Wrestler: Pepper Gomez
Real Name: Jose Serapio Palimino Gomez
Birthday: April 24, 1927
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1953
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Cannonball Leap
Favorite Moves: The Mexican Drop
The Mexican Cradle
Notable Feuds: Duke Keomuka
Bill Watts
Mark Lewin
Waldo Von Erich
El Medico
Dr Jerry Graham
Killer Kowalski
Ray Stevens

[Pepper Gomez Gallery]

  • Texas Heavyweight title (12);

  • Pepper Gomez a huge star in the 50s through the 70s, particularly in California and Texas..
  • 1966: Pepper Gomez did a tour in Australia teaming with Dick Steinborn as the "Whiz Kids"..
  • August 14, 1970 - AWA Comiskey Park: Pepper Gomez defeated Double X (Red Osbourne)..
  • Pepper Gomez was known as the "Man with a Cast Iron Stomach" - Killer Kowalski couldn't apply his stomach claw during their matches..
  • May 6, 2004: Pepper Gomez passes away after several weeks of increasing health problems at the age of 77..