & The Hardy Boyz..
  • December 11, 2006 - RAW: Triple H defeated Edge by DQ after Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Kenny & Ric Flair interfered...
  • ~~~DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) & Ric Flair defeated Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton) & Kenny Doane in a Six-Man-Tag..
  • December 18, 2006 - RAW: Triple H participated in a 30-MAN #1 Contenders Battle Royal which was won by Edge..
  • ~~~John Cena defeated Edge to retain the WWE Championship after Degeneration-X countered interference by Randy Orton...
  • ~~~~~~John Cena & DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton) & Umaga ended in a No Contest..
  • ~~~~~~Edge & Randy Orton destroyed Triple H & Shawn Michaels with multiple conchairtos and left them a bloody mess..
  • Degeneration-X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) won Best RAW Tag Team in the 2006 Obsessedwithwrestling.com Awards...
  • January 1, 2007 - RAW: HHH & HBK cut intense promos to hype the match with Rated RKO at New Year's Revolution...
  • ~~~DX then left the building, but Edge & Randy Orton showed up later in the show and viciously attacked Ric Flair!
  • January 7, 2007--New Year's Revolution: Degeneration-X (HHH & HBK) vs Rated RKO (Edge & Orton) ended in a No Contest..
  • ~~~The match was a train-wreck and ended early after some botched stuff including Triple H suffering a serious knee injury..
  • WWE.com immediately reported that Triple H tore his right quadriceps while executing a spinebuster on Randy Orton..
  • ~~~What's so ironic is that it was five years to the day when HHH returned to WWE TV after a similar injury in 2001..
  • January 8, 2007: Dr. James Andrews diagnosed HHH's injury as a torn quadripceps tendon and he will require surgery..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - The Return of the Game:
  • August 13, 2007 - RAW: Jerry Lawler refused to crown King Booker he annouced Booker had to wrestle Triple H at SummerSlam...
  • August 27, 2007 - SummerSlam: Triple H defeated King Booker in his return match...
  • ~~~After the match Triple H posed for the crowd and indicated he was happy to be back...

    Use proper and safe wrestling equipment and you could turn out to be another Triple-H in the making.