Wrestler: Scott McGhee
Real Name: Garfield (Gary) Portz
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Scott Shannon (Memphis)
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

  • Garfield (Gary) Portz is the son of Geoff Portz..
  • Scott McGhee had a stint in Tennessee working for Nick Gulas under the name "Scott Shannon"..

    Jay A. wrote: I recall McGhee very well when he wrestled here in Florida under the Eddie Graham outfit. Here is some more information: Trained by Ric Flair, Rick Steamboat and Buddy Rogers. In 1980 McGhee began working for Eddie Graham's CWF. In October of that year McGhee and Barry Windham defeated Assassins 1&2 in a tournament in St. Petersburg, FL for the CWF tag belts. By Summer 1981 McGhee was wrestling in North & South Carolina, later in George Scott's Oklahoma territory and later defeated Tony Charles for the territory's United States Junior Heavyweight Championship. By the Fall of 1982 McGhee was back in CWF territory and was being heavily pushed by the promotion. He frequently wrestled and even jobbed a few times on Saturday evening program hosted by Gordon Solie. McGhee was often paired with Dusty Rhodes, Terry 'Magnum TA' Allen and Blackjack Mulligan. May 1983-McGhee wins the CWF Florida belt following a tournament. While Florida champ, McGhee wrestled against Ric Flair and Harley Race, although he did not capture the NWA world title. These matches gave McGhee tremendous exposure. In 1983 McGhee was defeated and lost the CWF Florida belt to Jos LeDuc. He then went on to wrestle in the Mid Atlantic NWA territory, competing in Starcade 1983. He was paired with Johnny Weaver against Kevin Sullivan and Mark 'Purple Haze' Lewin. McGhee then wrestled under the name of 'Irish' Pat McGhee in the Pacific Northwest Territory and won the region's tag belts with Curt Henning on December 23, 1983. McGhee then returned to Florida and immediately defeated 'Superstar' Billy Graham for the Florida Heavyweight Championship. By the end of 1985, following Eddie Graham's suicide, McGhee left the CWF promotion and began to work for Max Crabtree, who was head promoter and booker for British Wrestling Federation. Following his run in England, from late 1986-late 1987 McGhee returned to Florida, then wrestled for Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and Calgary, Can. On January 31, 1988 McGhee suffered from a career -ending stroke. Currently employed as a nurse (RN). Interesting fact-McGhee and Ric Flair were once brother in laws, having married sisters.