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Wrestler: Perry Saturn
Real Name: Perry Satullo
Birthday: October 25, 1966
Hometown: Born in Cleveland, Ohio
Moved to Boston, MASS
Now lives in Long Island, NY
Marital Status: Dating
Height: 5'10 - 234 lbs
Trained by: Killer Kowalski
Debut: 1988
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Rings of Saturn (Arm Bar/Arm Scissors)
Death Valley Driver
Three Wheeled Moss Covered Family Credunza
~~~(3WMCFC = Swinging Fisherman Suplex)
Favorite Moves: Northern Lights Suplex
Fireman Carry into Flapjack
Saturn Bomb (Falcon Arrow)
The Brainbuster
Top Rope Elbow
Vertical Body Slam
Rings of Saturn II
Double Underhook Powerbomb
Thrust Kick
Leg Sweep
Notable Feuds: The Gangsters
The Dudley Boyz
RVD & Sabu
Chris Jericho
Eddie Guerrero

Official Website: http://www.perrysaturn.com

  • IWF Light Heavyweight title defeating Bill Wilcox (December 6, 1991);
  • IWF Light Heavyweight title defeating Tony Ulysses (January 8, 1993);
  • IWF Tag Team titles w/Terra Ryzing (Triple H);
  • USWA (United States Wrestling Association) Tag Team title w/John Kronus defeating E.Gilbert & B.Christopher (May 2, 1994);
  • ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Kronus defeating Mikey Whipwreck & Cactus Jack (February 3, 1996);
  • ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Kronus defeating The Gangstas (December 20, 1996);
  • ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Kronus defeating The Dudley Boyz (April 13, 1997);
  • WCW (World Championship Wrestling) Television title defeating Disco Inferno (November 3, 1997);
  • WCW (World Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Raven defeating Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr. (May 10, 1999);
  • WCW (World Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Chris Benoit defeating The New Jersey Triad (June 10, 1999);
  • WWF (World Wrestling Federation) European title defeating Eddie Guerrero ();
  • WWF (World Wrestling Federation) Hardcore title ();

  • In The Beginning:
  • Perry Saturn once dated fellow Kowalski-graduate Joanie "Chyna" Laurer..
  • 1990: Perry Saturn worked some in United States Wrestling Association..
  • December 6, 1991: Perry Saturn defeated Bill Wilcox for the IWF Light Heavyweight title..
  • January 8, 1993: Perry Saturn defeated Tony Ulysses for the IWF Light Heavyweight title
  • 1993: The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & John Kronus) went to United States Wrestling Association..
  • May 2, 1994: The Eliminators defeated Eddie Gilbert & Brian Christopher for the USWA Tag Team titles!
  • 1994: Perry Saturn spent some time in Japan with the WAR promotion

    Extreme Championship Wrestling - The Eliminators:
  • 1995: Perry Saturn teamed with John Kronus in ECW as, The Eliminators..
  • November 18, 1995--November to Remember: The Pitbulls defeated The Eliminators..
  • December 29, 1995--Holiday Hell: The Eliminators (John Kronus & Perry Saturn) defeated The Pitbulls (#1 & #2)..
  • January 5, 1996--House Party: 911 & Rey Misterio Jr. defeated The Eliminators (John Kronus & Perry Saturn)..
  • February 3, 1996: The Eliminators defeated Mikey Whipwreck & Cactus Jack for the ECW Tag Team titles..
  • February 17, 1996--CyberSlam: Francine & The Pitbulls beat Stevie Richards & The Eliminators (Triple Dog Collar match)..
  • March 8, 1996--Big Ass Extreme Bash: The Eliminators (John Kronus & Perry Saturn) defeated The Pitbulls (#1 & #2)..
  • June 22, 1996--Hardcore Heaven: The Eliminators defeated The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa Saed) to retain..
  • ~~~Later that night, The Eliminators defeated The Bruise Brothers to retain in another match..
  • July 13, 1996--Heat Wave: The Eliminators defeated Sabu & Mikey Whipwreck to retain..
  • August 3, 1996--ECW: The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa Saed) defeated The Eliminaters to win the Tag Team titles!
  • October 5, 1996--Ultimate Jeopardy: The Eliminators (John Kronus & Perry Saturn) defeated The Samoan Gangsta Party..
  • ~~~The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa Saed) beat The Eliminators (Kronus & Saturn) to retain the Tag Team titles..
  • November 16, 1996--November to Remember: The Eliminators vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam ended in a DRAW..
  • December 7, 1996--Holiday Hell: Sabu defeated Perry Saturn..
  • December 20, 1996: The Eliminators defeated The Gangstas to win the ECW Tag Team titles..
  • January 11, 1997--House Party: The Eliminators defeated Axl Rotten & DVon Dudley to retain the Tag Team titles..
  • February 22, 1997--CyberSlam: The Eliminators defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu in a "Tables & Ladders" match to retain..
  • March 15, 1997--Hostile City Showdown: The Dudley Boyz defeated The Eliminators to win the ECW Tag Team titles..
  • April 13, 1997--Barely Legal: The Eliminators defeated The Dudley Boyz to recapture the the ECW Tag Team titles..
  • June 6, 1997--Wrestlepalooza: The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray & DVon) defeated The Eliminators (Kronus & Saturn)..
  • June 20, 1997--ECW: The Dudley Boyz defeated The Eliminators to capture the Tag Team titles..

    World Championship Wrestling - Raven's Flock:
  • Summer 1997: Perry Saturn signed with World Championship Wrestling and became a member of Raven's Flock..
  • November 3, 1997: Perry Saturn defeated Disco Inferno for the WCW Television title..
  • Starrcade 1997: Perry Saturn defeated Chris Benoit by Submittion in a No DQ match..
  • Road Wild 1998: Perry Saturn defeated Raven and Chris Kanyon in a "Falls Count Anywhere" (Saturn pinned Raven)..
  • Fall Brawl 1998: Perry Saturn defeated Raven..
  • Halloween Havoc 1998: Perry Saturn defeated Lodi..
  • Uncensored 1999: Perry Saturn defeated Chris Jericho in a Dog Collar match..
  • May 10, 1999: Raven & Perry Saturn defeated Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr. for the Tag Team titles..

    World Championship Wrestling - Revolution:
  • Perry Saturn was in a faction called The Revolution with Shane Douglas, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Asya..
  • June 10, 1999: Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn defeated The New Jersey Triad for the Tag Team titles..
  • Road Wild 1999: Perry Saturn & Shane Douglas & Dean Malenko beat Barry Windham & Curt Hennig & Bobby Duncum Jr...
  • January 25, 2000: World Championship Wrestling granted Saturn a full release from the company by his request..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Radicalz:
  • Perry Saturn signed with the WWF, appearing in a group called The Radicalz with Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guererro..
  • January 31, 2000 - RAW: The Radicalz (Benoit/Guerrero/Saturn/Malenko) appeared in the front row at Monday Night RAW..
  • February 3, 2000 - Smackdown!: X-Pac beat Malenko | New Age Outlaws beat Saturn & Guerrero | HHH beat Chris Benoit...
  • ~~~The stipulation was if the Radicalz won 2/3 matches they would all get WWF contracts..
  • February 7, 2000 - RAW: The Radicalz got contracts when they turned on Mick Foley and sided with Triple H and DX..
  • ~~~Later in the night, HHH/X-Pac/Malenko/Saturn/Benoit bs Cactus Jack/Rock/Rikishi/Too Cool was a NO CONTEST..
  • Fully Loaded 2000: Perry Saturn defeated Eddie Guerrero to win the the European title..
  • Fall 2000: All of the Radicalz got back together after being seperated for months..
  • Survivor Series 2000: The Radicalz defeated Chyna & Billy Gunn & K-Kwik & Road Dogg in an elimination match..
  • ~~~Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit were the final Survivors of the match........
  • May 5, 2001 - Insurrextion: Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko defeated Hardcore & Crash Holly..
  • Brian Pillman Memorial 2001: Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko defeated Raven & Justin Credible..

    World Wrestling Federation - Perry & Terri:
  • 2001: Perry Saturn picked up Terri as a valet and took part in a Amnesia Angle that was very funny!
  • Perry Saturn mercilessly dumped Terri for a mop named "Moppy", who he claimed to be in love with..
  • September 17, 2001 - RAW: Raven & Terri kidnapped moppy and put it through a wood chipper!
  • September 23, 2001 - Unforgiven: Perry Saturn defeated Raven to get his revenge..
  • January 2002 - Madison Square Garden: Perry Saturn & Sgt Slaughter defeated The Dudley Boyz..
  • April 2002: Perry Saturn suffered a knee injury that will keep him out several months..
  • April 2002: Perry Saturn underwent ACL surgery and will be out 4-5 months..
  • July 2002: Perry Saturn is close to recovery from his ACL surgery..
  • November 2002: Perry Saturn & Godfather are traded to the WWA for Scott Steiner & Nathan Jones..
  • November 2002: Perry Saturn is given his full release from the World Wrestling Federation..

    World Wrestling All-Stars & NWA: Total Nonstop Action:
  • November 28, 2002 - WWA: Perry Saturn joined the World Wrestling All-Stars European Tour..
  • December 26, 2002: Saturn/Norman Smiley/Ultimo Dragon defeated Masaaki Mochizuki/Arakan/Toru Owashi in Japan ..
  • March 26, 2003 - TNA: Saturn (debut) & Sandman & Brian Lee & Slash beat Harris Twins & Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper..
  • April 2, 2003 - TNA: Perry Saturn/Sandman/New Jack defeat Chris Daniels and the Harris Brothers..
  • April 9, 2003 - TNA: Perry Saturn defeats Mike Barton in a bloody battle..
  • April 16, 2003 - TNA: Mike Awesome (debut) defeats Perry Saturn by DQ when Sandman and New Jack interfered..
  • April 23, 2003 - TNA: Perry Saturn & New Jack & Sandman beat Brian Lee & Slash & Mike Awesome..
  • ~~~This was a barbed wire match with tables and a ladder and a stapler and a baseball bat at the top of the ladder!
  • June 18, 2003 - NWA^TNA ANNIVERSARY: Perry Saturn defeated Kenzo Suzuki via DQ..
  • February 14, 2004--Universal Championship Wrestling: Johnny Swinger beat Perry Saturn to retain the UCW Heavyweight title..

  • April 2004: Perry Saturn was driving his girlfriend to work when he heard what he thought was an argument next to a vehicle..
  • ~~~When he approached the vehicle, he saw two men trying to restrain a woman as they were raping her..
  • ~~~Without hesitation, he grabbed both men off her, and started fighting with them..
  • ~~~As he was able to get the woman free from her attackers, he felt a burning sensation in his neck..
  • ~~~He thought originally it was a cut stemming from a punch..
  • ~~~However, he learned soonafter he was shot three times in the neck with a 25 caliber handgun..
  • ~~~Perry Saturn now has a steel plate and three stainless steel screws where his C-5, C-6 and C-7 vertabre..
  • ~~~After a very tough and extensive amount of physical therapy and training, Saturn made his return to wrestling..
  • June 10, 2005: Perry Saturn pulled himself off of Shane Douglas' Hardcore Homecoming show due to his severe neck injury..
  • ~~~Saturn had suffered the injury months ago but held off telling Douglas until the day of the event hoping to recover..

    Saturn Is A Hero - by Aaron Giles

    Many men have overcome so much to get back in the ring. Kurt Angle after many injuries. Chris Benoit with a severe neck injury. Triple H's quad snapping. But none had such a hard path to get back into the ring as Perry Saturn.

    In 2004 still wrestling after a release from WWF in 2002, Saturn would have to face one of his hardest journeys back to the ring yet. He was driving his girlfriend to work when he saw two men trying to rape a girl. He wasted no time stepping out of his car and coming to the rescue. He fought with the men and saved the girl but it wasn't all good news. Saturn felt a burning sensation in his neck; he had been shot 3 times there.

    He now has a steel plate along with three stainless steel screws where his C-5, C-6 and C-7 vertebrae are. Now under these conditions alot of men would call it quits but not Saturn. Against all odds he began training extensively to get back into the ring after his huge injury. How incredible is that? After 3 gun shots in the neck not only is he standing he's ready to get back into the ring and continue what he loves to do. Unfortunately he had to pull out from Hardcore Homecoming because of his injury but no doubt the man is still interested in what he does best apart from saving the day.

    I believe this man is a true hero, he risked his life and came out of it with three bullets. He's a hero and he didn't do it for personal gain, he did it because there was someone who needed help and Saturn delivered. I hope this man can step back into the ring one day with his injuries fully behind him because he deserves it after what has happened.