Wrestler: Sean O'Reilly
Real Name: William DeCoff
Hometown: Danvers, Massachusetts
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Killer Kowalski
Previous Gimmicks: Sean Cody
Strong Machine Mark X
Finishing Move: German suplex
Favorite Moves: Rolling short arm scissors
Notable Feuds: Hans Schmidt
Tarzan Tyler
Jos Leduc
The Moondogs
Dan Petty
Bob Van Winkle

  • International Tag Team titles defeating Hans Schmidt & Tarzan Tyler;
  • New England Tag Team titles;
  • International Jr. Heavyweight title defeating Lionel Robert;
  • New England Heavyweight title;

  • Sean O'Reilly won Several Tough-Man contests in the early 80's (early UFC style style fights)..
  • Sean O'Reilly was very strong push pressing 100 lbs. over his bodyweight..
  • Sean O'Reilly was discovered by Killer Kowalski doing a feats of strength demonstration for Muscular Dystrophy..
  • ~~~Feats of strength holding a car on his stomach and ripping license plate in two..
  • Sean O'Reilly was a private student at Killer Kowalski's school for 6 months..
  • ~~~Kowalski taught Sean the 1950s version of wrestling. That helped, but hindered his career..
  • Sean O'Reilly did not lose a match in his first 60 bouts. Working New England & Quebec..
  • Sean O'Reilly promised Gene LeBelle (at age 19) that if he was not financially set in wrestling by age 27 he would retire..
  • ~~~On that day Sean O'Reilly was working for WCCW in Pasadena, TX..
  • ~~~~~~Bruiser Brody announced Mike Von Erich commited suicide. Sean O'Reilly retired that night..
  • Sean O'Reilly teamed with Timothy O'Reilly (Joe Meagher) in a team known as "The O'Reilly Brothers"..
  • ~~~Sean O'Reilly said that Timothy O'Reilly was the best worker that he ever was in the ring with..
  • Sean O'Reilly's idol as a child was Danny Hodge -- as an adult it's still Danny Hodge..
  • Sean O'Reilly defeated Lionel Robert with a German suplex to win International Jr. HC.
  • Sean O'Reilly defeated Hans Schmidt & Tarzan Tyler for International Tag Team titles..
  • Sean O'Reilly wrestled boyhood favorite Prof. Tanaka to a draw..
  • 1998: Sean O'Reilly suffered a major heart attack..
  • Sean O'Reilly is now an Actor, appearing in BIAC productions "Little Man" Random Foo's Blackout..