Wrestler: Ryan Drago
Real Name:
Birthday: October 18, 1982
Hometown: Tromaville, New Jersey
Marital Status: Single
Height & Weight: 61 - 215 lbs
Trained by: American Dragon
Mike Modest
Donovan Morgan
Bison Smith
Debut: August 31, 2002
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Blue Monster Driver
The Shining Wizard
Shonan Bat (Rolling Elbow)
Favorite Moves: Brainbuster
Bridging Cravat
Tiger Driver
Triangle Enzigiri
Springboard Enzugiri
Jumping Thai Knee Strike
Exploder Suplex
Fishermans Buster
Wrist Clutch Fishermans Buster
Guillotine Choke
Release German Suplex
Thrust Kick
Jumping Cravat Stunner
Notable Feuds:

  • June 12, 2004--PWI: Ryan Drago & Mike Modest & Donavon Morgan vs Sal Thomaselli & Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa.
  • August 28, 2004--Pro Wrestling Iron: Nigel McGuiness defeated Ryan Drago for 14:30..
  • December 14, 2004: Ryan Drago participated in a tryout in front of Pro-Wrestling NOAH office staff..
  • December 17, 2004--FUSION: Ryan Dragon fought Jay Lethal in what was called by many, the match of the night.
  • December 3, 2005--Ring of Honor: Ryan Drago fought Oliver John in a dark match at Ring of Honor..
  • January 15, 2006--Pro Wrestling WAR: Ryan Drago fought Davey Richards at Pro Wrestling WAR..

  • February 18, 2006 - TNA Impact: LAX (Konnan/Homicide/Machete) beat La Migra (Donovan Morgan/Mike Modest/Ryan Drago)..
  • March 25, 2006--Supreme Pro Wrestling: Ryan Drago defeated Timothy Thatcher in Sacramento, California...
  • June 9, 2006--Full Impact Pro: Korey Chavis defeated Ryan Drago....
  • June 10, 2006--Full Impact Pro: Chasyn Rance beat Korey Chavis and Kenny King and Ryan Drago in a 4-WAY..
  • July 8, 2006--Coastal Championship Wrestling: Ryan Drago defeated Shane McLane....
  • February 24, 2007--California Championship Wrestling: Virgil Flynn defeated Ryan Drago