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Wrestler: Sweet Daddy Siki
Real Name: Reginald Siki
Hometown: Originally from Texas
Now Lives in Toronto, Ontario
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1955
Previous Gimmicks: "Mr. Irresistible"
Finishing Move: Airplane Spin
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Bobo Brazil
Dave Ruhl
Leo Burke

  • (Toronto) International Tag Team titles w/Bulldog Brower (1962);
  • (Vancouver) Canadian Tag Team titles w/Kinji Shibuya (1963);
  • NWA Texas title (1963);
  • Stampede North American title (1970);
  • NWA (Hawaii) North American title (1971-72);
  • Hawaiian Tag Team titles w/Moondog Mayne (1971);
  • WWC (Puerto Rico) North American title (2:1983-84)

  • Sweet Daddy Siki teamed with "Sailor" Art Thomas, and feuded with men such as Leo Burke, Dave Ruhl and countless others..
  • 1962: Sweet Daddy Siki made his Maple Leaf Gardens debut and wrestled there until 1980..
  • ~~~While in Toronto, Sweet Daddy Siki also made appearances as a country singer..
  • Siki was a regular in Detroit, Stampede, Dave McKigney's circuit in Ontario, and in the WWWF, St. Louis and other territories..
  • Sweet Daddy Siki was known for using the catch phrase: "I'm the Women's Pet and the Mans Regret"
  • Early 80s: After retiring, Siki & Johnny Powers began training wrestlers out of Southwestern Ontario..
  • 2003: Sweet Daddy Siki is now the DJ/Karaoke host at a bar called the Duke of York in Toronto..
  • September 18, 2004--Twin Wrestling: Legends Ceremony for Sweet Daddy Siki, Waldo von Erich, Missing Link & Baron Scicluna..
    Naomi wrote:
    I remember sweet Daddy siki as a young girl... I am a polio survivor and one afternoon in Niagara falls ont. Mr. siki happened to be in a drug store purchasing, I happened to be behind him in my wheelchair... I knew him as my father is a wrestling watcher at that time. I was about ten maybe. He turned and said hello asked me if i would be alright I said yes and he gave me a dollar.. which i spent immediately to the horror of my parents.. I will never forget the blonde hair, as well as how big and strong he was..

    Wondering if he is still alive and if so... send him my Thank you. It was very thrilling.
    Michelle wrote:
    I just wanted to say that Sweet Daddy is a dj at the Duke of York, at Queen and Leslie streets in Toronto, Canada. He plays an awesome mix of hip hop, reggaeton, and country. He won't, however, play anything with swearing in it because he's a born again Christian. My friend requested Funky Cold Medina and he had it. He has a picture in his dj booth of him wrestling in his younger days. He's the coolest!