Wrestler: Spiros Arion
Real Name: Andres Labrakis
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'5" - 285lbs
Trained by: Andre Bollet (French)
Jim Londos (Rumored?)
Debut: 1961 in Paris
Previous Gimmicks: The Golden Greek (Australia)
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Jay Strongbow (1975)
Bruno Sammartino

[Spiros Arion Gallery]

  • IWA (Australia) World Heavyweight title defeating Killer Kowalski (August 1965);
  • IWA (Australia) Tag Team titles w/Mark Lewin (2);
  • IWA (Australia) Tag Team titles w/Mario Milano;

  • In The Beginning
  • Spiros Arion began his pro career in 1961 in Paris & wrestled around Europe for a few years before settling in Australia..

  • July 1965: Spiros Arion arrived on the Australian wrestling scene and quickly became a favorite among the Greek fans..
  • August 1965: Spiros Arion won his first of many IWA World titles & Austra-Asian titles in Australia..
  • Spiros Arion spent the first 14 years of Australia's World Championship Wrestling holding the World title about 10 times..
  • 1965: Karl Gotch won the title briefly from Spiros Arion, but lost it back shortly after..
  • Spiros Arion finished 1965 as World champion but no showed at the beginning of '66 after jumping ship and taking the title!
  • ~~~WCW officials 'fabricated' a result in Hawaii that had Killer Kowalski pinning Arion for the title..
  • Over in the rival promotion, Spiros Arion defended the belt against the 400 pound plus King Kong Czaja in Sydney..
  • ~~~The ref was decked by Czaja & missed Arion's pin on him, the largely Greek crowd rioted & started to storm the ring with chairs..
  • ~~~The terrified referee quickly declared Arion the winner & then bolted, with several hundred chair wielding Greeks going wild..
  • Late 1966: Spiros Arion returned to WCW and was obviously forgiven as he was immediately given the IWA title again..
  • Early 1971: The IWA World title was abandoned after Jim Barnett joined the NWA agreeing to recognize the NWA’s World title..
  • Early 1972: A new title called the Austra-Asian championship was created with Spiros Arion as the first champion..
  • 1974: Spiros Arion left Jim Barnett’s WCW promotion while still holding the Austra-Asian Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Spiros Arion had been defending the Austra-Asian title against Bobby Shane at the time of his departure..
  • ~~~WCW again made up a story about Arion being pinned overseas -- this time by Waldo Von Erich..

    World Wide Wrestling Federation
  • 1975: Spiros Arion headed to America to work for the WWWF as Bruno Sammartino's "protege"..
  • ~~~Spiros Arion was eventually turned heel by the influence of manager Fred Blassie to feud with Bruno Sammartino..