Wrestler: Todd Champion
Real Name: Todd Brafford
Birthday: September 2, 1960
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Marital Status: Married w/3 Children
Height & Weight: 6'6" - 295 lbs
Trained by: Nelson Royal
Dusty Rhodes
Debut: 1987 (Greenville SC)
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Flying Backwards Elbow
Favorite Moves: Super Power Slam
Notable Feuds: Ric Flair

The Freebirds (Hayes/Garvin)
The Enforcers (Arn/Larry)
Young Pistols (Tracy/Steve)

  • NWA Central States Tag Team titles w/Dave Peterson defeating Joel Deaton & Dave Deaton (November 7, 1986);
  • WCW United States Tag Team titles w/Firebreaker Chip defeating Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin (August 12, 1991);
  • USWA Unified World Heavyweight title defeating Butch Reed (October 17, 1992);

  • Todd Champion formed a tag team with Firebreaker Chip (Curtis Thompson) known as "The Patriots"..

  • Special Thank You to Todd Brafford (aka Todd Champion) for helping to fill out the contents of his profile here on OWW.