Wrestler: Robert Fury
Real Name:
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

  • July 19, 2003--Ohio Valley Wrestling: Mark henry defeated Mike Brenly & Robert Fury & Jerry Penders in a Handicap Match
  • February 16, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Seth Skyfire & Nick Nemeth & Ken Doane defeated Vik Delicious & Robert Fury & Da Beast
  • March 2, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Blaster Lashey defeated Robert Fury
  • May 31, 2005--OVW TV Taping: The Blonde Bombers (Tank & Chad Toland) defeated Robert Fury & Russell Simpson
  • June 21, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Seth Skyfire & Robert Fury vs Vik Delicious & Robbie Dawber ended in a NO CONTEST..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Boogeyman showed up unannounced (and uninvited) and attacked all four men..
  • August 17, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Daniel Puder defeated Robert Fury in a UFC Style fight
  • August 24,2005--OVW TV Taping: Robert Fury participated in #1 Contenders Battle Royal won by Deuce Shade
  • August 31, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Aaron 'The Idol' Stevens w/Beth & Shelly defeated Robert Fury
  • September 7, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Bobby Lashley (sub for Dean Visk) defeated Robert Fury.....
  • October 1, 2005--Ohio Valley Wrestling: Deuce Shade & The Riggs Brothers beat Aaron Stevens & Paul Birchall & Robert Fury
  • October 19, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Rene Dupree vs Robert Fury ended in a NO CONTEST when Mark Henry interfered
  • October 26, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Rene Dupree defeated Robert Fury......
  • November 2, 2005--OVW TV Taping: The Boogeyman defeated Robert Fury.....