Team: The Skull Brothers
Members: Skull Brother #1 & Skull Brother #2
Real Names: Ray Elmore & John Madincia
Debut: 1970
Previous Identities: The Bowery Boys
The Crushers
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

  • 1969: The Skull Brothers worked as The Bowery Boys and The Crushers before becoming the Skull Brothers..
  • October 7, 1970: The Skull Brothers debuted in Dayton going to a 20-minute draw with the tag champs, Lou & Roy Klein..
  • Dececember 23, 1970: The Skull Brothers were billed as the tag team champions, beating Haystacks Calhoun & Bill Miller by DQ..
  • Early 1971: The Skull Brothers resurfaced to participate in the World Tag Team title tournament for several weeks..
  • John Madincialater worked as a heel using the name JB Psycho before turning babyface..
  • Ray Elmore later wrestled as Skull Brother #1, Scott Elmore, The Zebra Kid, and then Cowboy Parker..