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Wrestler: Shin'ya Hashimoto
Real Name: Shinya Hashimoto
Birthday: July 3, 1965
Hometown: Gifu, Japan
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6' - 260 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: September 1, 1984
Previous Gimmicks: Hashif Kahn (Stampede)
Finishing Move: BrainBuster
Favorite Moves: Jumping DDT
Triangle Hold
Neck Chop
Notable Feuds: Genichiro Tenryu
Masa Chono
Naoya Ogawa

  • IWGP Tag Team title w/Masa Saito;
  • IWGP Tag Team title w/Junji Hirata;
  • IWGP Heavyweight title (3);
  • NWA Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Intercontinental Tag Team titles w/Naoya Ogawa;
  • NWA Intercontinental Tag Team titles w/Yoshiaki Fujiwara;
  • Super Grade Tag League w/Riki Choshu (1992);
  • Super Grade Tag League w/Scott Norton (1996);
  • G1 Climax (1998);
  • AJPW Triple Crown;

  • In The Beginning:

    New Japan Pro Wrestling:

  • ZERO ONE Japan:
  • November 13, 2000: Shinya Hashimoto registered the ZERO-ONE name, and quit his long-time home-promotion of NJPW..
  • March 2, 2001: Shinya Hashimoto's ZERO-ONE promotion had its first show..
  • January 4, 2004 - Z1 Hustle-1: Shin'ya Hashimoto defeated Big Van Vader..
  • March 7, 2004 - Z1 Hustle-2: Mark Coleman & Kevin Randleman defeated Shinya Hashimoto & Toshiaki Kawada..
  • May 8, 2004 - Z1 Hustle-3: Naoya Ogawa & Shin'ya Hashimoto defeated The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)..
  • July 25, 2004 - Z1 Hustle-4: Shin'ya "Hustle King" Hashimoto defeated Gama King..
  • July 11, 2005: Shinya Hashimoto collapsed suddenly and was rushed to the hospital and is believed to have been dead on arrival..
  • ~~~The cause of the sudden death of this Japanese legend is said to have been due to a brain hemorrhage. He was 40.