Wrestler: Tiger Mask
Real Name: Satoro Sayama
Birthday: November 27, 1957
Hometown: Yamaguchi, Japan
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by: New Japan Dojo
Debut: May 28, 1976 (as Satoru Sayama)
Previous Gimmicks: Satoru Sayama (debut - 81)
Sammy Lee (England, 80)
Tiger Mask (04/81 - 08/83)
Tigre Enmascarado (Mexico, 11/82 - 06/83)
The Tiger (UWF -Japan-, 07/84)
Super Tiger (UWF -Japan-, 08/84 - 09/85)
Satoru Sayama (94 - )
Original Tiger Mask (94 - )
Tiger King (97 - )
Super Tiger (2005)
Finishing Move: Diving Headbutt
Favorite Moves: Tiger Spin
Cross Body Block
Bow and Arrow
Tiger Suplex
Notable Feuds: Dynamite Kid

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  • NWA World Middleweight title..
  • WWF World Junior Heavyweight title (3)..
  • NWA World Junior Heavyweight title (2)..
  • TWA (Tokyo Pro) Tag Team titles w/Yoji Anjo..

  • Debut in New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • November 24, 1957: Satoru Sayama was born in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan..
  • May 28, 1976: Satoru Sayama made his wrestling debut being defeated by Shouji Kai..

    Tiger Mask
  • Antonio Inoki created the "Tiger Mask" character and asked Satoru Sayama to play the character..
  • April 23, 1981: Tiger Mask (Sayama) defeated Dynamite Kid in Tokyo to ignite a legendary feud..
  • Tiger Mask held the WWWF and NWA Junior Heavyweight titles..

    The UWF
  • 1984: Satoru Sayama jumped to the UWF, where he was not allowed to use the Tiger Mask gimmick..

  • Satoru Sayama walked away from the wrestling world after becoming disenchanted with the industry..
  • September 1985-96: Satoru Sayama was inactive as a wrestler..

    More Sayama
  • Satoru Sayama invented countless manuevers and set the standard for junior heavyweight wrestling in Japan..
  • Satoru Sayama paved the way for wrestlers such as Jushin Lyger, Ultimo Dragon, Great Sasuke etc..
  • Satoru Sayama eventually aquired the rights to the "Tiger Mask" name and gimmick..
  • May 1996: Satoru Sayama was inducted into the Puroresu Hall of Fame..

    Real Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Satoru Sayama opened a promotion called "Real Japan Pro Wrestling"..
  • May 2005: Satoru Sayama returned to Mexico for a tour..
  • June 9 2005--Real Japan Pro Wrestling: Shinjiro Otani defeated Super Tiger (Satoru Sayama)..
  • March 10, 2006--RJPW: The ORIGINAL Tiger Mask defeated Naomichi Marufuji in the main event..