Wrestler: Terry Gibbs
Real Name: Manuel Saine
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

  • Mid-1980s: Terry Gibbs worked for World Wrestling Federation, mostly as a jobber to the stars..
  • March 16, 1985 WWF--Television: Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated Terry Gibbs & Rusty Brooks to retain the Tag Team titles..
  • June 29, 1985 WWF--Television: Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated Rene Goulet & Terry Gibbs..
  • September 14, 1985--WWF Television: Tito Santana & Pedro Morales defeated Dave Barbie & Terry Gibbs..
  • November 2, 1985--WWF Television: Pedro Morales & Tito Santana defeated Terry Gibbs & Terry Adams..
  • December 7, 1985--WWF Television: Paul Orndorff & Danny Spivey defeated Rusty Brooks & Terry Gibbs..
  • January 25, 1986--WWF Television: The British Bulldogs defeated Terry Gibbs & Gino Carabello..
  • August 9, 1986--WWF All Star Wrestling: The British Bulldogs defeated The Gladiator & Terry Gibbs to retain the TagTeam titles..