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Wrestler: Teen Wolf
Real Name: Matthew Crump
Birthday: July 29, 1984
Hometown: Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Marital Status: Single
Height & Weight: 6'0" - 76Kgs
Trained by: Greg "TNT" Bownds
Amy Action
Dean Draven
Debut: August 24, 2003
Previous Gimmicks: "Teen Wolf" Matt Crump
Finishing Move: The Wolfbite (Diamond Cutter)
The Howling (Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker)
Favorite Moves: Michael J. Fox Driver (Reality Driver)
Flipping neckbreaker
Cobra Clutch Backbreaker
Wolfenstiener (Top Rope Frankenstier)
Slingshot DDT
Step up enzigru
Straightjacket Clutch
Tilt -a- whirl Headscissors
Top Rope Dropkick
Top Rope Flipping leg Drop
Notable Feuds: The Captain
Kid Dynamite
The Webmistress
Zander Bathory

  • August 24, 2003 - AWF: Crimson Mask & The Webmistress defeated Teen Wolf (debut) & Spiral & Kid Dynamite..
  • ~~~During the match, Kid Dynamite turned on Teen Wolf and Spiral..
  • February 28, 2004 - AWF: Teen Wolf defeated The Captain..
  • July 16, 2004 - AWF: Nuclear deafeated Teen Wolf..
  • August 7, 2004 - AWF: Billy Flyswat (c) defeated Teen Wolf in a "Young Lions Cup Match"..
  • November 5, 2004 - AWF: Teen Wolf defeated The Captain and Gravity in a 3-WAY Elimination Match..
  • November 2004 - AWF: Kid Dynamite (c) defeated Teen Wolf in a "Young Lions Cup Match"..
  • March 5, 2005 - AWF: Mark Hilton (c) defeated Teen Wolf to retain the Heavyweight title..
  • April 23, 2005 - AWF: Dean Draven defeated Teen Wolf..
  • AWF 7 Feb, 2004 Scott Club & Gravity defeated The Captain & Teen Wolf when Captain Turned on wolf
  • AWF 4 JUNE 04 Teen Wolf drew with European Assassin
  • AWF 6 June 04 Future Shock, PC Virus & Webmistress downed Teen Wolf, European Assassin & Scotty Club
  • AWF 4 JULY 04 Teen Wolf defeated The Webmistress in the battle of the sexes match
  • AWF 24 JULY 04 Teen Wolf bested Peter Z
  • AWF 4 SEPT, 2004 Teen Wolf pinned Misled Youth
  • AWF 18 SEPT 04 "Mad" Tony Kebab returned and pinned Teen Wolf
  • AWF 28 MAY 05 3 Way: Teen Wolf pinned Dr Waxhead with a twisting face plant, Steve Ravenous defeated Teen Wolf with a pumphandle powerslam
  • AWF 18 JUNE, 2005 Sam White (debut) & Teen Wolf defeated TNT & Steve Ravenous
  • AWF 8 JULY 05 Teen Wolf and Sam White pinned Zander Bathory and Stillborn
  • AWF 16 JULY 05 TNT & Kid Dynamite pinned Teen Wolf & "Sparkling" Sam White
  • AWF SAT 8 AUGUST 05 Super Crimson Mask defeat Teen Wolf
  • AWF SAT 17 SEPTEMBER 05 Stillborn & Zander Bathory b Billy Flyswat & Teen Wolf
  • AWF/CPW (Captial Pro Wrestling) Joint show 15 Oct 05 Billy Flyswat and Gravity Def Dr. Waxhead and Teen Wolf
  • AWF 16 Oct 05 Teen Wolf and Dr. Waxhead Def Stillborn and Zander Bathory
  • Major Impact Wrestling 22 OCT 05 - Mason Childs Def Teen Wolf (MIW Debut)