Manager/Referee: Theodore Long
Real Name:
Birthday: September 15
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Marital Status:
Previous Gimmicks: The Godfather of Wrestling
Referee Teddy Long ()
Notable Feuds: Paul Ellering

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Wrestlers who Teddy Long Managed:
Sid Vicious
Dan Spivey
Mean Mark Callous
Ron Simmons
Butch Reed
Johnny B. Badd
Too Cold Scorpio
Marcus Bagwell
Ice Train
Sgt Craig Pittman
Joey Maggs
Jimmy Powers
Bobby Walker
Dílo Brown
Rodney Mack
Christopher Nowinski

National Wrestling Alliance / World Championship Wrestling:
  • Teddy Long broke into the business by hanging out and running errands for wrestlers such as Tommy Rich & Abdullah the Butcher..
  • Teddy Long eventurally became a member of the ring crew for National Wrestling Alliance..
  • Teddy Long filled in for a referee who no showed to an NWA card, and eventually became a full-time referee..
  • February 20, 1989 - NWA Chi-Town Rumble: Teddy Long runs in for the 3 count to award Ricky Steamboat the NWA World title..
  • Teddy Long suddenly became a lot more involved in other matches making controversial decisions which often favored the heels..
  • April 2, 1989: Teddy Long controversially awards Mike Rotunda & Steve Williams the NWA Tag titles from the Road Warriors..
  • Teddy Long was banned by the NWA from refereeing, and later returned as the manager of the Skyscrapers..
  • Teddy Long credits Eddie Gilbert and Kevin Sullivan for helping him make the transition from referee to manager..
  • Teddy Long & the Skyscrapers began feuding with the Road Warriors & Paul Ellering..
  • The Skyscrapers broke up and Teddy Long became the manager for the recently unmasked team of of Doom..
  • May 19, 1990 - NWA Capital Combat: Paul Ellering defeats Teddy Long in a Hair-vs-Hair match to end their rivalry..
  • ~~~Later that night, Doom defeats The Stiener Brothers for the NWA World Tag titles to become the first African American champs..
  • Teddy Long is awarded PWI Manager of the Year Achievement Award..
  • WrestleWar 91: The Freebirds defeat Doom for the NWA Tag Team titles and Teddy Long & Butch Reed turn on Ron Simmons!
  • Teddy Long then introduces his new wrestler, Johnny B. Badd..
  • Helloween Havoc Ď91: Johnny B. Badd w/Teddy Long defeats Jimmy Garvin..
  • Teddy Long leaves managing to become a commentator..
  • Teddy Long makes another comeback, this time as a face, managing 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell..
  • 1996: Teddy Long pops up in WCW managing jobbers Joey Maggs, Jimmy Powers, Craig Pittman, Bobby Walker & Ice Train..
  • Fall Brawl 1996: Teddy Long manages Ice Train as he defeats Scott Norton..

    World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment:
  • 2001: Teddy Long debuts in the World Wrestling Federation as a referee..
  • September 2002: WWE has removed referee Teddy Long from the road with rumors he could return as a manager..
  • January 20, 2003 - RAW: Teddy Long debuts on RAW in a managerial roll, siding with DLo Brown in a 'race card' angle..
  • Febuary 17, 2003 - RAW: Teddy Long fires DLo cause he wasn't "getting the job done", and introduces Rodney Mack..
  • April 7, 2003 - RAW: Teddy Long recruits Jazz into his group, who is the real life wife of Rodney Mack..
  • April 27, 2003 - Backlash 2003: Teddy Long guides Jazz to win the WWE Womens title from Trish Stratus..
  • June 23, 2003 - RAW: Maven pins Chris Nowinski (now managed by Theodore Long) in less than 20 seconds!
  • August 18, 2003 - RAW: Teddy Long returns to RAW and leads his man Rodney Mack to a loss against Rosey..
  • August 25, 2003 - RAW: Theodore Long adds Mark Henry to his group of "Playahs"..
  • Janaury 5, 2003 - RAW: Theodore Long is granted the opportunity to be General Manager of Smackdown! for one night only..
  • ~~~Of course, Theodore Long is harassed by Sherrif Steve Austin, including getting chased by a four-wheeler!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Smackdown!:
  • March 22, 2004 - Draft Lottery: Theodore Long is happy when he gets drafted to Smackdown!, much to the dismay of Jazz!
  • March 25, 2004 - Smackdown!: Theodore Long hands out "Playahs" Cards to Scotty Too Hotty & Rikishi to offer his services..
  • April 8, 2004 - Smackdown!: Theodore Long faces off with Spike Dudley in the ring, but is saved by his new protege, Mark Jindrak!
  • July 29, 2004 - Smackdown!: Theodore Long is named NEW General Manager of Smackdown! in a babyface roll..
  • August 12, 2004 - Smackdown!: GM Long calls Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle to the ring for a handshake but nothing is resolved..
  • August 26, 2004 - Smackdown!: Kurt Angle lures Eddie Guerrero out to the parking lot and tells him NOT to lay a hand on HIS car!
  • ~~~Eddie Guerrero smashes the car to pieces until GM Theodore Long shows up and informs him that it was HIS car!
  • December 30, 2004 - Smackdown!: Theodore Long presented the 2004 Night of Champions with all titles on the line..
  • Early 2005: Theodore Long was continually pestered by Carlito Cool, who was circulating a petition to have Long removed as GM..
  • February 24, 2005 - Smackdown!: The WWE Board of Directors (Linda McMahon) gives Theodore Long the "thumbs up approval"..
  • March 3, 2005 - Smackdown!: Carlito Cool shows up for his first assignment from Theodore Long --- Shovelling snow!
  • March 10, 2005 - Smackdown!: John Cena shows up with a steel pipe wanting revenge on The Cabinit, but is outlawed from doing so!
  • ~~~John Cena tells General Manager Theodore Long that he's "obviously part of the problem" and delivers a vicious FU!
  • March 17, 2005 - Smackdown!: Eric Bischoff & Theodore Long attended the contract signing between Undertaker and Randy Orton..
  • August 25, 2005 - Smackdown!: Theodore Long was introduced to Palmer Cannon, a representative from "The Network"..
  • September 16, 2005 - Smackdown!: Palmer Cannon underminded GM Long's authority and named Eddie Guerrero as #1 Contender!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Smackdown! vs RAW:
  • October 3, 2005 - WWE Homecoming: Vince McMahon granted Theodore Long the right to present a Smackdown! showcase match..
  • ~~~After Mr. McMahon had left the building, Bischoff interjected his authority and cancelled the Smackdown! showcase match..
  • ~~~The John Cena/Kurt Angle fight was put on the backburner as a massive Smackdown! vs RAW brawl broke out around the ring..
  • November 4, 2005 - Smackdown!: Eric Bischoff & Theodore Long agreed to do a RAW vs SD! Elimination match at Survivor Series..
  • November 11, 2005 - Smackdown!: Batista (SD!) vs Edge w/Lita (RAW) in an Interpromotional Street Fight ended in a No Contest..
  • ~~~Chris Masters & Eric Bischoff lured Team SD! away from the building, so Kane & Big Show interfered unopposed..
  • ~~~Kane & Big Show went to the ring and attacked Batista and gave him the double-choke-slam-from-hell in the ring!
  • November 21, 2005 - RAW: Team RAW and Team Smackdown! met up in the parking lot and Batista was chokeslammed on a car!
  • November 27, 2005 - Survivor Series: Theodore Long (SD!) defeated Eric Bischoff (RAW) with help from The Boogeyman!
  • February 24, 2006 - Smackdown!: GM Long decided to add Rey Mysterio to the WWE title match at WM22 making it a 3-WAY!
  • April 27, 2006--Deep South Wrestling: Teddy Long showed up to "ban" Palmer Canon from Deep South and "rehired" Nick Patrick..
  • May 11, 2006--Deep South Wrestling: Theodore Long replaced Palmer Canon in the storyline where he is in control of the promotion..
  • May 26, 2006 - SmackDown!: Paul Heyman showed up but was warned by Theodore Long not to be snooping around the locker room..
  • August 31, 2006--Deep South Wrestling: Theodore Long showed up and said he will be scouting talent for Smackdown!....
  • September 29, 2006 - SmackDown!: Theodore Long officially announced the signing of Montel Vontavious Porter..
  • December 22, 2006 - SmackDown!: JBL publically demanded that Theodore Long apologize for running SD! in a careless manner..
  • January 5, 2007 - SmackDown!: JBL interviewed Montel Vontavious Porter and blamed Theodore Long for his injuries..