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Wrestler: Scott Vick
Real Name: Scott Vick
Birthday: October 21, 1965
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'2 - 250lbs
Trained by: WCW Power Plant
Debut: October 13, 1997
Previous Gimmicks: Sickboy (WCW)
Finishing Move: The Cure (pedigree)
Favorite Moves: Missile Drop Kick
Reverse Flying Elbow
Notable Feuds:

  • Scott Vick is a direct graduate of the WCW Power Plant..
  • Scott Vick debuted in WCW as a member of Raven's Flock using the name "Sick Boy"..
  • 11-24-97 (Monday Nitro) Chris Benoit def Sick Boy..
  • 02-14-98 Sick Boy (w/Lodi) def The Renegade..
  • 02-21-98 (Saturday Night) DDP def Sick Boy to retain the US title..
  • 03-21-98 (WCW Pro) Sick Boy (W/Lodi) def Michael Nova..
  • 05-15-98 (House Shows) Sick Boy and Kidman def High Voltage..
  • 05-03-98 (House Shows) Sick Boy and Kidman def High Voltage..
  • 05-01-98 (House Shows) Sick Boy and Kidman def High Voltage..
  • 05-16-98 (House Show) High Voltage def Sick Boy and Kidman..
  • 06-15-98 (Nitro) Kanyon def Sick Boy..
  • 07-07-98 (House Show/SN tapings) Saturn def Sick Boy..
  • 07-18-98 (Saturday Night) Saturn def Sick Boy (w/Lodi) ..
  • 08-01-98 (Saturday Night) Sick Boy (w/Lodi) def Lizmark Jr...
  • 08-08-98 (World Wide) Sick Boy def Hardbody Harrison..
  • 08-10-98 (Nitro) Steve McMichael def Sick Boy (w/Lodi)..
  • 09-12-98 (Worldwide) Sick Boy def Mike Nova..
  • 09-26-98 (House Show) Riggs def Sick Boy..
  • 09-27-98 (House Show) Konnan def Sick Boy..
  • 09-28-98 (Nitro) Disciple def Sick Boy..
  • 10-02-98 (House Shows) Riggs def Sick Boy..
  • 10-03-98 (House Shows) Riggs def Sick Boy..
  • 10-04-98 (House Shows) Riggs def Sick Boy..
  • 10-15-98 (Thunder) Van Hammer def Sick Boy..
  • 11-10-99 (Nitro Extra) Saturn def Sick Boy..
  • 05-01-99 (World Wide) Sick Boy def Super Calo..
  • 07-14-99 (Thunder) Rick Fuller def Sick Boy..
  • 07-22-99 (Thunder) Rick Steiner def Sick Boy to retain the TV Title..
  • 02-21-00 Scott Vick signs a developmental contract with the WWF..
  • 03-14-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick defeats Sho Funaki..
  • 03-20-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick def Tracy Smothers..
  • 03-21-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick def Mideon..
  • 04-03-00 (Dark Match) DLo Brown def Scott Vick..
  • 04-10-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick def Rodney..
  • 04-11-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick def Stevie Richards..
  • 04-18-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick def Pete Gas..
  • 04-24-00 (Dark Match) KKrush defeated Scott Vick..
  • 05-01-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick def J.R. Ryder..
  • 05-02-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick defeated Julio Fantastico..
  • 05-29-00 (Dark Match) The Dupps defeated Scott Vick and Julio Fantastico..
  • 05-30-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick and Joe E. Legend defeated The Dupps..
  • 06-13-00 (Dark Match) The Dupps defeated Scott Vick and Stevie Richards..
  • 06-19-00 (Dark Match) Joe E. Legend defeated Scott Vick..
  • 06-26-00 (Dark Match) Joey Abbs defeated Scott Vick..
  • 06-27-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick and Steve Bradley defeated The Dupps..
  • 07-03-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick d. Pete Gas with a Cryponite Crunch Slam..
  • 07-04-00 (Dark Match) Scott Vick d. Pete Gas..
  • 07-10-00 (Dark Match) The Dupps d. Scott Vick/Joe E. Legend with a Double Flapjack..
  • March 14, 2005 - RAW: Rhyno defeated Scott Vick (aka Sick Boy from WCW) in a dark match..