[Rena Mero Gallery]
Wrestler/Valet: Sable
Real Name: Rena Mero
Birthday: August 8, 1967
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Marital Status: Divorced from Marc Mero.
Married to Brock Lesnar
Height & Weight: 5'7" - 120 lbs
Trained by: WWF & Marc Mero
Debut: 1996
Titles: WWF Women's Title
Previous Gimmicks: Triple H's Valet
Finishing Move: Sablebomb
Favorite Moves: Double Leg Takedown
Kick to the head
Notable Feuds: Triple H
Luna Vachon
Marc Mero
Torrie Wilson
Stacy Keibler
Miss Jackie
Official Website: http://www.renamero.net

In The Beginning:
  • Rena Mero was married to wrestler Marc Mero (aka Johnny B. Badd)..
  • Rena Mero was a model for Guess Jeans before getting into Wrestling..

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • Sable debuted in the WWF with several appearances as Hunter Heurst Helmsley's beautiful valet..
  • ~~~Hunter abused and mistreated Sable until she was rescued by the "Wildman" Marc Mero (her real life husband)..
  • Sable managed Marc Mero for quite some time, until he was injured and took time off from the WWE..
  • Sable's popularity began to rise and everybody soon forgot about her association with Marc Mero!
  • When Marc Mero returned, he became a jealous heel and began to mistreat Sable and order her to dress less provocatively..
  • March 29, 1998 - Wrestlemania XIV: Sable & Marc Mero put aside their issues and defeat Luna & Goldust after Sable pins Luna..
  • RAW: The following night, Marc Mero forces Sable to go to the back signifying the unofficial end of their onscreen relationship..
  • May 2, 1998 - Over the Edge: Marc Mero pins Sable after telling her he would let her pin him, but rolls her up for the 3-count..
  • ~~~Due to a pre-arranged stipulation, Sable was then forced to leave the WWF..

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • Sable took a short leave on absence, while Marc Mero introduced his new valey, Jacqueline!
  • July 26, 1998 - Fully Loaded: Jacqueline defeated Sable in a bikini contest due to Sable wearing painted hands on her chest..
  • August 30, 1998 - Summerslam: Sable & Edge (Mystery Partner) defeated Marc Mero & Jacqueline..
  • November 15, 1998 - Survivor Series: Sable defeated Jacqueline for the WWF Women's title!
  • December 6, 1998 - Capital Carnage: Sable & Christian defeat Mero & Jacqueline..
  • January 1999 - Royal Rumble: Sable defeated Luna in a strap match after a Sablefan (Tori) interfered..
  • March 28, 1999 - Wrestlemania XV: Sable defeated Tori after interference from Nicole Bass..
  • Sable later dropped the Women's title to Debra in an evening gown match and left the WWF right after..

    In the Meantime:
  • June 7, 1999: Sable (Rena Mero) filed a $110 million lawsuit against the WWF..
  • September 2002: Rena Mero testified in the ongoing Nicole Bass lawsuit against WWE saying that Vince McMahon broke his promise to her to play the role of a classy and intellectual woman. She said she quit the company when they asked her to expose her breast on TV, and do a lesbian storyline..
  • Rena Mero is currently appearing on a Country Music video by Cletus T. Judd which is a parody of Faith Hill's song "Breathe."
  • Rena Mero popped up in Jimmy Hart's Xtreme Wrestling Federation in the roll of C.E.O..

    World Wrestling Entertainment:
  • April 3, 2003 - Smackdown!: Torrie Wilson's Playboy "Coming Out" party is interrupted by the SHOCKING appearance of SABLE!!
  • April 10, 2003 - Smackdown!: Brian Kendrick & Torrie Wilson defeat Jamie Noble & Nidia with Sable sitting at ringside..
  • April 17, 2003 - Smackdown!: Torrie Wilson defeats Nidia with help from Sable, who was acting as referee for the match..
  • April 24, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable hosts the Sable Invitational Bikini Contest which ends with Sable, Nidia & Dawn attacking Torrie!
  • May 1, 2003 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie & Nidia defeats Torrie Wilson & Sable after Sable walks out on Torrie..
  • May 18, 2003 - Judgment Day: Torrie Wilson defeats Sable in a bikini contest when Tazz declares Torrie the winner!
  • May 22, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable comes out and teases Tazz, then dumps a bottle of water over his head!!
  • June 5, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable is appointed (by Vince McMahon) as assistance to General Manager Stephanie McMahon..
  • June 2003: Marc & Reno Mero officially seperate possibly due to Rena's return to the WWE as "Sable"..
  • June 12, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable flashes Mr. America to distract him and allow Vince McMahon to win an arm-wrestling match..
  • June 19, 2003 - Smackdown!: Zack Gowan falls victim to Sable's seduction, until Sable turns on him and laughs with Vince McMahon!
  • July 3, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable reveals that she's trying to eliminate Stephanie McMahon and take over as GM of Smackdown!
  • July 10, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable & Stephanie get into a series of lame catfights to set up a match at Vengeance 2003..
  • July 24, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable gets her top ripped off by Stephanie McMahon, which, I guess, is supposed to make us buy the PPV..
  • July 27, 2003 - Vengeance: Sable defeated Stephanie McMahon with help from A-Train, who gave Stephanie a brutal clothesline..
  • August 24, 2003 - Summerslam: Stephanie McMahon gets a measure of revenge on Sable, slapping her accross the face!!
  • December 11, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable (gimmickless) refuses to dance for Ernest Miller, saying she only dances for Vince McMahon..
  • December 25, 2003 - Smackdown! in Iraq: Torrie defeated Sable & Dawn Marie in a "Santas Little Helper" contest..
  • February 5, 2004 - Smackdown!: RUe DeBonna announces that Sable & Torrie Wilson will appear in Playboy together soon..
  • March 14, 2004 - Wrestlemania XX: Torrie Wilson & Sable defeated Miss Jackie & Stacy Keibler in a "Playboy Evening Gown" match..
  • June 24, 2004 - Smackdown!: Torrie & Sable (who were best friends until now) got into a meaningless catfight backstage..
  • June 27, 2004 - Great American Bash: Sable pinned Torrie Wilson, but the referee didn't see Sables shoulders off the mat!
  • July 1, 2004 - Smackdown: Torrie Wilson defeated Sable in a rematch (ref Charles Robinson did a better job this time)..
  • July 22, 2004 - Smackdown!: Torrie, Sable, Jackie & Dawn Marie were all FIRED by Kurt Angle (who was later fired by V.McMahon!)
  • July 29, 2004 - Smackdown!: The NEW General Manager Theodore Long rehires all the divas and promises to push them on the show..
  • August 10, 2004: WWE.com announces that Sable (Rene Mero) has been released from the company..

    The Lesnar Family:
  • January 6, 2005: Brock Lesnar announced that he and Rena Mero would be getting married in the spring in Palao Island..
  • ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ The Palao Island is a tropical island known in Japan as "Inoki Island"..
  • January 4, 2005--New Japan Pro Wrestling: Brock Lesnar, Rena Mero & Brad Rheingans were introduced as guests by Antonio Inoki..