Wrestler: Terry Funk
Real Name: Terry Funk
Birthday: June 30, 1944
Hometown: Double Cross Ranch
Amarillo, Texas
Marital Status: Married with Children
Height & Weight: 6'1"- 247 lbs.
Trained by:
Debut: December 9, 1965
Previous Gimmicks: The Texan
Middle Aged & Crazy
Chainsaw Charlie
Finishing Move: Piledriver
Sleeper Hold (WWF)
The Stunner
Favorite Moves: The Moonsault
Spinning Toe Hold

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Wrestlers who Terry Funk has Feuded With:
The Brisco Brothers
Bull Ramos
Buddy Austin
Cyclon Negro
Johnny Valentine
Dick Murdoch
Abdullah the Butcher
Dusty Rhodes
Killer Karl Kox
Harley Race
Junk Yard Dog
Ric Flair
Jerry Lawler
The Sheik
Jimmy Snuka
Shane Douglas
Public Enemy
Cactus Jack
Masato Tanaka
Brian Lee
New Age Outlaws
Jeff Jarrett
Kevin Nash
Eric Bischoff
Steve Corino

  • NWA World Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Western States title (6);
  • NWA Western States Tag Team titles (2);
  • NWA Amarillo International Tag Team titles;
  • NWA Florida Television title;
  • NWA Florida Tag Team titles;
  • NWA Americas title;
  • NWA Missouri title;
  • NWA Championship Wrestling Florida title;
  • NWA Amarillo Brass Knuckles title;
  • NWA Amarillo Tag Team titles (2);
  • NWA North American Tag Team titles;
  • NWA/WCW United States title;
  • NWA National Television title;
  • NWA Los Angeles Tag Team titles;
  • WWC Tag Team titles;
  • SCW Tag Team titles;
  • SCW Southwest Tag Team titles;
  • SCW Southwest title;
  • USWA Unified title;
  • ECW Heavyweight title (2);
  • ECW Television title;
  • NWA Florida Southern title;
  • WWF Tag Team titles w/Cactus Jack;
  • WCW Hardcore title;
  • 3PW Heavyweight title defeating Gary Wolfe & Sandman in a 3-way;

  • In The Beginning:
  • December 9, 1965: Terry Funk defeated Sputnik Monroe in his debut match..

    NWA: Amarillo:
  • August 1, 1968: Dory Jr. & Terry Funk defeated Kurt & Karl Von Brauner to win the NWA Amarillo Tag Team titles!
  • September 26, 1968: The Infernos beat the Funk Brothers to win the Tag Team titles..
  • October 18, 1968: Dory Jr. & Terry Funk regain the Texas Tag Team titles..
  • 1969: Dory Jr. & Terry Funk made their Atlanta TV debut defeating Los Toros (Cisco Grimaldo & Roberto Pico)..

    NWA: Western States:
  • 1969: Terry Funk teams up with Ricky Romero to win the NWA Western States Tag Team titles..
  • April 4, 1970: The Beast & Bull Ramos defeated Terry Funk & Ricky Romero for the Tag Team titles..
  • May 7, 1970: Terry Funk defeated Ricky Romero to win the NWA Western States title..
  • July 1, 1970: Bull Ramos defeated Terry Funk for the Western States title..
  • July 7, 1970: Terry Funk regains the Western States title 6 days later..
  • August 1970: Terry Funk & Ricky Romero defeated the Beast & Bull Ramos to regain the Tag Team titles..

    NWA: Florida:
  • March 18, 1971: Terry Funk disguises himself as the masked Texan..
  • The Texan defeated Buddy Austin in the to the tournament final to win the NWA Florida Television title..
  • ~~~After the match, the Texan unmasks to reveal his true identity..
  • March 30, 1971: Dory Jr & Terry Funk defeated the Brisco Brothers to win the Tag Team titles..
  • April 14, 1971: Terry Funk defeated the Grappler to win the NWA Southern title..

    NWA: Western States:
  • May 1971: Terry Funk wins his third NWA Western States title..
  • August 26, 1971: Cyclon Negro defeated the Terry Funk for the Western States title..

    On The Road:
  • August 30, 1971 - WWWF Madison Square Garden: Terry & Dory Funk Sr. wrestled Al Costello & Don Kent to a 15 minute draw..
  • December 7, 1971 - JWA: Dory Jr. & Terry Funk defeated Giant Baba & Antonio Inoki to win the NWA International Tag Team titles!
  • 1972 - NWA Western States: Terry Funk wins his 4th Western States title defeating Cylcon Negro..
  • May 19, 1972 - JWA: Giant Baba & Seiji Sakaguchi defeated the Funk Brothers to win the NWA International Tag Team titles..
  • July 1, 1972 - WWWF MSG: Dory Jr & Terry Funk defeated King Curtis & Luke Graham..
  • February 10, 1973 - NWA Missouri: Terry Funk defeated Johnny Valentine to win the NWA Missouri title..
  • May 26, 1973 - NWA Amarillo: The Funks beat Killer Karl Krupp & Karl Von Steiger for the NWA International Tag Team titles..
  • July 3, 1973 - NWA Los Angeles: Terry Funk defeated Victor Rivera to win the NWA Americas title..
  • July 13, 1972 - NWA Amarillo: Terry Funk defeated Dick Murdoch to win the Amarillo Brass Knuckles title..
  • October 1973 - NWA Amarillo: Dory Jr & Terry Funk beat Cyclone Negro & Killer Karl Kox for the NWA International Tag Team titles!

    NWA: Western States:
  • October 18, 1973: The NWA Western States title is held up after a match between Terry Funk and Kung Fu Lee..
  • October 25, 1973: Terry Funk regains the Western State title..
  • March 1974: Bob Backlund defeated Terry Funk for the NWA Western States title..
  • November 1974: Terry Funk defeated Siegfried Stanke for his 6th NWA Western States title reign..
  • ~~~Terry Funk later vacates the NWA Western States title and leaves the territory for Florida..

    National Wrestling Alliance - World Champion:
  • July 3, 1975: Terry Funk defeated Paul Jones in a 16-man tournament final to win the NWA United States title..
  • December 10, 1975: Terry Funk defeated Jack Brisco to win the NWA World title in a 60 minute 2/3 falls match!
  • June 11, 1976 - Tokyo: Terry Funk successfully defends his NWA World title against Jumbo Tsuruta..
  • February 6, 1977: Harley Race defeated Terry Funk to win the NWA World title..
  • ~~~Terry Funk's World title reign lasted for 14 months..

    All Japan & Florida:
  • December 1977 - All Japan: Dory Jr & Terry Funk win All Japan’s Open Tag Team League..
  • December 30, 1978 - NWA Florida: Terry Funk wins his second Southern title defeating Dick Slater..

    World Wrestling Council - Puerto Rico:
  • WWC: April 6, 1979 - Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk defeat Invaders 1 & II to win the WWC Tag Team Titles
  • WWC: November 24, 1979 - The Invaders regain the Tag Team Titles from the Funks
  • WWC: December 22, 1979 - The Funks once again take the WWC Tag Team Titles from the Invaders

  • Late 1979: Dory SR & Terry win the Real Tag League..

    National Wrestling Alliance:
  • September 1979 - Florida: Terry Funk defeated Steve Keirn in the tournament final to win the NWA Florida title..
  • ~~~The title had been held up after previous champion Dusty Rhodes vacated it after winning the NWA World title..
  • 1980: Terry Funk defeated Terry Taylor to win the NWA National Television title..
  • February 1980 - Los Angeles: Dory Jr & Terry Funk win the Los Angeles version of the Tag Team titles..

    Southwest Championship Wrestling:
  • August 1980: Dory Jr & Terry Funk were billed as the Tag Team champions when they arrived to the territory..
  • 1981 - NWA Florida: Dory Jr & Terry Funk defeated Jack & Jerry Brisco to win the NWA North American Tag Team titles..
  • 1981: Terry Funk & Wahoo McDaniel defeated Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez to win the SCW Southwest Tag Team titles..
  • 1981: Terry Funk wins a tournament final to become the SCW Heavyweight champion..
  • May 1981: Wahoo McDaniel & Ivan Putski defeated Terry Funk & Larry Lane (sub for Dory) to win the SCW Tag Team titles..

    On the Road:
  • Late 1982: Dory SR & Terry Funk win their second Real Tag League..
  • July 15, 1983 - Missouri: Terry Funk defeated David von Erich to win the NWA Missouri title..
  • 1983: Terry Funk first announced his retirement, as of 2003, the ol' bastard is still wrestling..
  • February 22, 1984 - AWA in Tokyo: Terry Funk served as guest referee for the Bockwinkel/Tsuruta AWA World title match..

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • Terry Funk & Dory Funk Jr sign with the WWF, under the management of Jimmy Hart..
  • ~~~Dory Funk Jr is renamed "Hoss" Funk..
  • ~~~Terry Funk attacks a number of WWF announcers to gain some heat..
  • July 8, 1985 - King of the Ring: Tito Santana defeated Terry Funk in the 1st round of the King of the Ring tournament..
  • October 31, 1985 - Saturday Night Main Event: Terry Funk defeated the Junk Yard Dog..
  • November 7, 1985 - Wrestling Classic: Moondog Spot defeated Terry Funk in the 1st round of the tournament..
  • December 19, 1985 - SNME: In his pre-match interview, Terry Funk acknowledges his history of being a former NWA World champ!
  • ~~~This was unheard of in the WWF, as their attitude towards the competition was that it never existed..
  • WrestleMania II: Hoss & Terry Funk defeated the Junk Yard Dog & Tito Santana..
  • May 1, 1986 - Saturday Night Main Event: Hulk Hogan & Junk Yard Dog defeated Terry & Hoss Funk..
  • ~~~The Funk Brothers vs Hulk Hogan/JYD continued to headline house shows for the next few months!
  • August 28, 1987 - Paul Boesch Retirement Show: Terry Funk beat Chavo Guererro Sr..

    NWA: World Championship Wrestling:
  • May 7, 1989 - WrestleWar: Terry Funk was one of three judges assigned for the Ric Flair/Ricky Steamboat NWA title match..
  • ~~~Afterwards, Terry Funk approached Ric Flair in the ring and challenged him to a World title match!
  • ~~~When Ric Flair declined, Terry Funk attacked him and piledrove Flair on the table!!
  • June 14, 1989 - Clash of the Champions VII: Ricky Steamboat defeated Terry Funk by DQ..
  • Great American Bash 1989: Ric Flair defeated Terry Funk to retain the NWA World title..
  • Helloween Havoc 1989: Ric Flair & Sting defeated Terry Funk & the Great Muta in Thunderdome Cage match..
  • November 15, 1989 - Clash of the Champions IX: Ric Flair defeated Terry Funk in an "I Quit" match..

    On The Road Again:
  • November 5, 1990 - USWA: Terry Funk defeated Jerry Lawler to win the USWA Unified title..
  • August 22, 1993 - Osaka: Terry Funk & Tarzan Goto defeated the Sheik & Sabu in a Stretcher match!

    Extreme Championship Wrestling + (BOLDED ITEMS SIGNIFIES NON-ECW MATCHES):
  • October 1, 1993: Terry Funk defeated Jimmy Snuka to win the ECW Television title..
  • November 13, 1993 - November to Remember: Sabu & Road Warrior Hawk defeated Terry Funk & King Kong Bundy..
  • ~~~Due to the match stipulation, Sabu won Terry Funks ECW Television title..
  • December 26, 1993 - Holiday Hell: Terry Funk defeated Sabu to win the ECW Heavyweight title..
  • March 26, 1994 - Ultimate Jeopardy: Shane Douglas pinned Terry Funk to win the ECW title in a 8 Man War Games match..
  • WCW Slamboree 1994: Terry Funk and Tully Blanchard wrestle to a double DQ..
  • June 24, 1994 - Hostile City: Public Enemy beat Dory Funk Jr & Terry Funk to retain the ECW Tag Team titles..
  • July 16, 1994 - Heat Wave: Public Enemy defeated Dory Funk Jr & Terry Funk in a ‘No Rope Barbed Wire’ match!
  • July 17, 1994 - WCW Bash at the Beach: Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Bunk defeated Dustin Rhodes & Arn Anderson..
  • August 13, 1994 - Hardcore Heaven: Terry Funk & Cactus Jack wrestled to a No Contest ..
  • WCW Helloween Havoc 1994: The Nasty Boys beat Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck..
  • April 15, 1995 - Hostile City: Cactus Jack defeated Terry Funk..
  • May 21, 1995: Terry Funk was inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame..
  • November 18, 1995 - November to Remember: Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer beat Raven & Cactus Jack..
  • May 5, 1996 - Kawasaki, Japan: Terry Funk & Mr. Pogo defeated Masato Tanaka & Hayabusa..
  • ~~~This was a crazy "No Rope Explosive Barbed Wire Time Bomb Land Mine Double Hell Death" match!
  • November 16, 1996 - November to Remember: Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer defeated Shane Douglas & Brian Lee..
  • WWF Royal Rumble 1997: Terry Funk makes a special guest appearance as a participant in the Royal Rumble..
  • January 11, 1997 - House Party: Brian Lee defeated Terry Funk..
  • February 22, 1997 - Cyberslam: Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven & Brian Lee..
  • March 15, 1997 - Hostile City: Terry Funk defeated Brian Lee..
  • April 13, 1997: Terry Funk defeated Raven to win his second ECW Heavyweight title!
  • June 6, 1997 - Wrestlepalooza: Terry Funk defeated Chris Candido to retain the ECW title..
  • July 19, 1997 - Heatwave: Terry Funk defeated Shane Douglas to retain the ECW title..
  • August 9, 1997: Sabu defeated Terry Funk to win the ECW Heavyweight title..
  • August 17, 1997 - Hardcore Heaven: Shane Douglas defeated Terry Funk & Sabu (Champ) in a triple threat to win the ECW title!

    Frontier Martial Arts in JAPAN:
  • September 28, 1997: Terry Funk defeated Hiromichi Fuyuki in a ‘Loser Leaves FMW’ match..

    World Wrestling Federation - Hardcore Legend:
  • Late 1997: Terry Funk returns to the WWF using the name "Chainsaw Charlie" and teaming with Cactus Jack as the Hardcore Legends..
  • Royal Rumble 1998: Terry Funk enters the Royal Rumble drawing #2, and Cactus Jack amazingly enters at #1..
  • ~~~The two Hardcore Legends bash eachother over the head with trash cans for 5 minutes until #3 enters!
  • No Way Out 1998: Terry Funk/Cactus Jack/Steve Austin/Owen Hart beat HHH/Roaddog/Billy Gunn/Savio Vega in the No DQ Match..
  • WrestleMania XIV: Cactus Jack & Terry Funk defeated the New Age Outlaws in a Dumpster match to win the Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The match was originally booked to be a Barbed Wire Match, but the PPV people forbid them to do it..
  • ~~~RAW: The New Age Outlaws beat Terry Funk & Cactus Jack the next night to recapture the Tag Team titles..
  • Fully Loaded 1998: Faarooq & Scorpio defeated Bradshaw & Terry Funk - After, Bradshaw turns against Funk..
  • ~~~Terry Funk announces that his departure from the WWF after this tag team match..

    FMW in Japan:
  • November 23, 1999 - Pay Per View: Dory Jr & Terry Funk beat Yoshinori Sasaki & Naohiko Yamazaki..

    World Championship Wrestling:
  • January 2000: Terry Funk resurfaces in WCW and is appointed WCW Commissioner..
  • Terry Funk heads the "Old Age Outlaws", a stable consisting of Larry Zbyszko, Paul Orndorff and Arn Anderson..
  • January 10, 2000 - Nitro: Terry Funk books Jeff Jarrett into 3 different matches against George Steele, Tito Santana & Jimmy Snuka!
  • Souled Out 2000: Kevin Nash defeated Terry Funk to become Commissioner of WCW..
  • Spring Stampede 2000: Terry Funk defeated Norman Smiley to capture the WCW Hardcore title..
  • June 5, 2000: Eric Bischoff defeated Terry Funk for the WCW Hardcore title..
  • September 22, 2000: Terry Funk defeated Lance Storm to win his 2nd United States title (1st was 15 years prior)..
  • Starrcade 2000: Terry Funk defeated Crowbar to win his second WCW Hardcore title!

    Middle Aged & Crazy:
  • January 28, 2001 - AJPW Giant Baba Memorial Spectacular: Terry Funk & Atsushi Onita beat Giant Kamala 2 & Abdullah the Butcher..
  • April 6, 2001 - Manati, Puerto Rico: Terry Funk defeated Super Crazy in a hardcore rules match..
  • February 22, 2002 - XWF House Show: Terry Funk (Still crazy after all these years) defeats Greg Valentine in a bloody match..
  • August 31, 2002 - XPW in Philadelphia: Shane Douglas defeats Terry Funk to retain the XPW Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Terry Funk needed 20 stitches to repair his arm in the hospital after the match..
  • October 27, 2002 - AJPW PPV: Abdullah the Butcher & Terry Funk defeated Tarzan Goto & Tomoaki Honma..
  • February 15, 2003 - 3PW: Terry Funk b Sabu..
  • March 29, 2003: Terry Funk defeated Dusty Rhodes and Abdullah the Butcher in a "Last Man Standing" match..
  • May 3, 2003 - 3PW: Terry Funk defeats Jerry Lawler in the main event..
  • June 21, 2003 - 3PW: Terry Funk defeats Gary Wolfe & Sandman in a 3-way to win the 3PW title!
  • August 16, 2003 - 3PW: Justin Credible defeated Terry Funk to win the 3PW Heavyweight title!
  • September 27, 2003: Terry Funk hosts a one-day training session for $75 at the Jersey All Pro Wrestling show in Bayonnne, NJ..
  • September 27, 2003 - JAPW Funkin' Homicide: Terry Funk pinned Homicide after a piledriver onto a steel chair!
  • September 19, 2003 - MLW WAR GAMES: The Funkin Army (led by Terry Funk) beat The Extreme Horsemen (led by Steve Corino)..
  • ~~~Funkin Army = Terry Funk/Sabu/Dr Death/Sandman || Extreme Horsemen = Corino/Diamond/Anderson/Credible/Barry Windham..
  • September 20, 2003 - Ring of Honor: Terry Funk defeated CM Punk by DQ after Punk wouldn't release the figure-four-leglock..
  • February 4, 2004 - NWA^TNA: The Gathering (CM Punk & Julio Dinero) defeated Terry Funk & The Sandman..
  • February 18, 2004 - NWA^TNA: Raven & Terry Funk defeated The Gathering (Julio Dinero & CM Punk) w/James Mitchell..
  • ~~~James Mitchell tried to use a stun gun on Raven, but Terry Funk threw himself in front and took the shock himself!
  • April 2004: Terry Funk and Sports Publishing have come to a verbal agreement to do an autobiography..
  • November 13, 2004--FWA British Uprising: Terry Funk & Paul Burchill & Paul Travell b Drew McDonald & Raj Ghosh & Thunder..
  • November 20, 2004: Eddie Steinblock (the promotor) defeated Terry Funk (bled heavily and put on a 'show') in Bremen, Germany..
  • December 12, 2004--IWA Mid South: Ian Rotten & Terry Funk & Danny Daniels beat B.J. Whitmer & Steve Stone & Chris Candido..
  • January 29, 2005 - WrestleReunion: America's Most Wanted defeated Dory Funk & Terry Funk by DQ to retain the NWA Tag titles..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This was Terry Funk's official retirement match --- this time it's REAL! well for two months at least..
  • April 2, 2005--World League Wrestling: Trevor Rhodes vs Brandon Bishop ended in a NO CONTEST with Mick Foley as referee..
  • ~~~Trevor Rhodes & Brandon Bishop & Johnny Gold attacked Mick Foley until Terry Funk & Harley Race made the save!
  • April 9, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling: Jeff Jarrett beat Dusty Rhodes to retain the NWA title with Jimmy Valiant as referee..
  • ~~~Terry Funk interfered and whacked Dusty Rhodes with his book leading to Jeff Jarrett scoring the victory!
  • May 7, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling: Dusty Rhodes defeated Terry Funk in a falls count anywhere bunkhouse match..
  • June 10, 2005 - Hardcore Homecoming: Sabu defeated Terry Funk and Sandman in a 3-WAY No-ropes Barbed Wire match!
  • ~~~Sabu took an unhealthy number of bumps into the barbed wire ripping his skin to shreds and covered with blood..
  • ~~~Bill Alfonso got involved, pulling Shane Douglas into the wire, resulting in Francine attacking Alfonso!!
  • ~~~The lights went out and Cactus Jack showed up and shoved a Barbed-wire Mr. Socko down Shane Douglas' throat!
  • ~~~Cactus Jack had a referees shirt on and counted the 1-2-3 as Terry Funk had Douglas pinned to eliminate Douglas..
  • ~~~Sabu recovered and gave Terry Funk an Arabian Facebuster off a chair and Cactus Jack counted the 1-2-3!!
  • ~~~Chants of "Terry!" and "Sabu!" and "Foley!" and "Thank You Shane!" and of course "ECW! ECW!" were heard..
  • July 8, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling: Terry Funk was signing autographs and was insulted by XCW Champion Eddie Atlas..
  • August 4, 2005--Wrestle-One (debut show): Terry Funk & Mil Mascaras defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima & Tomoaki Honma..
  • August 27, 2005--WrestleReunion: Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane defeated Dory & Terry Funk & Mick Foley
  • September 10, 2005--Wrestle Reunion: Dusty Rhodes vs Terry Funk ended in a No Contest with Mick Foley as referee..
  • ~~~Funk turned heel on Foley saying it was the first time he was wrestling where he was getting paid less than the referee!
  • November 4, 2005 - Hardcore Homecoming: Terry Funk was inducted into the Hardcore Hall of Fame..
  • November 19, 2005--Tribute to Starrcade: Dustin Rhodes vs Terry Funk ended in a No Contest with Mick Foley as referee..
  • December 3, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling: Dusty Rhodes defeated Terry Funk in an I Quit match inside a Cage..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - The Return of ECW:
  • May 15, 2006 - RAW: Mick Foley brought out his mentor Terry Funk, which quickly evolved into a verbal & physical confrontation..
  • ~~~Terry Funk was there to stick up for ECW and to confront Mick Foley about why he turned on Tommy Dreamer the week before..
  • May 22, 2006 - RAW: Mick Foley & Edge declared themselves Hardcore co-Champions only to be interrupted by Paul Heyman!
  • ~~~Paul Heyman showed up and challenged Mick Foley & Edge to face Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk at ECW One Night Stand..
  • June 5, 2006 - RAW: Terry Funk and a group of ECW wrestlers attacked John Cena until WWE wrestlers made the save!
  • June 7, 2006 - WWE vs ECW: Terry Funk was in a WWE vs ECW Battle Royal, won by The Big Show (who defected to ECW)..
  • ~~~LATER: Edge (w/Mick Foley & Lita) defeated Tommy Dreamer w/Terry Funk in an Extreme Rules match when Lita interfered!
  • ~~~~~Terry Funk had an intense brawl at ringside with Funk (wrapped in barbed wire) punching Foley's head til it bled..
  • June 11, 2006 - ECW One Night Stand: Mick Foley & Edge & Lita defeated Terry Funk (bloodbath) & Tommy Dreamer & Beulah..