Wrestler: "The Iraqi Madman" TK-RIOT
Real Name: Troy Kimble
Birthday: May 31, 1967
Hometown: Krotz Springs, Louisiana
Billed from Baghdad Iraq
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'9" - 222 lbs
Trained by: Rod Price
Rodney Mack
Debut: 1998
Previous Gimmicks: The Iraqi Madman
Finishing Move: Ground Zero Clutch
Favorite Moves: The Plane Crash Moonsault
Arabian Corkscrew
Air Riot
Notable Feuds: "Superman" Bryan Hart
"First Class" Terry Cash
"The Bullgod" Minotaur

  • CSWA Hardcore title (1999);
  • SIWA Tag Team titles w/Nathan Storm (2000);
  • IWA Heavyweight title (2000);
  • SIWA Tag Team titles w/Bryan Hart (2000);
  • SIWA Heavyweight title (2001);
  • UWF Tag Team titles w/Bryan Hart (2001);
  • DSW Southern Parishes title (2002);
  • CWF Tag Team titles w/"Awesome" Al Savage (2002);
  • BSW Hardcore title (2002);
  • SCW Intercontinental title (2002);
  • LPPW Hardcore title (2003);
  • XWA Extreme title (2003);
  • BSW Heavyweight title (2004);
  • WCCW Heavyweight title (2004);
  • MidSouth Tag Team titles w/T-Wolf defeating Justin Stone & Halfbreed (July 17, 2005);

  • 2001: TK Riot successfully defeated Doink The Clown (Dusty Wolfe)..
  • 2002: K-RIOT was invited by The General Skandar Akbar to join Devastation Inc...
  • ~~~Skandar Ackbar and TK-RIOT have been terrorizing the southern wrestling scene ever since..
  • 2002: TK-Riot w/Skandar Akbar defeated Bryan Hart in a brutal Iraqi Rules match to retain the Southern Parish title..
  • May 2005: TK-Riot w/Reverend Nighttrain almost defeated former WWE wrestler Rodney Mack w/Jazz..
  • ~~~Jazz took out Reverend Nighttrain and knocked out TK-Riot with a roll of quarters and Mack scored the pin!
  • July 17, 2005: T-Wolf & TK-Riot defeated Justin Stone & Halfbreed to win the Mid South Tag Team titles..
  • TK Riot gets enjoyment out of destroying American Wrestlers with his Fireball..