Wrestler: Tor Kamata
Real Name: Macronald KamaKa
Hometown: Originally from South Pacific Islands
Once Lived in Calgary, Alberta
Moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Marital Status: Divorced from Karen (2 kids)
Married to ????? (3 kids)
Height & Weight: 300+ lbs
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Dr. Moto (AWA)
Tor "Killer" Kamata
Finishing Move: The Big Splash
Favorite Moves: Judo Chop to Throat
Karate Kick to Throat
Forign Objects
Notable Feuds: Abdullah the Butcher
Bob Nacklund
Don Muraco

  • Tor Kamata's name is a play on the surname of the Grand Inquisitor from the Spanish Inquisition Tomas De Torquemada..
  • Tor Kamata worked as "Dr. Moto" in the American Wrestling Association and teamed with Mitsu Arakawa..
  • Tor Kamata was supposedly quoted as saying he was "collecting the blood from his opponents in order to build a monster"..