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Wrestler: "Crippler" Ray Stevens
Real Name: Carl Raymond Stevens
Birthday: September 5, 1935
Hometown: Born in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Raised in Columbus, Ohio
Billed from San Francisco, California
Marital Status: Married to Theresa Theis
Height & Weight: 6' 2" - 250 lbs
Trained by: Theresa Theis
Debut: Early 1950s
Previous Gimmicks: Ray Shire
Ray "Blond Bomber" Stevens
Ray "The Crippler" Stevens
Finishing Move: The Bombs Away (NWA)
The Piledriver (AWA/WWF)
Favorite Moves: The Atomic Drop
Notable Feuds: Mike Paidousis
Lou Plummer
Pedro Morales
Pepper Gomez
Chris Taylor
Big Bill Miller
Dory Funk Jr.
Pepper Gomez
The Crusher
Kinji Shibuya
Ole Anderson
Jimmy Snuka

  • AWA World Tag Team titles w/Nick Bockwinkel defeating Red Bastien & Crusher Lisowski (January 20, 1972);
  • AWA World Tag Team titles w/Nick Bockwinkel Awarded (December 1972);
  • AWA World Tag Team titles w/Nick Bockwinkel defeating Verne Gagne & Bill Robinson (January 6, 1973);
  • AWA World Tag Team titles w/Nick Bockwinkel defeating Crusher Lisowski & Bill Robinson (October 24, 1974);
  • AWA World Tag Team titles w/Pat Patterson defeating Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne (July 7, 1977);
  • Amarillo Brass Knuckles title (2);
  • NWA Tag Team titles w/Greg Valentine defeating Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (March 29, 1980);
  • NWA Tag Team titles w/Jimmy Snuka defeating Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (June 22, 1980);
  • PWI Magazine Tag Team of the Year w/Jimmy Snuka (1980);
  • NWA Tag Team titles w/Ivan Koloff defeating Paul Jones & Masked Superstar (February 22, 1981);
  • Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title;
  • Southern Junior Heavyweight title (3);
  • Florida Television title (2);
  • Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles (3);
  • Hawaii United States Heavyweight title;

  • In The Beginning:
  • Ray Stevens formed a tag team with Don Fargo, and they were known as Ray & Don Stevens..
  • Late 50s: Ray Stevens formed a team with Roy Shire, and they were known as Ray & Roy Shire in the Indianapolis promotion..
  • Ray Stevens later formed a long-time partnership with Pat Patterson in California, before moving to the AWA together..

    Roy Shire's San Fransisco Territory:
  • April 4, 1967: Pepper Gomez & Pedro Morales defeated Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens to win the World Tag Team titles..

  • American Wrestling Association:
  • Ray Stevens joined Bobby Heenan's The Heenan Family and formed a tag team with Nick Bockwinkel..
  • Sept 1, 1972--Soldiers Field: Nick Bockwinkle & Ray Stevens beat Billy Robinson & Wilbur Snyder to retain the AWA Tag titles..
  • Sept 7, 1974--Comiskey Park: The Crusher & Larry Hennig & Ivan Putski b Nick Bockwinkle & Billy Graham & Ray Stevens..

    American Wrestling Association:
  • Ray Stevens' finisher (the Bombs Away) was barred after he came off the top rope and broke the leg of Doctor X (Dick Beyer)..
  • ~~~This incident, a TV Angle/Storyline, also earned Ray Stevens his "Crippler" moniker..
  • June 6, 1979: Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon defeated Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens for the AWA Tag Team titles..

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • July 16, 1978 - Toronto: Verne Gagne & Jim Brunzell defeated Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens to retain AWA Tag Team titles..
  • November 19, 1978 - Toronto: Bob Backlund & Dino Bravo defeated Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson by DQ..
  • November 18, 1979 - Toronto: Ray Stevens defeated Ronnie Sexton..
  • December 9, 1979 - Toronto: Ric Flair defeated Ray Stevens..
  • December 30, 1979 - Toronto: Jimmy Snuka & Ray Stevens defeated Dewey Robertson & Ric Flair..
  • January 13, 1980 - Toronto: Dewey Robertson & Ric Flair defeated Jimmy Snuka & Ray Stevens..
  • November 6, 1982 - Allentown: Ray Stevens defeated Curt Hennig..

    American Wrestling Association:
  • September 28, 1985 - AWA SuperClash: Greg Gagne/Scott Hall/Curt Hennig beat Ray Stevens/Nick Bockwinkle/Larry Zbysko..
  • May 2, 1987 - AWA SuperClash II: Ray Stevens & Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty b Buddy Wolfe & Doug Sommers & Kevin Kelly..
  • April 16, 1988 - AWA Rage in a Cage II: Soldat Ustinov & Teijo Khan b Ray Stevens & Baron Von Raschke..
  • May 3, 1996: Ray Stevens passed away after suffering a heart attack at his home in Fremont, California..

  • 1991: Ray Stevens worked in the office of the Global Wrestling Federation promotion..
  • May 3, 1996: Ray "The Crippler" Stevens passes away of a Heart Attack at the age of 60..