Wrestler: Tarzan Tyler
Real Name: Camille Tourville
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Marital Status: Married
Height & Weight: 6'3" - 285lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1950s
Previous Gimmicks: Tarzan Tourville (Montreal)
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves: Kick with his boot
Notable Feuds: Jacques Rougeau Sr
Edouard Carpentier
Yvon Robert Jr

[Tarzan Tyler Gallery]

  • NWA (Texas) World Tag Team titles w/Alaskan Jay York 1962);
  • NWA (Florida) World Tag Team titles w/Tim Tyler (1964);
  • NWA (Florida) Southern Heavyweight title (1964);
  • NWA (Florida) Southern Heavyweight title (1966);
  • NWA (Japan) International Tag Team titles w/Bill Watts (1967);
  • NWA Southern Tag Team titles w/Louie Tillet (1968-69);
  • NWA Florida Heavyweight title (1970);
  • Florida Television title (1970);
  • Florida Television title (1971);
  • Florida Brass Knucks title (1970);
  • Florida Brass Knucks title (1971);
  • WWWF Tag Team titles w/Crazy Luke Graham (first ever 1971);
  • Columbus (Georgia) Heavyweight title (1975);
  • (Montreal) Grand Prix title (1975);

  • Tarzan Tyler began wrestling in the 50s in Montreal and was known as Tarzan Tourville for a few years..
  • Tarzan Tyler was the master of the loaded boot, he tapped his boot three times on the mat, and lay a series of kicks into his opponent..
  • Early 1960s: Tarzan Tyler was the booker in Florida..
  • June 4, 1971: Crazy Luke Graham & Tarzan Tyler defeated Dick the Bruiser & The Sheik for the WWWF Tag Team title..
  • ~~~The doctor told him he will never wrestle again. He was in a wheel chair for almost 9 month..
  • 1973: Tarzan Tyler had his back broken when he took a bad fall in a match with Andre the Giant..
  • 1980s: Tarzan Tyler worked as a manager for Dino Bravo's promotion..
  • 1985: Tarzan Tyler was killed in an automobile accident around the age of 55..