Manager: Slick.
Real Name: Kennith Johnson
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Marital Status:
Previous Gimmicks: Jive Soul Bro
Notable Feuds: Rufus R. Jones
Hulk Hogan
Randy Savage
Miss Elizabeth

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Texas All-Star Wrestling
  • Slick also did a short stint in Texas All-Star Wrestling, managing Madd Maxx & Lord Humongous..

    NWA: Central States
  • Slick appeared in the NWA Central States territory in Kansas City promoted by Bob Geigel..
  • Early 1986: Slick began his stint in Central States as the manager of Art Crews & Timothy Flowers (known as the Dream Team)..
  • Slick's stable included Central States Champion Bulldog Bob Brown, and his greatest protege, Hacksaw Butch Reed..
  • Slick also managed a pair of 300 pounders named Hacksaw Higgins & J.R. Hogg, collectively known as The New Dream Team..
  • Slick later managed a tag team known as the "Success Express" made up of Bobby Jaggers and Moondog Moretti..
  • Slick feuded extensively with Central States mainstay Rufus R. Jones..
  • Summer 1986: Butch Reed and Slick lost a "Loser Leaves Town" match to Bruiser Brody..

    World Wrestling Federation
  • September 1986: Slick & Butch Reed signed with the World Wrestling Federation..
  • Slick appeared on Television first, purchasing "half interest" in Freddie Blassie's heel stable..
  • ~~~Blassie was not in the best of health, and was being slowly phased out of storylines..
  • ~~~Slick eventually took over all managial duties from Blassie including managing The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff..
  • Shortly after, Slick debuted "The Natural" Butch Reed, with his new bleach blonde hair..
  • Slick managed Iron Shiek, Volkoff, Reed, Bossman, Akeem, Warlord, Roma, Hercules, Zues & Rick Martel..
  • Slick sang the song "Jive Soul Bro" on the WWF Piledriver Album, a video which exploited numerous african stereotypes..

  • Slick left the WWF for a while, returning in the early 1990s a real-life minister, "Reverand Slick"..
  • Slick eventually returned as a babyface, running into the ring to save Kamala from a beating by his "trainer"..
  • Slick helped Kamala be a better person, and realize that he was not an Savage Beast..

  • The "Reverend Slick" gimmick was actually a shoot, however, as Slick continues as a minister in Fort Worth, Texas..
  • Slick has been known to make special guest appearances at Texas independent wrestling shows on occasion..
  • April 1, 2007 - WrestleMania 23: "The Doctor of Style" Slick made a brief cameo during a backstage dance party..