Wrestler: Ray Candy
Real Name: Ray Canty
Hometown: Decatur, Georgia
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1973
Previous Gimmicks: Kareem Mohammad
Masked Superfly (WCCW)
Blackstud Williams (Oregon-1988)
Commando Ray (WCW-1988)
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Bruiser Brody
Blackjack Mulligan

  • ASWA Georgia Tag Team titles w/El Mongol by winning a Tournament (1973);
  • Mid-America Tag Team titles w/Pez Whatley (1977);
  • WWC Puerto Rican title (1987);

  • 1973: Ray Candy debuted in Georgia's All South Wrestling Alliance run by Ann Gunkel..
  • ~~~Ray Candy was moved to main events in the All South Wrestling Alliance almost immediately.
  • ~~~Ray Candy defeated Assassin #2 (Hamilton) for the ASWA Georgia Heavyweight title in Atlanta..
  • ~~~The Missouri Mauler defeated Ray Candy for the ASWA Georgia Heavyweight title still in '73..
  • ~~~~~Ray Candy & El Mongol won a Tournament to become ASWA Tag Team Champions..
  • ~~~~~The Royal Kangaroos beat Ray Candy & El Mongol for the ASWA Tag Team titles on ASWA TV..

  • 1977: Ray Candy teamed with Pez Whatley to win the Mid-America Tag Team titles..
  • 1980s: Ray Candy wrestled as "Kareem Mohammad" as a member of the Zambaui Express with "Elijah Akeem" (aka Leroy Brown)..
  • 1982: Ray Candy (under a mask as The Superfly) wrestled in World Class Championship Wrestling as a member of H&H Limited..
  • Ray Candy formed a tag team with a wrestled named Commando Boone known as "The Commandos"..
  • 1987: Ray Candy won the WWC Puerto Rican title..
  • Ray Candy eventually retired to Decatur, Georgia..
  • May 23, 1994: Ray Candy passed away in Decatur..

    Jay Ambler wrote: In 1982 or 83 Kareem Muhammed (Ray Candy) and Blackjack Mulligan engaged in a vicious brass knucks match that was televised. Mulligan was the Florida brass knucks champion. The match ended up going outside where both competitors used an old parked pick up truck, complete with rope and barbed wire in the back, as a battering ram against each other. Holiday was at the match displaying his hyperactivity that was part of his angle.