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Wrestler: Swede Hansen
Real Name: Robert Fort Hanson
Birthday: 1933
Hometown: East Orange, New Jersey
Marital Status: Divorced Twice
Height & Weight: 6'5" - 300 lbs
Trained by: George Tragos
Debut: 1957
Previous Gimmicks: Big Swede Hanson
Swede "Big Foot" Hanson
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

  • NWA Western States Tag Team titles (3);
  • NWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team titles (2);
  • NWA (Florida) Tag Team titles;
  • (Montreal) International Wrestling Tag Team titles w/The Hangman (1982);

  • Swede Hanson formed a successful heel tag team with Rip Hawk in the Carolinas..
  • February 19 2002: Swede Hansen passes away at 68 due to Alzheimers & Diabetes in Columbia, South Carolina..

    TIMO wrote: Swede Hanson's debut was not 1965. His first match was against Miguel "the Mexican Bull" Torres at the Paterson, New Jersey Armory in late 1957. In April of 1961, Hanson traveled to the Carolinas territory to work for Jim Crockett, where he stayed for about 20 years. --------- Early on he wrestled Bruno Sammartino (whom he later became good friends with). He became tag team partners with Rip "The Profile" Hawk in the mid-1960s and both became a popular heels, often wrestling other tag team heels Ole and Gene Anderson. Hanson and Hawk's tag-team lasted 16 years. Swede Hanson wrestled many top names throughout his career, including Andre the Giant. ---------- Hanson made several appearances in Vince McMahon's WWF beginning in 1982. Gorilla Monsoon once said of Swede Hanson during a WWF match, "Look at those forearms on the big Swede; I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those."