Wrestler: "Wild" Red Berry
Real Name: Ralph Berry
Birthday: November 20, 1906
Hometown: Born in Pittsburg, Kansas
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'8"
Trained by:
Debut: 1923 (boxing)
Previous Gimmicks: The Mayor of Pittsburg
Finishing Move: Gilligan Twist
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:
Pedro Morales
Tor Yamoto
Bob Corby
Angelo Savoldi
Paavo Ketonen
Chief White Owl
Ted Christy
Sammy Kohen
Mike London
Notable Feuds:
Gorilla Ramos
Leroy McGuirk
Frank Hickey
Leo Newman
Dizzy Davis
Miguel Guzman
Sonny Meyers
Bobby Lane
Dennos Clary

Wrestlers who Red Berry Managed:
Gorilla Monsoon Hans Mortier Toru Tanaka Bull Ramos Fabulous Kangaroos
Al Costello
Roy Heffernan

  • Kansas State Middleweight title (Boxing);
  • World Light Heavyweight title defeating Hugh Nichols;
  • Texas Heavyweight title defeating Blackie Guzman;
  • Junior Heavyweight title defeating Danny McShane;
  • Wrestling Hall of Fame in Tulsa (1972);

  • During World War II, Red Berry toured the Army camps giving Judo and hand-to-hand combat exhibitions..
  • Winter 1945: Wild Red Berry filled the Phoenix Madison Square Garden in Arizona for several weeks straight..
  • ~~~Red Berry was in the climax of his feud with regional star Gorilla Ramos, who challenged for Red's Junior title..
  • ~~~Red Berry was the ultimate heel in these matches and provoked the people to a riot pitch..
  • Early 1960s: "Wild" Red Berry was the top heel manager in the World Wide Wrestling Federation..
  • ~~~His gimmick was a sawed-off cane which he often used as a weapon to interfere for his men..
  • ~~~He got the name "Wild" Red Berry after climbing a tree in front of Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas..
  • ~~~~Wild Red Berry managed The Fabolous Kangaroos, Gorilla Monsoon, Hans Mortier, Toru Tanaka & Bull Ramos in the WWWF..
  • Wild Red Berry is said to be one of the first wrestlers to wear a vest into the ring rather than a robe..
  • July 28, 1973: Wild Red Berry passed away at the age of 66 as a result of a Heart Attack..
  • Red Berry was a nondrinker and died after having a glass of milk on his front porch following a game of golf..

    Cory Olson asked: I was just wondering what the "Gilligan Twist" is exactly?

    ANSWER: I asked an old-school friend of mine and here is what he said "As I recall, the Gilligan Twist was a combination of a leg scissors applied from behind, while sitting down, with the arms working on the opponent's upper torso in much the manner of an abdominal stretch, or at least to that effect. The "twisting" motion prompted the opponent to surrender."