[Pedro Morales Gallery]
Wrestler: Pedro Morales
Real Name: Pedro Morales
Birthday: October 22, 1942
Hometown: Born on Culebra Island
Raised in Brooklyn, New York
Retired in Charlotte, NC
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 235 lbs
Trained by: Barba Rojo
Debut: 1959
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Boston Crab
Favorite Moves: Knee-Drop Backbreaker
Notable Feuds:
El Shereef
Killer Buddy Austin
Pampero Firpo
Hard Boiled Haggarty
Killer Karl Kox
Pampero Firpo
Ivan Koloff
Stan Stasiak
Moondog Mayne
King Curtis
Notable Feuds:
The Sheik
Fred Blassie
Bulldog Brower
Buddy Austin
George Steele
Pampero Firpo
Ken Patera
Bob Orton
Don Muraco
The Islanders

  • WWA (Southern California) Heavyweight title (1965);
  • WWWF World Heavyweight title defeating Ivan Koloff (February 8, 1971);
  • WWWF Tag Team titles defeating The Wild Somoans (August 9, 1980);
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating Ken Patera (December 8, 1981);
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating Don Muraco (November 23, 1982);
  • WWF Hall of Fame Inductee (1995);

  • In the Beginning
  • Pedro Morales was born on Culebra Island, off the coast of Puerto Rico but also spent a lot of his childhood living in Brooklyn, NY..

    World (Wide) Wrestling Federation
  • 1959: Pedro debuted at the Sunnyside Gardens beating Buddy Gilbert..
  • 1971: Pedro Morales defeated Ivan Koloff to win the WWWF World Heavyweight title..
  • September 30, 1972 - Showdown at Shae: Pedro Morales went to a 76 minute draw with WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino..
  • August 9, 1980 - Showdown at Shae: Bob Backlund & Pedro Morales defeated The Wild Samoans to win the WWF Tag Titles..
  • September 22, 1980 - WWF/NWA EVENT: Pedro Morales defeated Wild Somoan Afa..
  • December 8, 1981: Pedro Morales defeated Ken Patera to win the Intercontinental title..
  • November 23, 1982: Pedro Morales defeated Don Muraco to recapture the Intercontinental title..
  • April 2, 1986 - Wrestlemania II: Pedro Morales participated in the "Battle Royal" which was won by Andre the Giant..
  • 1986: Pedro Morales started teaming regularly with Tito Santana and had a feud with The Islanders..
  • Pedro Morales took a job as a Spanish Announcer in the WWF for a while before retiring from the business..

    Career Achievements
  • Pedro Morales was the first wrestler win the Tag Team, Intercontinental & World titles in the (W)WWF(E)..
  • June 18, 2005: Pedro Morales did what is billed as his first ever autograph session in Cartaret, NJ..