Announcer: Tony Schiavone
Real Name: Noah Schiavone
Hometown: Craigsville, Virginia
Marital Status:
Debut: 1983
Notable Feuds: Eric Bischoff (WCW)
Mike Tenay (TNA)

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  • Tony Schiavone worked for the NWA for a while, before having a brief stint in the WWF, and then returned to WCW..
  • Tony Schiavone became known as the voice of World Championship Wrestling for most of the 90s until the death of WCW..
  • January 29, 2003 - NWA^TNA: Tony Schiavone makes his long awaited (sarcasm) return to professional wrestling, as a heel announcer..
  • ~~~Tony immediately starts a feud with mainstay announcer Mike Tenay -- Tony will serve as Sports Entertainment Xtreme announcer..
  • April 2003: Rumor has it, the WWE wanted to bring in Tony Schiavone to "replace" Jim Ross on RAW, but Kevin Dunn nixed that idea..
  • August 2004: Tony Schiavone is now hosting a Sports Radio show on 1240 AM The Ticket in Gainesville, GA from 9-11 a.m..
  • February 2007: Tony Schiavone is one of the commentators on the network that broadcasts the Georgia football games..