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Manager/Wrestler: Terri
Real Name: Terri Ann Boatwright Runnels
Birthday: October 5, 1966
Hometown: Originally from Atlanta, Georgia
Resides in Gainesville, FL
Marital Status: Divorced from Dustin Rhodes
w/Daughter (Dakota)
Height & Weight: 5'0" - 100 lbs
Trained by: WWE
Debut: 1990
Titles: WWE Hardcore Title
Previous Gimmicks: Alexandra York (WCW)
Marlena (WWF)
Finishing Move: Top Rope Crossbody
Favorite Moves: Stand on Hair arm pull up
Body Slam
Notable Feuds: Big Josh
The Z Man
Bobby Eaton
Triple H
Brian Pillman
Val Venis
Goldust/Dustin Rhodes
Perry Saturn & Moppy
The Kat
Trish Stratus
Eric Bischoff

Wrestlers who Terri has Managed:
The York Foundation
Michael Wallstreet.
Terrance Taylor.
Richard Morton.
Thomas Rich.
Mr. Hughes.
Val Venis
The Hardy Boyz
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Perry Saturn

In The Beginning:
  • Terri Runnels was a hair stylist for the Larry King Show prior to wrestling..
  • Terri Runnels was married to Dustin Rhodes, they had a baby daughter named Dekota, but they now divorced..

    World Championship Wrestling:
  • 1990: Terri signed with WCW and became "Alexandra York", the personal accountant of Michael Wallstreet (Mike Rotunda)..
  • When Michael Wallstreet left for the WWF, York started her own stable called the York Foundation..

    World Wrestling Federation - Goldust & Marlena:
  • January 21, 1996 - Royal Rumble: Goldust came to the ring with Marlena for the first time..
  • ~~~The Marlena character wore gold colored outfits and regularly smoked cigars..
  • April 1, 1996: Goldust w/Marlena defeated Savio Vega to win the Intercontinental title..
  • December 1996: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley put the moves on Marlena, which led to a feud between Goldust & HHH..
  • Royal Rumble 1997: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley defeated Goldust (Helmsley stole a kiss from Marlena)..
  • February 1997: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley hired Chyna to be his bodyguard (Chyna viciously attacked Marlena)..
  • August 3, 1997 - Summerslam: Goldust defeated Brian Pillman..
  • ~~~As a result, Brian Pillman was forced to wear one of Marlena's gold dresses the next night on RAW..
  • September 7, 1997 - Ground Zero: Brian Pillman defeated Goldust to aquire the services of Marlena for 30 days..
  • ~~~Brian Pillman gave Marlena a new look the next night with more make-up and a sleezier image..
  • ~~~Over the next few weeks on RAW, Brian Pillman filmed segments called "Brian Pillman's XXX-Files" with Marlena..
  • Badd Blood 1997: Goldust was scheduled to face Brian Pillman, but Pillman was found dead in his hotel room...
  • November 3, 1997 - RAW: Goldust revealed he had a new love interest that was Luna Vachon

    World Wrestling Federation - Terri:
  • After a short absence from WWF Television, Terri returned as the valet of porn star Val Venis..
  • Breakdown 1998: Val Venis defeated Dustin Runnels (who for the time had dropped the Goldust gimmick)..
  • ~~~Terri announced that she was "pregnant" with Val's baby, but Venis reacted by dumping her on the spot!
  • ~~~Val Venis' excuse was that because of his career choice, he had a vacectomy, therefor cannot be the father..

    World Wrestling Federation - Pretty Mean Sisters:
  • Terri "miscarriaged" after DLo Brown accidentally knocked her off the ring apron..
  • Terri formed a man-hating female faction known as Pretty Mean Sisters (PMS) with Jacqueline..
  • Terri used the accident to blackmail DLo Brown into continually doing favours for them and doing their dirty work..
  • Rock Bottom 1998: Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown w/PMS defeated The Godfather & Val Venis..
  • The secret was eventually let out of the bag, and DLo Brown ditched Terri & Jacqueline..

    World Wrestling Federation - Pretty Mean Sisters II:
  • PMS turned their focus on MEAT (aka Shawn Stasiak) and then added Ryan Shamrock to their group..
  • July 1999: PMS split up when Ryan Shamrock was released and Jacquelin became fed up with Terri's infatuation with MEAT..
  • Aug-Sept 1999: Terri aligned herself with the Mean Street Posse until they dumped her after they "used, and abused, her"..

    World Wrestling Federation - Terri Invitational Tournament:
  • September 30, 1999: Terri created the Terri Invitational Tournament (T.I.T.) with Edge & Christian against The Hardy Boyz..
  • ~~~The winner of the Terri Invitational Tournament would receive $100,000 plus the managerial services of Terri..
  • No Mercy 1999: The Hardy Boyz defeated Edge & Christian in a "Ladder" match to win the Terri Invitational Tournament..
  • ~~~After the match, Bubba Ray Dudley gave Terri a Super Sitdown Powerbomb through a table..
  • No Way Out 2000: Terri turned against The Hardy Boyz causing them to lose to Edge & Christian..
  • ~~~The reason Terri gave for turning against The Hardyz was that they weren't there for her during her time off from injury..

    World Wrestling Federation - Terri:
  • Wrestlemania 2000: Terri defeated The Kat in a Catfight with Val Venis as special guest referee..
  • Summer 2000: Terri started managing Perry Saturn..
  • Fully Loaded 2000: Perry Saturn w/Terri defeated Eddie Guerrero to capture the European title..
  • August 8, 2000 - Smackdown!: Terri & Perry Saturn defeated The Kat & Al Snow in a mixed tag match..
  • January 4, 2001 - Smackdown!: Terri & Perry Saturn defeated Matt Hardy & Lita in a mixed tag match..
  • Perry Saturn dumped Terri when he developed a strange infatuation with a MOP (yes, a cleaning mop)..
  • September 17, 2001 - RAW: Raven & Terri put Perry Saturn's Moppie through a wood-chipper..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Alliance:
  • Terri ended up joining the Alliance by aligning herself with Raven..
  • Terri replaced Trish Stratus as host of the WWF Excess program..
  • January 2002: Terri challanged Woman's Champion Trish Stratus to a wet t-shirt contest..
  • ~~~Before Trish could "get wet", she was attacked by Jazz.. No winner was announced..
  • April 1, 2002 - RAW: Trish Stratus defeated Terri in a 'Paddle on a Pole' Bikini match..
  • April 2002: Rumors circulated that Terri secretly got married and the marriage only lasted a month.. Completely unconfirmed..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Backstage Interviewer:
  • April 8, 2002 - RAW: Terri became a backstage interviewer for the RAW brand..
  • May 27, 2002 - RAW: While interviewing Hardcore Champion, Steven Richards, a Hardcore brawl broke out..
  • ~~~Terri stumbled upon an opportunity to pin Steven Richards and capture the WWE Hardcore title!
  • ~~~Steven Richards, however, rolled up Terri immediately after to regain the championship..
  • September 2, 2002 - RAW: Terri defeated Stacy Keibler in a LIGERIE PILLOW FIGHT (Stacy tarred and feathered Terri)..
  • September 9, 2002 - RAW: Terri & Trish Stratus defeated Victoria & Stacy Keibler (Terri pinned Stacy)..
  • November 3, 2003 - RAW: Terri got viciously attacked by Molly Holly until Lita made the save..
  • November 10, 2003 - RAW: Molly Holly & Gail Kim defeated Lita & Terri (Molly/Gail stripped Terri down to her Bra & Panties)..
  • November 24, 2003 - RAW ROULETTE: Terri took part in the "comedy" routine of the night, the Capture the Midget contest..
  • April 3, 2004: Terri Runnels was released from her WWE contract with best wishes for the future..
  • Terri's release was her decision and it was believed that she will always have a job with the WWE if she wanted to return..

    In the Meantime:
  • July 10, 2004--IAW Clash at the Cove 6: Brian Costello (managed by Terri Runnels) defeated The Barbarian..
  • January 18, 2005--Southern Championship Wrestling: The Fantastics defeated The Midnight Express in a Steel Cage Match
  • ~~~Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton beat Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey w/Terri Runnels to capture the vacant Tag Team Titles..
  • Ex-wrestler trades ring for soccer field: http://ybnow.com/site/SoccerTots/docs/cached/GainsvilleExWrestler.php