Valet: Ryan Shamrock aka Alicia
Real Name: Alicia Webb
Birthday: May 4, 1979
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Marital Status: Used to date Ken Shamrock
Now 'very' Single
Height & Weight: 5'5" - 103 lbs
Debut: December 1998
Previous Gimmicks: Ryan Shamrock (WWF)
Symphony (WCW)
Notable Feuds: Ken Shamrock

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In The Beginning:
  • Alicia Webb is a topless dancer from Houston, Texas..

    World Wrestling Federation - Ryan Shamrock:
  • December 1998: Alicia Webb debuted in the World Wrestling Federation as Ken Shamrock's sister, Ryan Shamrock..
  • Ryan Shamrock valeted Val Venis during the 'porn star' gimmick days, staring in such films as "Saving Ryan's Privates"..
  • January 25, 1999 - RAW: Val Venis showed a video of himself and Ryan Shamrock in the shower, calling it "Saving Ryan's Privates"..
  • St. Valentines's Day Massacre: Ryan Shamrock slapped Ken Shamrock, resulting in him losing a match to Val Venis..
  • Feburary 15, 1999 - RAW: Ryan Shamrock was dumped by Val Venis but was conforted by Billy Gunn..

  • March 1, 1999 - RAW: Goldust kissed Ryan Shamrock..
  • March 22, 1999 - RAW: Ryan Shamrock was spanked by The Blue Meanie, who was jealous of the attention she got from Goldust..
  • Wrestlemania 15: Ryan Shamrock & The Blue Meanie were in Goldust's corner for the four way elimanation match for the IC title..
  • ~~~Ryan Shamrock accidentally pulled the leg of Goldust, resulting in him kicking Ryan to the curb!
  • April 5, 1999 - RAW: Ryan Shamrock was "sacrificed" by The Undertaker's Ministry as a warning to Stephanie McMahon..

  • May 16, 1999 - HEAT: Ryan Shamrock became part of the threesome called "PMS" (Pretty Mean Sisters) with Jacky and Terri..
  • Summer 1999: Ryan Shamrock (Alicia Webb) was released by the World Wrestling Federation..

    World Championship Wrestling - Symphony:
  • Ryan Shamrock popped up in WCW for a few appearances as "Symphony" managing The Maestro..
  • Feburary 21, 2000 - Nitro: Symphony turned Buff Bagwell down for a date..
  • Summer 2000: Symphony (Alicia Webb) was released by World Championship Wrestling..

    NWA: Total Nonstop Action:
  • June 19, 2002 - NWA:TNA Debut: Alicia briefly joins the Jarrett Upstart promotion, makes several appearances before dissappearing..
  • ~~~For several weeks, Alicia has a gimmick where she walks down to the ring and gets money from the male TNA employees..
  • ~~~The storyline didn't go anywhere and Alicia did another disappearing act..

  • I'd like to say thank you to Alicia Webb for emailing us to verify some information on here and submit some recent photos..