Wrestler: Rusty Brooks
Real Name: Kurt Koski
Birthday: February 7, 1958
Hometown: Originally from Denton, Texas
Now resides in Miramar, Florida
Marital Status: Divorced
Height & Weight: 6'0" - 250 lbs.
Trained by: Jim Isler & Boris Malenko
Debut: 1982
Previous Gimmicks: Masked Assassin
Super Duper Mario (ICW)
Finishing Move: Rusty Bomb
Favorite Moves: Spinning Toe Hold
Double Underhook Suplex
Notable Feuds: The Malenko Brothers
Soul Patrol

  • FOW (Future of Wrestling) Heavyweight title (October 10, 1998);
  • FOW (Future of Wrestling) Hardcore title (April 13, 2002);

  • In The Beginning:
  • Was trained by both "Gentleman" Jim Isler and Boris "The Great" Malenko
  • ~~~Later ran a wrestling school in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida along with Boris Malenko
  • Trained numerous wrestlers, including Gangrel, Billy Fives and Norman Smiley
  • Is the father of Florida's independent professional wrestler Jeff "J-Dawg" Brooks
  • Wrestled for WWF, NWA, IPWA, FSCW, Global Wrestling Alliance, FOW and more
  • Said in WWF: "I'm just THIS close, to that world's heavyweight championship belt"
  • Has held tag belts with Dr. Red Roberts, Gangrel, Matt Otto, Jumbo Baretta and more
  • ~~~including Bobby Brooks, "Pretty Boy" Aldo Lane (Ricky Santana) & "Soulman" Alex G.
  • Tagged with Bobby Brooks as The Brooks' & under hoods as The Masked Assassins

    Early Match Results:
  • October 31, 1982 - Buddy Gilbert's World Wrestling Association in Sunrise, FL at Sunrise Musical Theatre:
  • ~~~Rusty Brooks makes his pro-wrestling debut, wrestling a match against Steve Brody

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • Rusty Brooks worked for WWF, mostly as a jobber in the mid 80ís
  • March 16, 1985--WWF Championship Wrestling: Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated Terry Gibbs & Rusty Brooks..
  • April 13, 1985--WWF Championship Wrestling: Ricky Steamboat defeated Rusty Brooks............................
  • May 4, 1985--WWF Championship Wrestling: The British Bulldogs defeated Rusty Brooks & A.J. Petruzzi..
  • September 14, 1985--WWF Championship Wrestling: Tony Parisi defeated Rusty Brooks....................
  • November 2, 1985--WWF Championship Wrestling: Junk Yard Dog & The Tonga Kid & Ricky Steamboat defeated Rusty Brooks & Mr. X. & Jim Haley..
  • November 9, 1985--WWF Championship Wrestling: Hulk Hogan defeated Rusty Brooks to retain the WWF Heavyweight title..

    IPWA Match Results:
  • October 14, 2000: Rusty Brooks & Bobby Brooks beat JJ Kodiak & Maximum Capacity
  • February 8, 2001: Rusty Brooks was defeated by the 600+ pound Maximum Capacity
  • February 23, 2001: Rusty Brooks & Punisher lost to Maximum Capacity & Gary Thunder

    FOW [Future of Wrestling] Match Results:
  • Was awarded FOW's "Wrestler of The Year" award in 1998, at FOW's year end awards
  • August 1, 1998: Rusty Brooks & Bobby Brooks defeated The Latin Express
  • October 10, 1998 in Oakland Park, FL: Brooks wins a battle royal for the FOW Title
  • ~~~Later in the show, Rusty Brooks defeated ECW's Hack Meyers to retain the FOW title
  • December 12, 1998: Rusty Brooks loses the FOW Title to "The Outlaw" J.R. James
  • March 20, 1999 in Hollywood, FL [day show]: Rusty Brooks beat Dennis Allen via DQ
  • March 20, 1999 in Oakland Park, FL [night show]: Rusty Brooks tagged with Jeff Brooks
  • ~~~The Brooks' defeated The Dudleys (Anthony "Snot" Michaels & Jeff "Schmuck" Roth)
  • May 20, 1999 in Lima, Peru: Rusty Brooks fought Dennis Allen to a double count out
  • ~~~later Rusty Brooks & "Mr. Magnificent" Mike Monroe lost to Martial Law & The Postman
  • May 21, 1999 in Lima, Peru: Rusty Brooks & Mike Monroe lost to The Exterminators
  • May 22, 1999 in Lima, Peru: Rusty Brooks defeated "Dirty" Dennis Allen
  • May 23, 1999 in Lima, Peru: Rusty Brooks went to a double DQ with "Dead Bug Joe"
  • July 18, 1999 in Cape Coral, FL: Rusty Brooks was beat by Greg "Hammer" Valentine
  • July 27, 1999 in Arequippa, Peru: Rusty Brooks beat Hack Meyers via disqualification
  • July 28, 1999 in Arequippa, Peru: Rusty Brooks battled the The Blackhart to a DQ
  • July 31, 1999 in Huancayo, Peru: Brooks teamed with Casey Thompson & Cliff Anderson
  • ~~~The trio defeated the team of Phi Delta Slam & Anthony Michaels (formerly Snot Dudley)
  • August 14, 1999 in Hollywood, FL at BCC: Rusty Brooks & Jeff Brooks beat Casey Thompson & Cliff Anderson
  • November 6, 1999: Rusty, Bobby & Jeff Brooks beat Gator B. Long, Iron & Flex Magnum
  • December 30, 1999: Brooks & Duke "Dumpster" Droese beat Mike Larrea & Sean Allen
  • February 12, 2000 in Oakland Park, Florida: Rusty Brooks defeated The Blackheart
  • January 20, 2001 in Oakland Park, FL: Rusty Brooks loses to Billy Fives in a three-way
  • ~~~Fives eliminated Brooks, and then went on to beat Pat McGuire for the FOW Title belt
  • February 9, 2002 in Davie, FL: Brooks appears with FSCW wrestlers, confronting FOW
  • April 13, 2002 in Davie, FL: Rusty Brooks beat Barry Horowitz to win FOW Hardcore Title
  • ~~~However, seconds later, Barry Horowitz pinned Rusty Brooks to regain the championship

    FSCW Match Results:
  • September 30, 2000: Rusty Brooks defeated Maximum Capacity via count out
  • June 18, 2005: Brooks & Tommy Vandal lose to "Soulman" Alex G. & 'Ram Man' Evans

    Various Independent Results:
  • January 25, 2003 - FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) in Cutler Ridge, Florida:
  • ~~~Rusty Brooks defeated "The Extreme Shah" Hack Meyers in a singles match
  • June 14, 2003 - Florida Championship Wrestling at Big Cypress Reservation in Florida:
  • ~~~Brooks & "Jumpin" Jack Gorton beat Harry Venis & "Vicious" Vinnie S. in a cage match
  • July 31, 2004 - Nick Mayberry's HCW 3rd Annual Incredible 8 Tournament in Davie, FL:
  • ~~~Rusty Brooks refereed the opening round match between Jeff Brooks and Jimmy Rave